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Point of Distraction the Countdown

ana2Hi all, Ana Welsh here. I’m thrilled to announce that the second book that revolves around moi will be available to buy in three weeks! Point of Distraction the Second Collection goes on sale at Lyrical Press January 19, 2009. My author, Ms. Jacks, can hardly contain herself. That’s why I had to do the blog post this morning. She’s biting her nails and stuffing chocolate in her face. I told her she has nothing to worry about. The book is awesome if I do say so myself.pointofdistraction_two300x450 But you guys be the judge. Here’s an excerpt from the first story–Dirty Pool.

One good distraction deserves another…and another and another.
Delving further into the life and times of Ana Welsh, the second book in the Point of Distraction series brings a new set of challenges.
In Dirty Pool, Ana Welsh meets an unusually attractive man. Despite seeming to reciprocate Ana’s interest, Jordan Christiansen remains aloof and passive. After a few misread signals, it’s up to Ana to find out just what game this sexy mystery man is playing.
Warning: This book contains lots of detailed, hot lovin’, a sassy, sexy heroine, an alternate use for a pool table, and a veritable boy buffet. Love can take a lot of practice to get it right.

Jordan selected a cue and chalked it. “The trick is the follow through.” Demonstrating his break, he slammed the tip of his stick into the cue ball, finishing with a forceful thrust his hips. The cue ball crashed into the other balls, scattering them about the table. Three

dropped into various pockets. One solid, two stripes.



04jordan2“I’ll take stripes,” he said.



I was too busy replaying the thrust of his hips in my mind to care much about the game. Imagining what those hips would feel like between my legs, my eyes leveled on the most attractive feature of the room: the solid mahogany door. After I crossed the room, I slid the door closed, giving us some privacy.



“I wish relationships could be like playing pool,” he said as he studied his next shot.






“Shooting pool is straight forward. Geometry, the laws of physics. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I know exactly what the outcome of a shot will be.”



“But with women, not so much?”



“Prrph.” He pushed a burst of air out of his lips. “Women play a game of dirty pool.”



“Misogynistic are we?” I joked.



“Not at all, but you have to understand, you all are mysterious and complicated on levels most men aren’t capable of.”


“If you say so. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been a guy.”



“Thank God.”…Jordan took a bit of chalk and wiped it onto the tip of his index finger and tapped a dot of blue onto the cue ball without disturbing its position.



“Okay, assume your shooting position,” he instructed.



“Are you flirting with me?”



“Not yet. C’mon, now, assume the position.”



I leaned over, bending a little at the knee, and looped my index finger around the cue.



“Not bad, get a little lower. Wait—” He pulled me upright, sprinkling a little talc on my hands and dusting them off. “You want the stick to glide through your hands.”



I giggled at the innuendo. “Are you sure you aren’t flirting?” I leaned over again and allowed Jordan to adjust my posture.



“Okay, now tap the cue ball right there where I marked it. We’re aiming for the one ball in the corner pocket.”



“Just tap it?”



“Right. Give it a little kiss.”



“I like the sound of that.”


“Sexy, isn’t it? Okay, kiss it,” he said, his lips a fraction of an inch from my ear.



Sigh, that Jordan Christiansen is something else. Stay tuned. I’ll be back next Monday with another excerpt from Point of Distraction the Second Collection from the story eThe Road Less Taken and its yummy hero, Nikhil Khan.


Have a very Merry Christmas!

From all of us to all of you! 


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You Rang? Part Ten

           “You look gorgeous.” 

He loved the wonderful shade of red she turned when he gave her a compliment.  She grinned at him and looked down to the floor.  He stepped closer to her so he could lift her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes.  He was taken aback by her beautiful brown eyes and the way they would light up when she focused on him.  He could drown in her gaze.  And then she smiled and he knew he was a goner.  He leaned closer, needing a taste.  She opened up to him with a moan and he took advantage taking their kiss deeper and cupping the back of her head.  He guided her to the bed until he heard someone behind him clearing their throat.

“I’m still here guys and aren’t you supposed to be at the wedding reception soon?”

Jas’ roommate pulled him from the haze that was Jasmine.  He took a step back and smiled down at her, hoping the night went fast.  His need grew stronger the more he was in her presence.  If someone had told him months ago that he’d be here with a beautiful woman that he’d met over the phone, he would have called them crazy.

“She’s right, we should be leaving.”  Jas managed to say.

James took her hand while she said good bye to her friend and led them to the door.

“You really do look great.”

“Thank you.  You look so handsome in your uniform.  I never realized how much I loved the marine dress uniform.  I can’t keep my eyes off of you.”

“Darlin’, I feel the same way about you.  If I didn’t have to show up at my dad’s reception, I would be all over you.”

Jas laughed.  He loved to hear her laugh almost as much as he enjoyed her smile.  How did I get so lucky?

They reached the car he was using and James rushed to the passenger side to open the door for her.

“Thank you.”

James leaned down to give her a small kiss before shutting the door and getting into the car.

Ten minutes later they were at the reception hall and Jas turned to open her door when he stopped her.

“Wait.” He pulled her toward him.  “I can’t keep my hands off you.”  And then he kissed her.  He stopped when he heard a voice outside the car.

“Hey, you two come in?  Dad’s been wondering where you are.”

James sighed and pulled away. 

“I guess we’d better head in, but after this, you’re mine.”

He got out of the vehicle and went to open her door, helping Jas out of the car and into his dad’s wedding reception.

“I’m so glad I met you.  You make me very happy.”

James didn’t give Jas time to answer as they entered the building and he started introducing her to his family.  I can’t wait until this is over, He thought with a sigh.


Hear ye, hear ye–Announcements from Brighid

Well, this week started off with a bang for our Ms. Jacks. She’s found herself with not one, but two brand-spanking new contracts!

The first for Point of Distraction the Final Collection which closes out the saga of Ana Welsh…and yes ladies, there is a happily-ever-after ending.

The second contract is an exciting event indeed. It seems that not only does Cindy have a talent for erotic romance, but she also has a scrumptious darkside. Her newly created alter-ego, CJ Elliott, landed a contract with Wild Child Publishing as part of their stand-alone short line called Frights and Fears. The Wedding Feast by CJ Elliott is a side of Cindy I assure you, you’ve never seen before!

We’ll keep you updated on the development of these exciting titles. Ta-ta for now! ~Brighidlpicomingsoon300x450weddingfeast


The Makings of Gideon: Mommy’s Little Helper

The next few years of Gideon’s’ life went on without any further interference from Olympus. Ares and Michael were there when Syria needed them just as they had promised. Gideon had grown into the spitting images of his fathers. From the raven black hair that curled around the back of his little ears to the deep blue eyes covered by long black eyelashes that brushed his cheeks when he blinked. There was nothing immortal about him. That is, until he began his third year of life.

Syria was busy cleaning the house with Gideon’s small helpful hands more o the hindrance than help, but she permitted him to help anyway. The family room was in dire need of a good sweeping so she grabbed the broom and went to work, trying not to wake her father who slept on the bed in the same room. It wasn’t long before she heard the gleeful sound of her son’s voice.

“Look mommy, I help.”

“Yes. Gideon help mom—”She turned to see her baby boy with her father’s bed held high above his head, with his grand-father still in it asleep. “Gideon!” She gasped, quickly covering her mouth. She didn’t want to startle him and make him drop the bed. “Gideon, sweetheart put papa bed on floor. You don’t want to wake him from his nap.”

121208-1634-themakingso1.jpg “Mommy, I help.” A frown covered his chubby face.

“Yes baby I know, but Mommy has already cleaned there.” She hoped the little lie would get him to put the bed down without injuring her father.

“Ok Mommy, I put Papa down.” He lowered the bed back to the floor, rand over and gave Syria a big hug. She looked back at the bed her father still asleep.

Thank the Gods he’s a heavy sleeper.

She called to his fathers and they arrive in the blink of an eye. Michael had come alone but Ares appeared with a very stunningly beautiful woman on his arm. As flawless as she was she had to be a Goddess. Syria didn’t appreciate the intrusion of this stranger or the total lack of regard Ares showed in bringing her. Before she could confront him about, he spoke.

“Forgive me Syria, but we were on our way to Las Vegas when I heard your call. We came as quickly as we could.”

“Yes, please forgive my intrusion, I mean no disrespect. My name is Brighid, I am the Goddess of Healers and Poets, among other things. It is an honor to meet you.” The beauty said.

Syria calmed herself, under the circumstances she had no reason to be upset with Brighid or Ares. She and the God of War had no ties other than the soon they had created together.

“Pleased to meet you Brighid.”

Gideon came running when he saw both of his fathers arrive. He ran to Michael who plucked him up from the ground, swung him up to the heavens, and caught him in a loving hug.

“How are you my angel?”

Gideon was occupied with the beautiful lady with Ares. “Pretty lady, daddy.”

“Yes she is very pretty.” Michael agreed placing the fidgety tot back to the ground.

Gideon walked over to Brighid, tugged on the flowing tresses of her gown. The goddess kneeled down. “You are a cute one aren’t you?”

Gideon’s chubby hand caressed her cheek. “Pretty.”

“And a lot like your father I see.” She laughed.

Ares called to his son. “Come little one.” He scooped Gideon up into his muscular arms. “Have you been giving your mother a trouble?”

“Yes Syria, what has given you caused to call upon us?” Michael asked.

Syria recapped the story for the two men. They both looked back at the innocent youth, trying to figure out a way to explain to a three-year-old toddler the strength he possessed. Most of all they had to make him understand how easily it would be to hurt someone if he wasn’t careful.

They left the two women and took their son aside to begin the first lesson of many to come in how to control his powers.

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