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You Rang? – Part Three

Jas couldn’t stop grinning.  It was hard to believe James called her back.  The man intrigued her.  Who called and flirted with a stranger because they liked a voice on the other end of the phone?  At least it helped fill her time.  It got boring working thirds.  You could only watch the same cheesy movies so many times and studying got old after a while.  Jas wondered if he would try again.    In fact she was hoping he would call her back.  This time she would give him her home number.  It would be easier to talk to him with out the fear of the whole shop listening. 

Her BIDDs phone rang and she held her breath in anticipation, hoping it was him on the other line.

“Offutt Operator number five, how may I help you?”

“Could you please dial—“

Shoot, not him.  Jas dialed the requested number and got back to studying.  She still had a few weeks before she had to test for rank and there was only so much studying a person could do. 

“Hey Jones, there is a call for you on my phone, you want me to forward it?”

Jas’ heart pounded in her chest, her cheeks flushed and she had a hard time catching her breath.  It had to be him.

“Sure Price, send it my way.  I’m going to log out for a bit.  It’s slow tonight anyway.”

            The light on her phone flashed red and she tried to calm herself before she picked up the phone. 

            “Airman Jones, how may I help you?”

            “Jasmine?  This is James, from before.  Can you talk now?  I didn’t get you in trouble did I?”

            “No, not at all, of course I can talk for a little bit.”

            “Well…you’ve answered one of my questions.  You’re military, not civilian.  I’m in the Marines”

            “Really?  I’m not surprised.”

            “You aren’t?”

            “No.  You rang through a Camp Lejeune number.  My dad was a Marine.  Sorry, I’m babbling a little.  I do that when I’m nervous.”  Jas bit her lip waiting for him to respond.

            “You’re nervous?  About talking to me?  Why?”  He sounded surprised.

            “I don’t know.  I’m just pretty shy and you have to admit, this is a little weird.”

            “Maybe a little, but in no time we’ll be old friends.”

            “Rogers, you coming?” a different voice sounded through the phone.

            “Who was that?”

            “Some of the other guys in the hall.  We are getting ready for chow.  Can I call you again?”

            “I would really like that.  Let me give you my dorm number.  That way we can talk with out me being at work.”

            “I like that.  I like that a lot.  Hey, why don’t you give me your email address to?  We can exchange pictures.”

            Jas hesitated for a second.

            “Hey, if you don’t want to that is fine Jasmine.  I just thought it would be another way to get to know each other.

            “No, it isn’t that.  Sure, you can email me.  I’ll have to see if I have any pictures.” She rambled off her email address.

            “Rogers, COME on!”

            “Sorry about them.”

            “Don’t worry about it.  I hope to hear from you soon.  Night James.”

            “Night Jasmine.  I’ll be thinking about you.”

            Jas continued grinning.  There was just something about that man that kept a smile on her face.  It was a nice feel and she hoped the next call would come soon.


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