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First Kiss Friday



Save the Dates!

happyhourbrighidThe authoresses here at Playground Mystique have a busy winter ahead of them! So while my little Miss Jacks is still on the mend I thought I’d post some dates you don’t want to miss.
Cindy Jacks chats at Romance Junkies tonight about her upcoming release, Point of Distraction the Second Collection

One Touch, One Glance Anthology releases at Freya’s Bower 12/9/2008

One Touch, One Glance Anthology chat at Kensana’s own private chat room 12/19/2008

Join Kensana, Jambrea, and Cindy at Savannah Chase’s 2nd Annual Christmas party 12/20/2008

Point of Distraction the Second Collection releases at Lyrical Press 1/19/2009

A happy holiday season to all. We hope you’ll join us for the festivities!


Happy Thanksgiving!



Waking up from a dream

Heather/Jambrea Gideon/Kensana Brighid/Cindy

Heather:  I have a bone to pick with you Ms. Jones.

Jambrea:  Oh, it’s Ms. Jones now is it?

Heather:  Yes.  You let them DRUG me?  How could you?  *pout*  You know I can take care of myself.  *sigh*

Jambrea:  I know Heather, but it really was because we care.  You don’t know anything about this Raven.  Kensana, Brig and Gideon do.  Let’s go talk to them.  Will that make you feel better?

Heather:  Yes.  Let’s go visit the Playground.

Brighid:  Heather, Brea, darlings how are you? Not still sore about that whole spiked champagne thing, are you?

Gideon:  Hey Jambrea. Heather I hope you’re feeling better.

Heather:  I am.  I’m very sore.  You should have trusted me to take care of myself.  I could handle a silly little vampire.  *pout*

Jambrea:  Now Heather do–

Heather:  Don’t Heather me.  You of all people should know better.

Cindy: Oh Heather, honey, it’s not that we don’t trust.

Kensana: Not at all. It has nothing to do with you. We were just concerned for your safety.

Brighid:  Of course we trust you. Raven’s just that dangerous. You have to admit you Fae’s are prone to thinking the best of everyone…whether they deserve it or not.

Gideon:  Well they do have a tendency to be right of their with angels, but a little more forgiving.

Heather:  That maybe true of most Fae, but I’ve been out in the real world and helped Jambrea.  I know not everyone has my best interest at heart, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt.  If something happens to change my trust, I can take care of myself.  There is more to be then meet the eye.  *giggle*  I’ll forgive you, but you guys need to have faith that I can take care of myself.  You’ll see.  *giggle*

Jambrea:  *sigh* Just know that we don’t want to see you hurt or taken advantage of.

Heather:  Sometimes being taken advantage of can be fun.  *giggle*

Brighid:  The girl has a point there. I love pretending to let certain males take advantage of me.

Kensana: Oh Brig, what males would that be? Anyone we know?

Heather:  Ohhh…topic change.  Yes, Brig, who would that be?

Jambrea:  Hmmm…I would like to know too!  Spill it!

Brighid:  Unfortunately I can’t name any human names. Wouldn’t want to topple any political careers *wink*

Cindy: Noooo, we wouldn’t want that.

Kensana: Of course we would.

Gideon:  I am afraid this is where I take my leave. There are places you ladies go that no man…or demigod should venture.

Brighid:  Gideon, love, you don’t have to go. I’m not going to kiss and tell.

Heather:  Well that’s no fun.  *sigh* Kensana, how is Rav…um I mean how are your men?

Kensana: They’re fine. Christian asked about you today.

Heather:  He did?  *big grin* 

Cindy: Did Dorian mention me? *sigh*

Kensana: Sorry Jax, I haven’t seen Dorian in a few days. He and Christian aren’t talking. Christian still pissed about him bringing Raven to the club. While I was sick this weekend Christian has been getting in touch with his fire side. That’s where you come in  Heather. He needs to learn to channel his power more and the answer to that lies with you and what you know about the ancient readings.

Heather: Kensi!  I’d be happy to help him.  Any time he’s ready, call for me and I’ll help.  Tell him not to be too hard on Dorian.  All will be understood in time.

Jambrea:  Look at Heather with all the mojo!

Kensana: I know, huh? I pass it on Heather, he’s developing frown lines trying to figure this stuff out.

Heather:  Well we can’t have him lining up his handsome face!  Tell him not to worry.  I’m here for him when he needs it.  I should probably go talk to Holly and Decklin.  We left them having a serious conversation with her brother Matt.  Matt and Decklin have a lot of explaining to do!

Jambrea:  Yes they do.  At least we got Holly out of the cage.

Cindy: I’m sure Holly’s majorly relieved about that!

Jambrea:  You can not even begin to imagine.  Waking up in a cage after you first time having sex would not be pleasant for anyone. 

Heather:  I know I’m glad that part is over with.  Nighty nighty.  I’m off to cause mischief.  *giggle*

Jambrea:  Heather, what does that mean.  HEATHER!  *she rushes after Heather*  Night everyone!

Kensana: Nite gals. I think Brea’s has her hands full there.

Cindy: I think you’re right. Nite.


Meeting new friends (cont.)

Heather/Jambrea Gideon/Kensana Brighid/Cindy

Jambrea:  What’s up Kensi?

Kensana: You’ve got to keep Heather as far away from Raven as possible. He’s hot and all but he doesn’t huh…play well with others.

Jambrea:  He’d hurt her?  We’d better get back in there before Heather invites him over.  Oh Heather, can I– What are you doing?!

Heather:  I’m just talking to Raven.  Isn’t he dreamy.  We were just going to leave.

Jambrea:  Umm…Heather that MIGHT not be a good idea.  Maybe you should talk to Kensi first.  She does know him just a little bit more than you do.

Kensana: Listen Heather, I know he’s cute but he’s dangerous. Trust me on this.

Gideon: What’s going on Kensa, is everything alright?

Kensana: Not exactly Gideon. I’m afraid Heather has the hots for Raven.

Brighid: Oh Heather, darling, Ares was just telling me about Raven. I think you should listen to Kensi.

Gideon: The hots…oh. Would you like me to talk to her.

Kensana:  Would you please.

Heather:  I don’t understand.  He doesn’t look dangerous.  *giggle*  *smiles at Raven and gives him a little wave*

Jambrea:  Heather, please listen to them.  They know what they are talking about.

Heather:  *pout*  I just want to have a little fun and he looks fun!

Cindy: I don’t know, Heather. If Brighid is balking about the prospect, I’d be afraid…very afraid.

Kensana: He is a lot of fun right up to the moment when he rips your throat out.

Gideon: Kensa, I thought I was doing the talking. Heather he’s not safe it would be best if you stuck with the rest of us or I’ll make a deal with you. If you want to go out with him just don’t go alone.

Heather:  *whispers to Gideon* Do you think Ares would go with us? Those other yummy guys look taken and I don’t see how that could be fun.  Are you sure he would hurt me?  He might like me.  I could bite back too?  *giggle*

Jambrea:  Heather, what about the new guy we’ve been talking too?  Holly needs a little help.  We can’t just leave her so you can go play.

Heather:  *pout*  You really aren’t any fun.  Work, work work.  I’ll just wait until you go to sleep.  Don’t let me have fun and I might stop talking to you.

Jambrea:  Heather!  I’m just thinking of your safety here.

Heather:  *sigh* I know, but I need to have fun.  Brig!  Let’s go have some fun.

Brighid: [hands Heather a purple glass of champagne] Oh I suppose I can be persuaded to play chaperone. But first, bottom’s up, dear!

Cindy: Brig, I really don’t think–

[Heather wilts to the floor after downing her glass]

Cindy: What did you give her, Brighid?

Brighid: It’s just a mild sedative mixed with the gift of true sight. Ares told me to do what I needed to do to protect her from Raven. He’s THAT dangerous. Brea, I’m sorry, love. I know you have work to do tonight, but really, it’s for her own good. When she wakes up she should see Raven for what he is…a murderous retch. 

Kensana: Man she’s out cold. That’s good stuff Brig. Now the other four  they’re good guys. No worries. 

Jambrea:  That’s ok Brig.  I know she’ll thank us for it in the morning.  I needed a break anyway.  Thanks Ares.  So Kensi, what is up with this Raven character?  Why are you hanging around him if he is so dangerous?  Just who is he?

Kensana: [whispers] Raven is a long time friend of Dorian and Christian’s, but he’s changed. I can’t say more than that.

Cindy: Is Dorian spoken for?

Brighid: Jacks! I’m shocked. He may or may not be, but you certainly are.

Cindy: I was talking to Kensi.

Dorian: Darling my situation is umm…complicated.

Jambrea:  Well Dorian, we do like complicated.  Maybe you should sit down and chat for awhile. That is if Kensi is done with you for the evening.  Maybe it is time for us authors to party.  Brig, do have any sedative free champagne?

Cindy: [lashes fluttering] You’ll find I’m an excellent listener. I’m all ears, Dori. May I call you that?

Brighid: You’re all SOME body part right now, Jacks, but I think it’s a little farther SOUTH than your ears.

Cindy: Shhhhhh. Dori’s going to tell us more about himself.

Dorian: Well there’s not much to tell. I met Christian when he was traveling through Texas at a conference. We’re been buds every since. That was…what sixty years ago Christian?

Christian: Yeah something like that.

Dorian: He got this gig at a hospital and asked me to come along. Everything was good to go until I met Christa.

Jambrea:  Ohhh…a Doctor.  This just keeps getting better and better.  You are a doctor, right?  Cindy, you’ll have to tell me all about it, I should probably get Heather home.

Cindy: Will do. Night night, Brea. So Dorian, please, tell us about Christa.

Dorian: As I said, our relationship is complicated. Crista and I have know each for as long as I’ve known Christian. Unfortunately that’s part of the problem, she knows me too well.  [whispers] The other problem is Christian. I’ve been uh…warned not to go near his sister and Christa will not do anything that will upset her brother.  So, what’s a guy to do?

Cindy: You poor thing! Well, if you ever need anyone to talk to…

Brighid: Jacks!

Cindy: What? I said talk. TALK.

Brighid: It’s not what you meant.

Cindy: Is so!

Brighid: [Shooing Cindy along] Well, it’s been lovely meeting all of you. I’ve got to get this home too. Brady’s waiting and he’s all torn up about that kiss with Layla. And you haven’t written your 1000 words today.

Cindy: Oh fine. Good night, all. Good night, Dori.

Dorian: On the next dark evening I’m all alone, I’ll keep that in mind darling. It’s been nice talking to you ladies. You take care now.




Meeting new friends

Heather/Jambrea Gideon/Kensana Brighid/Cindy

Gideon: Okay guys today I have a special treat for you.  

Dorian: And what might that be Gideon?                                          

Christian: Im a little curious myself, whats up?

Quinn:  Well speaking for myself, I’m looking forward to some down time.

Sergei: Whatever it is, I surely do hope it is more entertaining than the droll little females we encountered last evening.

Raven: Hopefully their not human.

Ares: My God man you are a depressing entity. Go on son.

Gideon:[flies through the PM Club doorway] Ladies? I have a few people for you to meet.

Brighid: [turns around, then smiles] Gideon, love! How have you been? I feel like you’ve been gone for ages! [hugs him]

Gideon: Well a guy has to take some time out every now and again. I love you ladies, but sometimes there is way too much estrogen around here for me. [smiles]

Brighid: But I suppose I’ll have to forgive you…my my my what have you brought us here? Five more gorgeous males, each one a dark angel in his own right. [Bows her head, flushed] Ares, so lovely to see you again…after all this time.

Ares: Hmm Brighid, it has been a long time. We must get together and catch up on old times. Cindy it wonderful to finally meet you.

Cindy: Yes, it’s nice to meet you–wait–Brig, I thought you’d never met Ares before. That’s why you were mad–

Brighid: We’ll talk about it later, Jacks. 

Heather:  But Brig, I want to know.  Just how well do you know Ares.  *giggle*   He is Divine.  And Gideon, how nice of you to bring these other men with you.  Please introduce us.

Jambrea:  *shakes head* Sorry, I was having a hard time not drooling.  My goodness.  Or my God.  Yum!  Wait…did I say that out loud.  *blushes*

Heather:  Yes you did.  *giggle*

Cindy: Hear, hear Brea! So, Brig, cough up the info about you and Ares. Or am I going to have to pry to story out of Ares himself?

Brighid: Not today, Jacks. Ares and I have some catching up to do first. Besides, I’m sure our readers would rather hear about Dorian, Christian, Raven, Quinn and Sergei.

Cindy: Don’t get me wrong. I want to hear all about our guests too. You’re all just too gorgeous.

Brighid: There’s no such thing as too gorgeous.

Jambrea:  I would have to agree with Brig there.

Heather:  Don’t wear out…umm…catch up too hard.  I want to hear more about Ares.  *sigh* *giggle*

Jambrea:  Calm down Heather.  *laughing* Please, introduce us to your gorgeous friends.  I want to know more.

Christian: I can’t stay long, I promised Kela I’d get back. We’re hanging out here while Kensana works on our story. I can’t tell you the title yet, she’s keeping that under wraps.

Dorian: Oh is that a whip I hear? Let that gal wait.

Quinn: I don’t think you’re one to talk Dorian. Was that Christa on your cell?

Raven: Who care what those women are doing when there are four women here who appear to be very capable. [grins]

Sergei: Ah vampires in their youth…what am I going to do with these fellow. I think I speak for them all when I say it is a pleasure to meet you beautiful ladies.

Gideon: Ladies may I present to you the gentleman of Kensa’s new story, Christian, Dorian, Quinn, Raven and last but surely not least Sergei. Feel free to ask them anything. They’re an open book. So to speak. [he laughs]

Heather:  Can I take Raven home.  Please, please.  *whispers to Jambrea* Do you think he’d bite me.  I bet it would be yummy.  *giggle*

Jambrea:  HEATHER!

Kensana: [rushes in out of breath] Whoa Heather! Brea can I talk to you for a moment?  [takes Brea aside]


To be continued…


News is spreading fast!

Heather/Jambrea Gideon/Kensana Brighid/Cindy

Heather:  I’m so excited.  Go ahead, ask me why.

Jambrea:  Why?

Heather:  Not you silly, you should KNOW why I’m excited.

Kensana: Okay I’m bite, what’s up?

Gideon:   I think I may have some insight as to why she may be excited and so should you my dear Kensa.

Kensana: I should—oh yeah, I think I may know why she’s so excited. I’m about to burst myself.

Heather:  You should know, my Kensi and be just as excited.  We have a release date for the stories Gideon and I helped the two of you write.  I am just so excited!  *giggle*

Jambrea:  I’m excited too!  I never thought I would get this far and it was all thanks to you Heather.

Heather:  *blushing*  Aww…I love you too.

Jambrea:  Should we share the date?

Heather:  Of course silly!

Jambrea:  December 9, 2008.

Kensana:  Yes, that’s the big day. I would also like to take this time to thank you Gideon, the power behind me. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Gideon:   There is no need for thanks love that is what I am here for, to bring forth the writer in you. Now let us finish the PM story for tomorrow and work a little with Cass and Daniel. I think we may be at Fort Bragg for a while. I am looking forward to wearing those…what did you call them again.

Kensana:  BDUs?

Gideon:    Yes, yes, that is it. BDUs. I will need a little help with the jacket and tee shirt.

Kensana: That’s a small problem. Nothing that a Quartermaster can’t fix. I think you’ll love wonderful in them.

Heather:  Yummy!  I love a man in uniform.  I hear Joe calling. Jambrea. I want to go play.  *giggle. 

Brig: Did someone say a man in uniform?

Cindy: Ummm…don’t you want to congratulate them on their release date? BTW, big congrats from me 🙂

Brig: Oh of course, I’m so happy for all of you. Shall I break out the champagne?

Cindy: It’s still morning.

Brig: So mimosas then?

Cindy:  Oh sure, why not. Go ahead and mix us a round. Hey, Brea and Kensi, do you have some big events planned for your launch day? 

Kensana:We’ve got a few chats with the other authors in the One Touch, One Glance Anthology, lined up here and there, but Brea and I will pass on the when and where later.

Jambrea:  I agree.  Let’s go play.

Kensana: It’s way too early to play Missy! The evil day jobs await.

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