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Yummy Goodness

Autumn portrait of a beautiful femaleHeather: Have you seen all the yummy goodness floating around?  That isn’t even counting the new guy, but he is HOT!

Jambrea: He is easy on the eye and has something we both love…tattoos.

Heather: *sigh* Tattoos. He looks like such a bad boy. Hmm…I wonder what ever happened to Raven. I haven’t seen his cute butt in a while.

304 yrs old and half bad and he's into all the lastest fashions trends.

304 yrs old and half bad and he's into all the lastest fashions trends.

Jambrea: So when did you actually see his butt?

Heather: I’m not telling or you might drug me again. There is good in that man and I’ll help find it.

Jambrea: I thought you were focused on Matthias and his yummy tattoos?

Heather: That’s only because Raven has been missing. *pout* Matthias is more your style anyway. *wink* Speaking of dreamy men, tell me about the new man in your life, Ben Davies.

ben-daviesJambrea: Now it’s my turn to sigh. We’ve introduced the next marine in Magnus’ story. His friend Ben Davies will be the next man in the Semper Fi series. Well…you’ve talked to him more then me at this point because I”m still trying to wrap up Magnus and Emily. I do know that Ben’s woman is the sister of one of his oldest friends. They’ve know each other for a while, but Maribeth is about to shake his world up. Kind of like Forever Guy, but this maribethone will NOT be sweet.  Mari is going to rock Ben’s world.  He doesn’t even see it coming. I would say ‘poor guy’ but he’ll love every minute of it. Mari is a school librarian who has a few on line friends helping her plot to make Ben hers.

Heather: Can we start this one now?

Jambrea:  Sorry Heather, we need to finish Mag and Em first. Then we’ll look at Ben and Mari’s story.

Heather: *pout* You are just no fun this morning.

Jambrea: No, I’m just focused.

Heather: *sigh* Well, you go back to focusing and I’ll go look for Raven. 

Jambrea:  Now Heather…

Heather: *giggle* Okay, I’ll go now.

<i>Jambrea shakes her head as she watches Heather leave.</i>

Jambrea: That muse is going to be the death of me yet.



Pandora’s Box…the Muse

iStock_000006423338Medium-2.jpg Avitar #2 picture by Jambrea

“Kersten, I need to talk to you so stop being stubborn.”

“Heather, I am a little busy right now.”

“Too busy for me?”  Heather pouted.

“Now don’t give me that face.  Tia does not like it when I upset her friends.”

“I just need to talk to you about your story.  My writer is having problems and how that is my fault, I’ll never know, but I promised her I would do a little one on one with you and Tia, if she is available.  I don’t think my writer understands how busy I am.  I have a lot of people to meet and introduce her too.  Where does she think I get all these ideas?”

“It is ok Heather.  I will talk to you about whatever you wish.”

“Thank you, you are such a sweetie.  I really don’t know why Tia killed you the first time.”

“Well, she is a Goddess and I was just a lowly human in her eyes.  Plus, she didn’t really know me yet.”  Kersten said with a wink and a smile.

“You are just so dreamy,” sighed Heather.


“Sorry Tia, but it is the truth.  I just knew my flirting would bring you out too.  So, why did you kill Kersten the first time?”

“I really do not want to talk about that time.  It hurts me to think I could have lost him in my arrogance.”

Kersten reached out for Tia and pulled her into his embrace.  Heather sighed at the love the two radiated.  She was so glad she had introduced the couple to her writer.  Their story of love and loss really needed to be told.  Of course the world would have ended if the two had stayed apart so my writer just had to help them.

“I’m sorry Tia.  I know you had a rough time, but I love to hear how the two of you came together.”

“Well, we really can not give too much away because if we did that, then who would read our story?” Kersten reminded Heather.

“I know, you’re right, but I just love to hear it and I could listen to it over and over again.  You two were really fated to be together.  Zeus really…”

“Heather, remember we do not talk of Zeus.  Bad things can happen when we start talking about him.  No one is to know of my relationship with him.  And why should they, I only found out recently myself.  My mother is good at keeping secrets.”

“I’m sorry Tia.  I always seem to be apologizing to you.”

“That is all right Heather.  You just do not understand how we Greek Gods work.  Being Fae, you do not have to deal with our power struggles.  It is a rough road.  I really did deserve my punishment for killing Karsten.  I am just thankful that my mother loved me enough to try and return me to my home in Olympus.  If not for her I would still be stuck in the world by myself.  Hope really would have been lost.”

Tia was looking at Karsten as she finished talking.  Heather once again felt a little envy. 

I wonder when I will find my one true love.

Tia turned away from Karsten and took his hand.

“Heather my sweet, we hate to run, but, ummmm Karsten and I have something we need to, well, we have some where we need to be.”

Heather gave the couple a wink.

“Don’t let me stop you.  I’m sure we’ll talk again.”

Heather sighed again as she watched the couple leave hand and hand.



Magnus.jpg picture by JambreaMag: What the fuck are you doing here?

Emily: I’m taking a break with Heather

Mag: A break! Why do you need a break?

Emily: Why do you think I need a break? It’s been a rough couple months. emilyI think you can agree with that.

Mag: I guess.

Emily: You GUESS!

Mag: Fuck, I don’t know. It just another day for me.

Emily:  You…you…you’re such a Marine!

Mag: You love it.

Emily: *smiles* Maybe a little.

Heather: You two want a room now?

Mag: Shouldn’t you be writing?

heatherHeather: I needed a break. You two are enough to wear a woman down! Why don’t you go play at the Playground? It’s WIP day over there.

Emily: WIP day?

Heather: It’s a day where authors can show what they’ve been working on.

Mag: Will Jambrea be there?

Heather: I don’t know. You guys have been keeping her up trying to get your story finished. She hasn’t had time to work on anything else.

Emily: I’ll bet she’ll be happy to get rid of us.

Heather: Oh, I don’t know about that. *giggle*

Mag: Let’s go take a peek Em and then head home. *looks at Heather and winks*

Heather: Be good you two.

Emily: I don’t know if we can. *laugh* Jambrea just wrote a VERY steamy scene and I think Joe and I might need to have a reinactment.

*Mag walks to Heather and kisses her on the cheek*

Mag: Try not to work too hard.

Heather: *giggle* You either. Buy guys!

*Mag and Emily leave*

Heather: They are so dreamy.  Hmmm…I wonder how Ross and Jayme are doing?

*Heather walks off with a thoughtful look on her face*


WIP Wednesday

Today at our yahoo group is WIP Wednesday. Jambrea thought it might be a good idea to post something here that she is working on. Of course it isn’t something she is supposed to be working on. *giggle* Magnus wouldn’t stop talking and as you’ll see in the excerpt I’m going to post he likes to use the F word and I’m not talking about food. *giggle* We hope you like Mag. He is very yummy and his bark is MUCH worse then his bite. We like it when he bites. *giggle*

Untitled, Unedited WIP:

“Get the fuck outta my face, right now you maggot, before I skin you alive and wear your ass as a hat. What the fuck do you think you’re doin’” Sergeant Joe “Magnus” Rivers yelled at the recruit.

“Simmer down Sergeant.” His gunny tried to calm him.

“Fuck that shit. She got Benny shot! This is why women shouldn’t be on the front fuckin’ line. Fuck!” Magnus ran a hand over his face. “No fuckin’ way is this going to work.” He turned to walk back to the barracks.

“Sarge, Benny wasn’t really shot.” His Gunny Sergeant rushed to keep up.

“I know that Gunny. It’s the principle of the matter.”

“Oh, he knows another word besides fuck.” The words were almost too faint to be heard, but they reached the Sergeants ears.

Magnus whipped around and rushed back into the recruits face. In a quite whisper he addressed the woman.

“What did you just say?”

She stared straight ahead, and didn’t look him in the eye.

The only smart thing this bitch has done so far. I don’t know what the General was thinking. Take a deep breath man. Calm down. No one was really hurt and you know she isn’t really a bitch.

Reasoning with himself sucked, but lucky for the recruit he was able to leash his anger.

“Not so tough now that you have to face me, huh Patterson? Drop and give me twenty.”

She didn’t hesitate but dropped to the ground and started counting out her pushups. Magnus would expect no less and all his recruits new it. He turned back to his gunny and gestured for the man to follow him to his offices.

“Roberts, I don’t think I can keep this up. What was the General thinking? This woman doesn’t belong here. She’s some rich girl on holiday. How are we supposed to make her into a solider?” Magnus sighed.

Gunny Roberts looked back at the woman doing pushups.

“I don’t know sir; it looks like you’re doing a good job to me.”

Magnus looked back and waved his hand, “Physical exercise does not a solider make. You saw her at the range.”

“Mag, it’s only been a few weeks. Give her a break.”

“I can’t. I wouldn’t let the guys get away with that shit. No fucking way am I giving the wanna be warrior a break. She’ll do it my way or her ass is back to daddies faster than I can say give me twenty. We’re supposed to take her on a mission, a fucking mission. She’s going to get someone killed.”

“We have a month to ge—”

Mag glared at the gunny and he shut up. With out another word he entered the building trying to forget the woman doing pushups in the yard.

Trouble with a capital T is what that one is.


A Playground Visit

Butch: Hello! Is anyone here?

Mitch: Maybe they aren’t open yet.

Butch: I thought the Playground was ALWAYS open.

Mitch: Are you sure you have the right day?

Butch: Yes, I’m sure. Heather said to be here today.

Mitch: We could be early.

Butch: Hmm..Heather? Are you here?

Heather: I’m here! I’m here. Sorry. I was talking to Sunie and Gage and lost track of time. They are getting ready to have a small issue and I wanted to let them know that things will be okay.

Butch: That’s okay Heather. We just thought we were early.

Heather: Why don’t you guys sit down and I’ll get you something to drink. It’s a little slow around here. Everybody is working away, but I wanted to see how the two of you were doing. I know your book just released so you must be excited.

Mitch: I really didn’t think it would ever be finished so it’s nice to be done with it.

Heather: *giggle* You think its finished?

 Butch: What are you saying Heather?

Heather: Why do you think I asked you here?

Mitch: I thought it was to talk about our story and to introduce us to the other people here at the Playground.

Heather: Oh no. Well, I’m sure that will happen too, but that isn’t way I asked you to come visit today. *giggle*

Butch: Are we going to like this?

Heather: Well Jambrea and I have been talking and the reviews she got for your story were so good that she is going to write more. I just wanted to let the two of you know.

Mitch: More, like what?

Heather: We don’t know yet. There are a few other stories that need to be told first, but she put you on her list.

 Butch: I don’t think I’m going to like this at all.

Mitch: It’ll be okay babe. What more could she do—”

*Butch slaps his hand over Mitch’s mouth*

Butch: Do NOT finish that sentence! Have you not read some of these books our dear author is into?

*Butch drops his hand and pulls Mitch close*

Mitch: It really doesn’t matter Butch. I’ll always be here for you.

Heather: Guys! You’re going to make me cry. *sniff* don’t worry. I’ll take to her. Why don’t you two settle in? I’m sure the others will be here soon. I’m off to talk to a few other people. Make yourselves at home. *blows them both a kiss*

If you would like to hear more about Butch and Mitch you can buy their story hereRunaway Man


You Rang? Part Ten

           “You look gorgeous.” 

He loved the wonderful shade of red she turned when he gave her a compliment.  She grinned at him and looked down to the floor.  He stepped closer to her so he could lift her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes.  He was taken aback by her beautiful brown eyes and the way they would light up when she focused on him.  He could drown in her gaze.  And then she smiled and he knew he was a goner.  He leaned closer, needing a taste.  She opened up to him with a moan and he took advantage taking their kiss deeper and cupping the back of her head.  He guided her to the bed until he heard someone behind him clearing their throat.

“I’m still here guys and aren’t you supposed to be at the wedding reception soon?”

Jas’ roommate pulled him from the haze that was Jasmine.  He took a step back and smiled down at her, hoping the night went fast.  His need grew stronger the more he was in her presence.  If someone had told him months ago that he’d be here with a beautiful woman that he’d met over the phone, he would have called them crazy.

“She’s right, we should be leaving.”  Jas managed to say.

James took her hand while she said good bye to her friend and led them to the door.

“You really do look great.”

“Thank you.  You look so handsome in your uniform.  I never realized how much I loved the marine dress uniform.  I can’t keep my eyes off of you.”

“Darlin’, I feel the same way about you.  If I didn’t have to show up at my dad’s reception, I would be all over you.”

Jas laughed.  He loved to hear her laugh almost as much as he enjoyed her smile.  How did I get so lucky?

They reached the car he was using and James rushed to the passenger side to open the door for her.

“Thank you.”

James leaned down to give her a small kiss before shutting the door and getting into the car.

Ten minutes later they were at the reception hall and Jas turned to open her door when he stopped her.

“Wait.” He pulled her toward him.  “I can’t keep my hands off you.”  And then he kissed her.  He stopped when he heard a voice outside the car.

“Hey, you two come in?  Dad’s been wondering where you are.”

James sighed and pulled away. 

“I guess we’d better head in, but after this, you’re mine.”

He got out of the vehicle and went to open her door, helping Jas out of the car and into his dad’s wedding reception.

“I’m so glad I met you.  You make me very happy.”

James didn’t give Jas time to answer as they entered the building and he started introducing her to his family.  I can’t wait until this is over, He thought with a sigh.


The Makings of Gideon: Mommy’s Little Helper

The next few years of Gideon’s’ life went on without any further interference from Olympus. Ares and Michael were there when Syria needed them just as they had promised. Gideon had grown into the spitting images of his fathers. From the raven black hair that curled around the back of his little ears to the deep blue eyes covered by long black eyelashes that brushed his cheeks when he blinked. There was nothing immortal about him. That is, until he began his third year of life.

Syria was busy cleaning the house with Gideon’s small helpful hands more o the hindrance than help, but she permitted him to help anyway. The family room was in dire need of a good sweeping so she grabbed the broom and went to work, trying not to wake her father who slept on the bed in the same room. It wasn’t long before she heard the gleeful sound of her son’s voice.

“Look mommy, I help.”

“Yes. Gideon help mom—”She turned to see her baby boy with her father’s bed held high above his head, with his grand-father still in it asleep. “Gideon!” She gasped, quickly covering her mouth. She didn’t want to startle him and make him drop the bed. “Gideon, sweetheart put papa bed on floor. You don’t want to wake him from his nap.”

121208-1634-themakingso1.jpg “Mommy, I help.” A frown covered his chubby face.

“Yes baby I know, but Mommy has already cleaned there.” She hoped the little lie would get him to put the bed down without injuring her father.

“Ok Mommy, I put Papa down.” He lowered the bed back to the floor, rand over and gave Syria a big hug. She looked back at the bed her father still asleep.

Thank the Gods he’s a heavy sleeper.

She called to his fathers and they arrive in the blink of an eye. Michael had come alone but Ares appeared with a very stunningly beautiful woman on his arm. As flawless as she was she had to be a Goddess. Syria didn’t appreciate the intrusion of this stranger or the total lack of regard Ares showed in bringing her. Before she could confront him about, he spoke.

“Forgive me Syria, but we were on our way to Las Vegas when I heard your call. We came as quickly as we could.”

“Yes, please forgive my intrusion, I mean no disrespect. My name is Brighid, I am the Goddess of Healers and Poets, among other things. It is an honor to meet you.” The beauty said.

Syria calmed herself, under the circumstances she had no reason to be upset with Brighid or Ares. She and the God of War had no ties other than the soon they had created together.

“Pleased to meet you Brighid.”

Gideon came running when he saw both of his fathers arrive. He ran to Michael who plucked him up from the ground, swung him up to the heavens, and caught him in a loving hug.

“How are you my angel?”

Gideon was occupied with the beautiful lady with Ares. “Pretty lady, daddy.”

“Yes she is very pretty.” Michael agreed placing the fidgety tot back to the ground.

Gideon walked over to Brighid, tugged on the flowing tresses of her gown. The goddess kneeled down. “You are a cute one aren’t you?”

Gideon’s chubby hand caressed her cheek. “Pretty.”

“And a lot like your father I see.” She laughed.

Ares called to his son. “Come little one.” He scooped Gideon up into his muscular arms. “Have you been giving your mother a trouble?”

“Yes Syria, what has given you caused to call upon us?” Michael asked.

Syria recapped the story for the two men. They both looked back at the innocent youth, trying to figure out a way to explain to a three-year-old toddler the strength he possessed. Most of all they had to make him understand how easily it would be to hurt someone if he wasn’t careful.

They left the two women and took their son aside to begin the first lesson of many to come in how to control his powers.

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