Point of Distraction the Countdown

ana2Hi all, Ana Welsh here. I’m thrilled to announce that the second book that revolves around moi will be available to buy in three weeks! Point of Distraction the Second Collection goes on sale at Lyrical Press January 19, 2009. My author, Ms. Jacks, can hardly contain herself. That’s why I had to do the blog post this morning. She’s biting her nails and stuffing chocolate in her face. I told her she has nothing to worry about. The book is awesome if I do say so myself.pointofdistraction_two300x450 But you guys be the judge. Here’s an excerpt from the first story–Dirty Pool.

One good distraction deserves another…and another and another.
Delving further into the life and times of Ana Welsh, the second book in the Point of Distraction series brings a new set of challenges.
In Dirty Pool, Ana Welsh meets an unusually attractive man. Despite seeming to reciprocate Ana’s interest, Jordan Christiansen remains aloof and passive. After a few misread signals, it’s up to Ana to find out just what game this sexy mystery man is playing.
Warning: This book contains lots of detailed, hot lovin’, a sassy, sexy heroine, an alternate use for a pool table, and a veritable boy buffet. Love can take a lot of practice to get it right.

Jordan selected a cue and chalked it. “The trick is the follow through.” Demonstrating his break, he slammed the tip of his stick into the cue ball, finishing with a forceful thrust his hips. The cue ball crashed into the other balls, scattering them about the table. Three

dropped into various pockets. One solid, two stripes.



04jordan2“I’ll take stripes,” he said.



I was too busy replaying the thrust of his hips in my mind to care much about the game. Imagining what those hips would feel like between my legs, my eyes leveled on the most attractive feature of the room: the solid mahogany door. After I crossed the room, I slid the door closed, giving us some privacy.



“I wish relationships could be like playing pool,” he said as he studied his next shot.






“Shooting pool is straight forward. Geometry, the laws of physics. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. I know exactly what the outcome of a shot will be.”



“But with women, not so much?”



“Prrph.” He pushed a burst of air out of his lips. “Women play a game of dirty pool.”



“Misogynistic are we?” I joked.



“Not at all, but you have to understand, you all are mysterious and complicated on levels most men aren’t capable of.”


“If you say so. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been a guy.”



“Thank God.”…Jordan took a bit of chalk and wiped it onto the tip of his index finger and tapped a dot of blue onto the cue ball without disturbing its position.



“Okay, assume your shooting position,” he instructed.



“Are you flirting with me?”



“Not yet. C’mon, now, assume the position.”



I leaned over, bending a little at the knee, and looped my index finger around the cue.



“Not bad, get a little lower. Wait—” He pulled me upright, sprinkling a little talc on my hands and dusting them off. “You want the stick to glide through your hands.”



I giggled at the innuendo. “Are you sure you aren’t flirting?” I leaned over again and allowed Jordan to adjust my posture.



“Okay, now tap the cue ball right there where I marked it. We’re aiming for the one ball in the corner pocket.”



“Just tap it?”



“Right. Give it a little kiss.”



“I like the sound of that.”


“Sexy, isn’t it? Okay, kiss it,” he said, his lips a fraction of an inch from my ear.



Sigh, that Jordan Christiansen is something else. Stay tuned. I’ll be back next Monday with another excerpt from Point of Distraction the Second Collection from the story eThe Road Less Taken and its yummy hero, Nikhil Khan.


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  1. December 29, 2008 at 1:00 pm

    That’s my girl Ana! Never a boring moment with her. Great job Jax! I know this one will be as hot–if not hotter than the others. Good luck! 🙂

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