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A Little Help from My Friend…

kd-olLast week was a tough week for me. As the polite but boilerplate agent rejections pour in, I’ll admit at times this author has trouble keeping her hope afloat. Yes—-I know, it’s not personal. Rejection doesn’t speak to the quality of the manuscript, but still, the doubt-monster creeps in from time to time. It’s then that I have to remind myself why I write in the first place.

Sure, I’d love millions of loyal readers, big fat advances–so fat that I can buy my own Caribbean island and maintain a stable of male concubines–but I digress. In reality I write because it’s something I love to do. Words bubble and flow inside me, ideas reveal themselves in a flirtatious fan dance around my mind. I love to write and I love to tell quirky, funny, sexy stories for others to enjoy.

But sometimes, even once I’ve completed my mantra of “the story is the journey” 200 times, I’m still down in the dumps. That’s when I turn to my author soulmate: PM’s own Kensana Darnell. She invariably picks me up, dusts me off, and says, “Everything is okay.” And I believe her. Then she makes me laugh. The writing lever clicked into place and I started working up a storm this weekend. So, I just wanted to give a shout out to Miss Kensana….I definitely can’t get by without a little help from this friend. Love you, girl!


I’m convinced

proceed1. 5o% of people driving mini-vans don’t have a license or are legally blind.

2. There is a leprechaun in EVERY dryer that steals the matching sock to your favorite pair.

3. There is no real purpose for mosquitoes.

4. Dogs have a nose-to-crotch impulse which they can’t overcome.

5. Cats have an evil plan for world domination. Okay, this one might not be plausible.

6. Doctors are taught that there is a mental disorder for almost everything and a pill to cure…oh, excuse me, MANAGE the symptoms.

7. The same people that make malware, spam, viruses/worms/trojans are the same people who created Symantec Antivirus, Spybot, and other protection programs.

8. If I type in ‘guns’ on google the government will automatically put my name on the ‘watchers’ list.

9. The news is helping the rise in violent and despicable crimes. Copycats galore.

10. The time I went into the liquor store and asked for a “Buttery Nipple” when I meant “Fuzzy Navel” was one of the most embarrassing of my young life. Thank goodness the cashier barely spoke English.

11. Those male enhancement drugs will make your willy fall off. The growth is your ImAgInAtIoN.

12. Spongebob Squarepants has one of the most annoying  laughs EVA!

13. Bear Grillz is missing the common sense ‘gene’ and I love him for it. 😀

14. Soggy-butt is not a term I should have to read in a romance novel, but I did. Now I am sad. lol

So ends the in depth look to my innermost ‘mostly unrelated’ thoughts. This is what happen when you improv in writing.


A conversation with author Nyki Blatchley and Kaydana

kaydanaandthestaffofishlunWelcome to the dungeon, sorceress–where every man, woman and demon is against you.

Freelance sorceress Kaydana seeks her fortune in the city only to find it overrun with like-minded magical entrepreneurs. To make ends meet, she takes a commission from the seductive golden-skinned Tati.

Kaydana reluctantly agrees to rescue Tati’s lover from a sadistic king and his demonic devourer, knowing she’s no match against the castle’s mystical protections. Amid plotting, intrigue and sexual trickery, the powers hidden within the mysterious Staff of Ishlun begin to emerge and awaken Kaydana’s darker sensual desires.

Kaydana and The Sword of Ishlun is the first tale in a sizzling sword and sorcery series.
Warning, contains strong sexual content, f/f, f/f/m.

PM: Today we’re talking to Nyki Blatchley, Lyrical Press erotic romance author. Nyki and Kaydana, welcome to the Playground! Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?
NB: Many thanks for this opportunity. Well, about me? I was born in Canada, though I left at 11months old, so I don’t remember a thing about it, and I grew up just outside London. I came from a house full of books and was read to pretty much from the time I was born, so I suppose it was natural to start making up stories and then write then when I learnt how. I wrote my first “book” when I was four, about a talking horse, and I haven’t stopped since.
I graduated from Keele University with a degree in Greek Studies and English. That hasn’t been particularly related to my working life, but I get annoyed if people suggest I haven’t “used” my degree. As far as I’m concerned, I use it every day of my life.
I’ve had a variety of jobs: bookselling, residential care, the obligatory stint at McDonalds, packing engineering components, even a brief go at being an artist’s model. I currently work in media research.
Besides writing, I’ve also performed my own poetry and music all over London and beyond – I pre-record the music and describe it as “The Invisible Band”. During the 90s, I spent a lot of time at the (sadly now defunct) Bunjies Coffee House, which has hosted musicians ranging from Bob Dylan and Paul Simon to David Bowie and Rod Stewart, and later an amazing gig by the late Jeff Buckley.
Besides my work with Lyrical, and before that Dark Eden, I’ve had twenty-odd short stories published, mostly fantasy, as well as numerous poems, and my fantasy novel At An Uncertain Hour is published this month by StoneGarden.
PM: You’ve been writing since the age of four. So you’re definitely no stranger to writing. You’ve written everything from poetry to fantasy. Your books contain hot, sexual action. How did you begin writing erotica?
NB: I never avoided sex in my fiction, if I felt it belonged there, but deliberate erotica is a much more recent development. I write mainly fantasy, and I discovered that some of the writers I know online were also writing fantasy or paranormal erotica. I read some and, besides enjoying it, I felt that this was something I could do. I wrote several erotic short stories, a couple of which were published in anthologies by Xcite Books, and then moved to novellas, which gave more space to fit in plot, character AND the sex. Several were published by Dark Eden Press, and when that unfortunately folded, I was lucky enough to find in Lyrical a publisher that’s equally professional and author-friendly.
In a lot of ways, I don’t really find the techniques of writing erotica that different from other fiction: it’s all based on writing in a way to convey most vividly what’s happening, developing characters that the reader will care about (whether to love or hate) and giving them a gripping plot to play out. I think the most important specific skill in erotica is to make the sex not just something that periodically interrupts the action, but something that’s central to the development of both plot and character. I believe that a successful erotic story has to be about the sexuality of the characters, and especially of the protagonist.
PM: A little birdie also told us that you’re somewhat of a history buff. How about that?
NB: I’ve always loved history. It’s very much a family thing – my father was very much into 17th century history, especially Cromwell and the Civil War, and my mother loved Ancient Greece. I’ve always shared that, but I’ve also always been fascinated by medieval Europe. When I was little, I loved anything to do with knights, whether it was King Arthur or seriously studying how knights lived and fought. Those are still my two favourite periods, but I love pretty much any history – less so from about the 18th century onward, but that’s still interesting.
For a while, I was involved in English Civil War reconstruction – usually fighting for England’s true King against the rebellious Parliament, but sometimes fighting for the God’s own Parliament against the tyrant King. It didn’t really matter – it was fun either way. I was in the pike-block, wielding a sixteen-foot weapon in manoeuvres that bore more resemblance to a Rugby scrum than anything, and we also had living history camps. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it became impractical to carry on for a while, and I haven’t had time to get back into anything of the kind.
I suppose what I love most about history is much the same as fantasy – being able to see the way people act in very different societies and circumstances. One of my non-erotic projects is a series of fantasy stories set in an imaginary European country called Westria. So far, the stories have ranged from the 8th century to the 21st, and mirrored the changes Europe has undergone during that time.
PM: Your most current release is Kaydana and the Staff of Ishlun, Book one in the Kaydana series. I have to say, Kaydana is a very interesting woman. Well I don’t have to tell you that. She’s a self-employed sorceress, doing what she has to do to get by. What inspired you to write about her?
NB: About eighteen months ago, having written a couple of stand-alone erotic fantasy novellas, I had the idea of writing a series of erotic sword and sorcery stories, using the various standard models (the rescue, the treasure-hunt, the lost city etc) but with an erotic twist and hopefully with interesting characters. I didn’t want to use the standard barbarian warrior (or warrioress) and I decided a freelance sorceress would be a main character worth exploring. Once I’d fixed on that, Kaydana just came naturally, and she’s been very easy to work with.
Although my main characters are each different (and of both sexes), I long ago recognised, and stopped trying to fight, a tendency for them to be strong, independent people who live off their wits, with few ties and an insatiable wanderlust. Although I don’t actually base characters on myself (or on anyone in particular) in the way some authors do, I suppose that aspect has an element of wish-fulfilment in it. Kaydana certainly fits into this type.
PM: So Kaydana, you left home when you were only nine years old. What prompted you to leave?
Kaydana: Oh, hello. Um, I greet you in the name of whatever gods you worship.
It wasn’t exactly my choice to leave home at nine, though it was probably the best thing that happened to me. I was born with power, you see, and… well, I was a child. What would you do, if you were a nine-year-old with power who had to do chores before she could play? Or wanted to impress the other kids? I began to realise some people were making the sign against evil at me, but I didn’t really understand why. No-one did it when Manina was clever, or Feshil ran fast, and I was just using what I was good at too.
I think it was the stable that really decided them. You see, they’d told me I had to clean out the stable, and everyone else was down by the river, swimming. So I did it quickly. The stable was clean by the time I’d finished, but unfortunately only the few bits of it that were still standing. It took hours to round the horses up, and some of them were spooked for weeks, but none were hurt.
I got shut in my room, and next day they told me I was being sent away to be apprenticed to the sorcerer, Master Lourim. I was… well, I suppose I was a bit sad, a bit scared and a bit excited. My father drove me in his cart to Lourim’s tower, three days journey away, and left me there. I never went back to the village.
PM: You seem to have an umm…very healthy appetite towards sex, for instance, Tati. Would you say you’d prefer the comfort of woman, men, or…other?
Kaydana: Um, can I just say yes? Well, how can I choose? It depends on my mood to some extent, but it also depends on who I happen to meet. In general, I go for a man if I want someone to fuck my brains out and leave me sore, and a woman if I want someone who can tease me and make me come over and over. On the other hand, I’ve enjoyed female lovers who’ve taken me hard and brutally and guys who’ve spent ages licking my clit to make me come. It’s all good.
I suppose I mostly like men with plenty of muscle and big cocks. If it’s for one night, the fewer brains the better, but I really like a man who’s decent and morally grounded. Trouble is, they’re not the ones I actually tend to be attracted to, and I get myself in a lot of trouble. Women – well, I like a girl who’s fun and a bit naughty. Big and buxom is good, so’s slim and petite, but she’s got to be able to use her tongue well – and not just for talking. And other? Well, I’ve known a few of those, but I think Nyki’s going to write about some of them. Mmm, I’m getting wet remembering.
Of course, if I’m drunk, that all goes out the window – I’ll fuck whoever’s available. I’ve woken up beside some very strange bedfellows.
Oh, and you mentioned Tati. Well, you’ve got to love a Sheovin, haven’t you? Tati’s the first person I ever met who made me feel like a prude. They’re so cute and innocent, but they just seem to be permanently horny, and they’ll fuck any time, anywhere, with anyone. Definitely my kind of people.
PM: Without giving too much away, how do Lourim & the Staff of Ishlun fit into your life?
Kaydana: As I said, Lourim was my teacher from the age of nine till I left at fifteen. He was… well, let’s say an adequate sorcerer. He’d be no match for me now, but he was a very good teacher, even if I didn’t always appreciate it at the time. He drilled all the techniques into me till I wanted to scream. I mean, when you’re nine or ten, you don’t really get the need to meditate and focus your mind, but I’m glad now he kept me at it, or I wouldn’t be half the sorceress I am.
His reputation as a sorcerer was mainly based on the Staff. He didn’t know its name or where it came from, though he believed it was from the lost city of Arlh, but I really fell in love with it. I could see how much more powerful it made Lourim, and by the time I was fifteen, I knew I was already far better than him. And… well, it seemed a waste for it to just hang around in a tower doing little domestic spells.
I decided I’d learnt all I could from him. I wanted to see the world, and I wanted to do it with the Staff, so I seduced Lourim. At the time, I felt a bit… well, I thought he was old, though he wasn’t really so old, and he was quite good-looking. And… um… well, let’s say I discovered he didn’t just have one impressive staff. So I wore him out, cast him into an enchanted sleep and left with the Staff. I expect he was angry, but he always taught me never to let your guard down. He should have listened to himself, shouldn’t he?
PM: Can you two tell us a little about what’s up next for Kaydana? Any work in progress you’d like to share?
Nyki: I have two further Kaydana novellas scheduled for publication by Lyrical: Kaydana and the Ruby of Beguilement, and Kaydana and the Crown of the Worlds, and I’m now writing the fourth, Kaydana and the Dragon Prince. I’m planning two more, certainly, then we’ll see. The sixth story will bring some elements of the series to a close, and I’ll probably take a break from it after that and work on other things, but I wouldn’t rule out writing more about Kaydana after that.
Kaydana: Well, my work in progress at the moment is the Queen of Daeish-Vlarh: fabulously rich, fabulously powerful and fabulously gorgeous, not to mention young and in need of guidance by a wise sorceress. You really should see her: dusky complexion, long black hair, big black eyes and perfect boobs. Unfortunately, she still assumes a lover has to be a man, but I think she fancies me, even though she thinks it’s just friendship. If I can just get her drunk, I’m pretty sure she’ll let me show her what a tongue up her pussy feels like. After that, she won’t be able to get enough of me, I can promise you that.
PM: Thank you both for taking the time to drop in and chat with us today. We wish you all the best with Kaydana and the Staff of Ishlun-Book One, and hopefully you’ll stop in and chat with us about book two. This author can surely say I thoroughly enjoyed reading book one and cannot wait for the second edition.

Kaydana and the Staff of Ishlun
by Nyki Blatchley
Cover by Renee Rocco
Published by Lyrical Press Inc.
Buy a copy here

Nyki Blatchley, Hoddesdon, Herts, United Kingdom
He’s an author of both erotic and none-erotic fantasy stories, as well as poetry and music. Besides writing (and reading, of course) he’s passionate about history of many periods, but especially classical Greece and medieval Europe, and loves to learn anything.
Drop by and visit Nyki Blatchley at


Crazy Dreams

dreams-22dreampic1Well, this blog came in under the wire, considering how close it is to Monday. I was supposed to blog Sunday so I just made it. Originally I was going to provide a free short story to kick off Sizzling Sunday, but today was a verra lazy day and I couldn’t get motivated to do much. I’m working the nightshift so I napped during the day. Lately I’ve been having the craziest dreams and this time was no exception. You know they say that eating before you lay down can give you nightmares, but I hadn’t eaten anything for hours. Besides, this dream was more funny/confusing than scary.

So what did I dream?

Well, I rarely dream about my family but in this dream it was like the entire cast and crew was there: my father, sister, cousin, and Aunt. We were in a car getting ready to visit a kennel. (I attribute this subject matter to the fact that I really, really want a dog) Anyway, when we arrived at the building. Don’t ask me how it looked. Dreams are kooky like that. Some details are vivid while others are wishywashy. Well, my father and aunt hop out the car and challenge me to a race. HOLD UP A MINUTE: This is where it starts  not making any sense. None of my folks run, (anywhere) lol, but that doesn’t mean crap in a dream. So, I accept. We’re all set to race to the building. My father wins. He’s tall and really thin. (Pooh, I didn’t inherit his genes) I imagine he would be fast if I had ever seen him run. He walks fast, as do I.

So my sister and cousin, the two divas in the family, are taking their time following us into this building where we will see the kennels and buy a dog. There are four dogs: two adults and two puppies. The lady who seems to be in charge tells us that two of puppies were sold already and these puppies are the only ones left. My aunt pulls out her checkbook and says she will pay for one.The lady says the puppy is five hundred dollars. Both of us are like “How much for the the adult?” Let me insert here that I have no idea what kinds of dogs these were. I know they had long hair, and spotty coats and big floppy ears. So, anyway, I’m playing with the puppies and adult dogs when I spot this urm…’thing’ in the corner. Meanwhile my aunt is negotiating with the sells person. “Hey, what’s that?” I say.

“Oh, that.”

Another lady appears from absolutely no where and that’s all she says. My cousin wonders over to take a look and I follow her. I want to get a closer look. That thing in the corner looks like wolf, without the ears. Big snout, gray fur, and…its sitting in a high chair (like a baby) wearing a diaper. My internal voice screams WTH?! At this point I’m sure that in reality I’m trying to wake up from this acid trip.

So we got a wolfy thing in a high chair.

I haven’t seen the face yet, so me, being the genius that I am move around to the front to get a closer look. Huge freaking eyes *scary eyes* that are hazel look back at me. I shout, “What the *bleep*”  My cousin screams. We dash out of there like someone lit fire to our farts…uh..sorry…we run really fast. That ‘thing’ jumps off its high chair and gives chase. NOW My entire family is fleeing but I don’t know where anybody is except for my cousin. We run back to the car, dive in, and lock the doors. I’m in the back seat. She is in the front. We’re hollering, “Where is everybody?” and “What was that thing?”

I notice the keys are still in the ignition and scramble over the seats to get into the  driver’s seat. My plan is to drive closer to the building and scoop up Dad, Auntie, and Sis.

Thee end.

I wake up.

What was that?

I dunno, but that was some freaky dream. I’ve never had a dream that made any sense. I think it’s my imagination that busts loose when I sleep.

Yet, there are so many threads to real life events I can attibute to this dream. One of those being my cousin is prego, and my father is set to be a father a third time too. Then I want a dog; preferably a Newfie. Perhaps these thoughts all got tangled up in my head until I had this whopper of a dream.

So how about you guys? Ever had a dream that made no earthly sense at all? Or maybe one that was just downright scary?


Yummy Goodness

Autumn portrait of a beautiful femaleHeather: Have you seen all the yummy goodness floating around?  That isn’t even counting the new guy, but he is HOT!

Jambrea: He is easy on the eye and has something we both love…tattoos.

Heather: *sigh* Tattoos. He looks like such a bad boy. Hmm…I wonder what ever happened to Raven. I haven’t seen his cute butt in a while.

304 yrs old and half bad and he's into all the lastest fashions trends.

304 yrs old and half bad and he's into all the lastest fashions trends.

Jambrea: So when did you actually see his butt?

Heather: I’m not telling or you might drug me again. There is good in that man and I’ll help find it.

Jambrea: I thought you were focused on Matthias and his yummy tattoos?

Heather: That’s only because Raven has been missing. *pout* Matthias is more your style anyway. *wink* Speaking of dreamy men, tell me about the new man in your life, Ben Davies.

ben-daviesJambrea: Now it’s my turn to sigh. We’ve introduced the next marine in Magnus’ story. His friend Ben Davies will be the next man in the Semper Fi series. Well…you’ve talked to him more then me at this point because I”m still trying to wrap up Magnus and Emily. I do know that Ben’s woman is the sister of one of his oldest friends. They’ve know each other for a while, but Maribeth is about to shake his world up. Kind of like Forever Guy, but this maribethone will NOT be sweet.  Mari is going to rock Ben’s world.  He doesn’t even see it coming. I would say ‘poor guy’ but he’ll love every minute of it. Mari is a school librarian who has a few on line friends helping her plot to make Ben hers.

Heather: Can we start this one now?

Jambrea:  Sorry Heather, we need to finish Mag and Em first. Then we’ll look at Ben and Mari’s story.

Heather: *pout* You are just no fun this morning.

Jambrea: No, I’m just focused.

Heather: *sigh* Well, you go back to focusing and I’ll go look for Raven. 

Jambrea:  Now Heather…

Heather: *giggle* Okay, I’ll go now.

<i>Jambrea shakes her head as she watches Heather leave.</i>

Jambrea: That muse is going to be the death of me yet.


Bread Dough Diaries – Epiphany #2

Happy Monday, all. While Monday marks the end of Easter festivities for some, it also means it’s Bread Dough Diaries day! Come on, don’t pretend like you aren’t excited, lol.

So, today’s installment is actually more of a Cake-Batter-Epiphany, but I think it qualifies since technically cake IS a type of bread–just ask Marie Antoinette. I know, I know, she didn’t really say that. Anyhoo, I started writing the first chapter of Clean–Book 2–Devil in the Details this weekend (woo hoo!) and of course, immediately came up against a snag. Here’s the situation:

The book opens with an echo of the ‘box nightmare’ that plagued our heroine, Della Jordan, from the first book. DJ indeed finds herself in a box, a broom closet to be precise, but this is no nightmare. She’s actually trapped in the closet with a five year-old girl who’s mother has just been murdered by three Russian mobsters. The thugs don’t know DJ and Natalia are there and our heroine would like to keep it that way. My challenge as the author–how to get them OUT of the closet.

Plan A- in typical DJ style, was to come out, gun blazing. She’d neutralize the threat then retrieve the little girl. But my bullsh*t alarm went off and I couldn’t write it that way. What’s wrong with that scenario? 1- DJ’s one tough woman, but I doubt she could take out three guys with only a .32 before one of them has time to open fire on her. 2- No matter what they show in TV and movies, five year-olds do not often keep their cool in a crisis soooo the only thing that’s keeping Natalia from kirking out is the fact that DJ is there to hold her hand. If DJ leaves the girl alone in the dark, the mother in me says the girl will start screaming and crying, especially because her mother has been killed. All the ruckus would give away DJ’s surprise attach for sure. Back to the drawing board.

Plan B- With this one, I thought I’d found the ideal solution. As DJ often did in the first book, she texts Mickey for help. Though he’s surprised to find out that she’s not in Barbados as she should be, he calls 911 and reports a domestic disturbance at the NJ apartment DJ’s trapped in. Ultra-pleased with myself, I went about my day….and then I decided to make cupcakes.

While I folded the cake flour into the batter, my inner monologue declared a loud ‘DOH!’ Of course Plan B wouldn’t work. Mickey can’t call the cops. DJ’s whole career is about avoiding police involvement. There’s a dead body in the apartment which means the po-po would have a few questions for Ms. Jordan. Damnit! Back to the drawing board.

Then, right in the middle of filling pastel-colored cupcake liners, the answer hit me. Mickey could still call 911, but instead of domestic disturbance, he reports smoke coming from the window of the apartment next door to where DJ is holed up. The sirens would still run off the Russians and DJ could slip out with Natalia without any law enforcement complications. And since I’ve got a source who used to be a NJ firefighter who can tell me what the firemen would do in the case of a false alarm, I can work out the details with a high degree of accuracy. Yessss! I licked the batter from my wooden spoon quite satisfied with myself. DJ’s out of the closet and I’m free to write on…until I hit another plot snag which I’m sure will happen any time now, lol.

Before I go, I’d like to give a shout out to our latest Playgrounder, Sage Whistler. She rocks the m/m erotica like no other author can. Glad to have you with us, Sage!


Introducing Sage and Matthias

304 yrs old and half bad and he's into all the lastest fashions trends.

304 yrs old ain't half bad and he's into all the latest fashion trends. He's also a tat-head.

Sage: Hello all.  My name is Sage Whistler. I’m an author of gay fiction that rides the rail of risque. I’m also an avid fan of movies based on the world before man made skyscrapers, helicopters, and a hole in the ozone layer. So it was no suprise when my muse piped up and told me his name was Matthias. So without further or do I introduce to you, Matthias.

Matthias: Hello, everyone…Sage.

Sage: Hey, Matty…Oops I know how you hate that nickname. Well how about Matt? Can I call you Matt?

Matthias: *narrows  eyes.* What is wrong with Matthias?

Sage: Oh…nothing, nothing. Fine, you don’t want it shortened. I won’t shorten it. Jeez,  I should have known you were going to be stubborn, Matthias. You are my conscience come to life after all.

Matthias: *casts his winning smile on Sage* I don’t mean to be stubborn, Sage. But someone has to. You’re sort of flighty.

Sage: *pouts* I am not!

Matthias: Are too!

Sage: Not!

Matthias: *sighs* You wanted to ask me a few questions, yes?

Sage: Are you in a hurry?

Matthias: I have a few things to do, yes.

Sage: *eyebrow rises* A few things?

Matthias: *grin is downright sinful* Research.

Sage: What type of research?

Matthias: Sage?

Sage: Hmm?

Matthias: Questions remember?

Sage: But I am asking questions.

Matthias: *chuckles* Not the right kind. I tell you what. Lets hurry this questionaire along and I will tell you what type of research I am doing.

Sage: K, *taps bottom lip* In one word, how would you describe yourself.

Matthias: Bold.

Sage: Really? Oh, ah yeah right.Time. Next question. How old are you?

Matthias: Three hundred and four.

Sage: *jaw drops* Wah? I’m only twenty-three. Your my muse. You can’t be older than me.

Matthias: Sage, I’m a muse.  I can be as old as you can imagine.

Sage: I suppose. But you don’t look a day over twenty-eight.

Matthias: Haven’t you heard? Muses are immortal.

Sage: *glances at clock* Okay, we are taking entirely too long with this. So I’m gonna fire these questions at you. I think inquiring minds want to know. Height? Eye color? Sexuality?

Matthias: *with an amused quirk to his lips.* Six three. Black. Bi.

Sage: You sleep with girls?

Matthias: Yes, of course. Why wouldn’t I?

Sage: I write gay fiction.

Matthias: *Thinks for a minute.* I’m three hundred plus years old. I get bored. You have to have variety.

Sage: Okay, but I don’t want any girl cooties interfering with my story.

Matthias: Sage, you’re a girl.

Sage: *pats hair* Thanks for noticing.

Matthias: *glances at clock* Any more questions?

Sage: Hmmm? If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you take?

Matthias: What kind of question…

Sage: Mine. Answer the question…please. *giggles*

Matthias: *Leans back in chair, folds arms over chest.* Pride, Levi, and Leland.

Sage: Huh, my characters for my current WIPs?

Matthias: Nods. Maybe I can get them into bed faster than you can.

Sage:* Blushes*. Hey, I’m trying here. I just wrote about the twins.

Matthias: *eg* Who do you think is waiting for me, in my bed, right this minute. That’s what research I’m doing.

Sage: Matthias. Leave those poor boys alone. They have no idea what they are getting into.

Matthias: *laughter begins to fade as he walks away* I think its the other way around, Sage. I don’t bottom for anybody.

Sage: *Waves hand after Matthias* Well…that’s Matthias, ladies and gents. He’s urm…a fistful–I mean a handful.  *blushes* I’ll be here every Sunday.  See ya ’round!

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