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You Rang? Part Ten

           “You look gorgeous.” 

He loved the wonderful shade of red she turned when he gave her a compliment.  She grinned at him and looked down to the floor.  He stepped closer to her so he could lift her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes.  He was taken aback by her beautiful brown eyes and the way they would light up when she focused on him.  He could drown in her gaze.  And then she smiled and he knew he was a goner.  He leaned closer, needing a taste.  She opened up to him with a moan and he took advantage taking their kiss deeper and cupping the back of her head.  He guided her to the bed until he heard someone behind him clearing their throat.

“I’m still here guys and aren’t you supposed to be at the wedding reception soon?”

Jas’ roommate pulled him from the haze that was Jasmine.  He took a step back and smiled down at her, hoping the night went fast.  His need grew stronger the more he was in her presence.  If someone had told him months ago that he’d be here with a beautiful woman that he’d met over the phone, he would have called them crazy.

“She’s right, we should be leaving.”  Jas managed to say.

James took her hand while she said good bye to her friend and led them to the door.

“You really do look great.”

“Thank you.  You look so handsome in your uniform.  I never realized how much I loved the marine dress uniform.  I can’t keep my eyes off of you.”

“Darlin’, I feel the same way about you.  If I didn’t have to show up at my dad’s reception, I would be all over you.”

Jas laughed.  He loved to hear her laugh almost as much as he enjoyed her smile.  How did I get so lucky?

They reached the car he was using and James rushed to the passenger side to open the door for her.

“Thank you.”

James leaned down to give her a small kiss before shutting the door and getting into the car.

Ten minutes later they were at the reception hall and Jas turned to open her door when he stopped her.

“Wait.” He pulled her toward him.  “I can’t keep my hands off you.”  And then he kissed her.  He stopped when he heard a voice outside the car.

“Hey, you two come in?  Dad’s been wondering where you are.”

James sighed and pulled away. 

“I guess we’d better head in, but after this, you’re mine.”

He got out of the vehicle and went to open her door, helping Jas out of the car and into his dad’s wedding reception.

“I’m so glad I met you.  You make me very happy.”

James didn’t give Jas time to answer as they entered the building and he started introducing her to his family.  I can’t wait until this is over, He thought with a sigh.


You Rang? Part Seven

Today is the day and I am so nervous.  Jas was on her way to James’ dad’s house to meet him in person for the first time.  Not only would she be meeting him, but his brother and father as well.  It could be very awkward and being shy did not help matters.  She just hoped she didn’t get lost.  Directions and Jas did not go hand and hand. 

What would she say?  What if he didn’t like her in person?  Her nerves got the better of her and she pulled over to take a few calming breaths.  Come on Jas.  It’s just James.  You’ve spoken to him, you know him.  Now just drive and get there.

A few minutes later she pulled up to the apartment, parked and got out of the car.  She took her steps slowly, calming herself along the way.  When she got to the door, she paused again and before she could stop herself, she knocked.

When the door opened she smiled.  There he was.  James.  Just as in all his pictures.  She sighed with relief when he pulled her into his arms for a hug.  It felt so good to be touching him, finally.  He pulled back and smiled down at her.

“I didn’t think you would ever get here, I’ve been driving my family nuts.” He said with a chuckle.

“I was so nervous.”

“What is there to be nervous about?  You know me.”       

“You have to admit, we might know each other, but meeting in person is different.”

“Maybe a little, but I’m still me.  Come on; let me introduce you to my family.”

James took Jas’ hand and led her into the apartment.  She took a deep breath and smiled.  Everything would be fine.  She liked James, she would like his family and she would finally be able to hold the man she was starting to have feelings for.

“Dad, John, This is Jasmine.  The girl I told you about, the woman with the voice.”

Jas’ face flushed a bright red.  She hated to have the attention drawn to her, but she smiled and held out her hand.

Once the introductions were complete the four sat down to talk a little, with the television in the background the chit chat stayed idle.  Jas kept looking at James out of the corner of her eye.  She really wanted to get him alone, but didn’t want to be rude.  He kept smiling back at her and finally asked what she had been waiting for.

“Why don’t we head out?  Be back later, guys.”

James took her hand and helped her off the couch, almost rushing her out the door.  Once they were by her car, he pulled her close for the kiss she dreamt about, his lips, soft against hers, brushing back and forth.  She closed her eyes and leaned into him, letting his strong body hold them both up as his tongue caressed her lips, asking, no begging for entry.  Who was she to deny him?  She slightly opened her mouth, allowing him to plunder her mouth.  It was heaven, everything she imagined it would be and more.  His hands roamed her body and she wanted to pinch herself to make sure this wasn’t a dream.  When he pulled back, Jas moaned and tried to draw him closer.

“We can’t stand out here making out babe.  Not in front of my dad’s building.”

Jas noticed that she wasn’t the only one having trouble breathing.

“Get in the car.  I know a place we can go.”

Jas hurried into the car, driving them to a more private place so they could get to know each other better and in person where dreams were about to become reality.

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