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In the Spotlight – AE Rought’s Angel

Brighid: Welcome Angel, I’m so happy to have a guest of your distinction as my first interview. May I interest you in a glass of champagne?





Angel: Thank you for the welcome, it’s an honor to be allowed out for this interview; but I’ll pass on the alcohol–it clouds the mind.



B: All right, let’s get down to the business of getting to know you better. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, a quick bio.


A: Quick scarcely covers multiple lives, Brighid. I’ll hold back the misery of my first life, and focus on the now. My family owns half the docks, controls a large majority of what comes and goes in this little town; but, excuse the pun, “I have bigger fish to fry.”  My brother was killed ten years ago, bled to death by a bitch of a vampire, and since then I’ve devoted myself to learning all that I can to hunt them, to kill them all.



B: I’m so sorry for your loss. It sounds like your lives have been full of cinematic drama. If you had to choose an actress to portray you, who would it be?


A: Well, Kate Hudson is beautiful, in a soft, curvey, blond, pull-her-hair out kind of way–like me, before Mercy. I’d have to say, slap a blond wig on Kate Beckensdale in Underworld and make the creatures she hunts the vampires, and we have a fair approximation.



B: Your chosen scent is jasmine, very lovely by the way, is there a significance to the flower for you?


A: It was the main flower in the bouquet I threw onto my brother’s casket, Brighid. Delicate and white as it fluttered down… I swore at that moment I would never let another vampire hurt me or take a man from me, again. I wear the scent as a reminder.




B: You make your first appearance in A.E. Rought’s, Prey for Mercy. Please tell us a little bit about your relationship with Mercy.


A: Convoluted and painful.

Our history spans more than one lifetime. Most recently, Mercy resurfaced in Maine and did everything she could to make my life miserable. The bitch stole my fiancé, embarrassed me at the Cotillion, parading her dark power…powers that should have been mine all along…

Okay, to stop rambling and put things succinctly, I may have entertained soft emotions for Mercy once, in another time, but now, I want her dead–permanently.



B:  How did you become aware that another woman’s lifetime and sorrow had become reincarnated through you?


A: A decade ago, dark, luscious Mercy seduced her way into my parents house in Louisiana. In my brother’s bedroom, she took what she wanted from Christopher and then killed him while I hid in the closet to horrified to scream, too fascinated to look away. I gasped when he went limp, and Mercy looked to my hiding place, seemed to see through the louvered door and straight into me. Her eyes… those damned glowing irises triggered a soul memory in me. My past life didn’t blossom like a spring bud, it blasted open like a percussion grenade.



B: As a foe, what are your greatest strengths? What are your weaknesses?


A: Greatest strength? I’m patient and persistent as hell.

Weaknesses? If I had any, I would have to say it was my…over zealous nature–it’s hard to contain a tempest in a teacup. 



B:  Without giving too much away of course, will you be crossing paths with Mercy again?


A: Our fates are tangled. I was in her past, she will be in my future–not time, not death, nothing but the sun can come between us.



B:  I’ve heard through the muse grapevine that AE Rought has written a book dedicated to your life story. Can you give us a little glimpse of the story?


A: The only thing I will say, Brighid, is that AE does not paint a flattering portrait of my life after Christopher’s death. She shines a light in the dark places of my soul I would’ve rather kept hidden; she lays bear my indiscretions and failures. If I had it to do over again, I would have come to another author, one less…brutal.



B: Finally, in honor of the approaching Halloween festivities, what costume would you choose for yourself and why?


A: Excuse me while I choke on a giggle. What costume, you ask? Why…an Angel, of course, because I am anything but.



Thank you again Angel for being my guest. I look forward to picking up a copy of Angel’s Fall and for those who haven’t read Prey for Mercy yet, don’t wait any longer! It’s a fast-paced, kick-ass, dark and sexy ride from beginning to end. Buy it now.


A little bit more about Angel’s authoress:

AE Rought is a multi-published author, with works published under two different names. When writing as AE, the stories explore passion and pain in their many shades, through the genres of fantasy and the paranormal. Look for witches and magick, fangs and fur, and heart stopping emotion.

AE’s blog:

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