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12 Things I Love about Ana

pointofdsitractionfinalcollection333x500With the release of the final installment to the Point of Distraction Series, Ms. Ana Welsh has been on my mind. Mostly, I’ve remembered the fun of creating and ‘watching’ the character blossom. She has some signature moments that always make me smile. Thought I miss writing about Ana, I love to visit her world and reread the collection often. I hope you enjoy her journey as much as I have.

And without further ado, here are 12 things I love about Ana — my favorite moments from each story:

Story 1: On the dance floor with Miguel

Story 2: Granny panties!

Story 3: Mmm…pineapple

Story 4: A Scunci?!

Story 5: Ana runs into Nikhil…literally

Story 6: Chocolate sauce on the dining room sconces

Story 7: Cinnamon apple pancakes

Story 8: Ana the photogenic

Story 9: Honey drizzles

Story 10: Malasadas

Story 11: That damn Peter Frampton song

Story 12: Todd’s post office faux pas…oh yeah, and Ana’s HEA!

Chock full of fun, laughter, tears, friends, adventures, good wine, great food and sexy, sexy men, you can’t go wrong with Point of Distraction. Check out all four books today!



Happy Monday everyone. As y’all know I’m working to get my writing groove back. Thanks for so many wonderful suggestions. Some folks mentioned smaller writing goals and fun writing projects as a way of whipping myself back into fighting shape. I’m happy to report these techniques worked! I finished 4K words on my WIP titled, “Married or Gay.” Woo hoo!

One of the writing projects I worked on to loosen up and have a little fun is a collection of poems I add to from time to time called Neurotica. Below is my latest offering. Hope y’all enjoy it. And since I’m feeling brave, I posted the entire Neurotica collection on my website. Check it out! 🙂

01-29-06_1210-771230Over Him

Two dresses

White satin

Red silk

Tags dangle, never removed

Invisible stains

Regret and shame

Snatch them—hangers rattle

Push them down

White plastic stretches

A garbage bag full

Garments no longer loved.

But I still love the dresses.

Bind up the bag

Cast it away

A rusting yellow box reads, “Donations.”

But I still love the dresses.

Silent forgiveness

He is weak.


How Should Cindy Get Her Groove Back?

Okay, so May was not my most productive month for writing. First, my son came down with the flu…then, I did. The illnesses were followed by his birthday, houseguests, and his preschool graduation. Needless to say, I’m exhausted. But since I wrote all of 2000 words last month, it’s time for me to get back on the proverbial horse this morning, but I’m having a hard time doing it. I know I’ll get back to my usual 1000 words a day; it’ll just take some time. So, here’s my question to all you writers out there: When you’ve had an extended break from writing, how do you get your groove back?


Holiday Flash Fiction Contest

holidayflashfictioncontest2Spread the love this holiday season. We’re looking for romantic flash pieces set around a December holiday. Come on all you fellow writers, strut your stuff at the Playground!


Length: 500 – 700 words


Last day to enter: December 20th


Winner will be chosen by Jambrea, Kensana, and Cindy on December 22nd from the top three most popular entries (as shown by number of positive comments)


Prizes: Two books from the Playground Mystique Library (winner’s choice) and a Cindy original beaded necklace and earring set.


Email entries to then encourage your friends to stop by and show you some love!


Dare to Scare Writing Contest

This Halloween, as part of the Wicked and Wild Halloween Bash, we’re hosting the inaugural Dare to Scare Flash Fiction contest, right here at Playground Mystique!

THIS MUST BE A NEW STORY.  Unpublished and not submitted to any other contest. Submit your 500-600 word spooky, creepy, or just plain frightening flash fiction. The winner will be chosen by reader poll, results to be announced Halloween night.

The winning story will be featured on Playground Mystique plus the author wins a treat bag that’s getting fatter by the minute (so far we have gift certificates, books, author services and more to come!). Send entries to by October 24, 2008 to:  Then come by Playground Mystique between October 25 and October 31 to vote for your favorite. For all the gory details go to

So give us your best shot…we dare you to scare us!

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