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Bad Analogy Contest!

dog_vomit1I’d like to thank everyone who participated. All of the entries were hilarious. Alas, I could only pick one as the winner, but here are all the entries for your amusement!

Her lips felt thick, cold and wet, like a big mouth bass in the depth of winter solstice. – Kensana Darnell

Her heart sunk like a lead ball in water. – Nicole Zoltack

Her eyes were as green as a frog. – Nicole Zoltack

She was just like my mother except I wanted to hump her. – Arnold Lopes

His teeth rattled like that equipment that construction workers use on the road. – Nicole Zoltack

After being shot, Jackson danced along the dark path like Blackbeard with his wooden leg on fire – Joy Wisley
The little boat gently drifted across the pond exactly the way a bowling ball wouldn’t. – Martha Eskuchen

Tears welled in her eyes like a well. – Nicole Zoltack

Her eyes lit up like headlights with a 300lb mule deer caught in them, which was pretty surprising since she was such a dim bulb between the ears. – Desiree Lee

And the winner is….

She had a deep, throaty, genuine laugh, like that sound a dog makes just before it throws up. – Martha Eskuchen

Yay, Martha! Thanks for sending in the absolute worst analogy and thank you again to everyone who participated.


Gideon is home!

gideonGideon: Where is everyone? Boy a man takes a little vacation and you write him off.

Kensana: Gideon!

Gideon: There’s my girl.

Kensana: Where have you been? And don’t tell me Christmas vacation because that has been over for a while now.

Gideon: My dear Kensa you were venturing into a different world than I’m used to traveling. Well I guess that’s not all together true. It’s a world I’d rather not venture. The dark side can be a little—tempting for us God types.

Kensana: In that case I totally understand. I missed you and the ladies have been asking about you.

Gideon: I’ll have to stop by for a visit when my girls are around. I missed you all. However, from what I understand, that head of yours hasn’t been empty since I left. I ran into Samera. She’s umm…different.

Kensana: She’s okay once you get to know her. We’re making good progress on Shades of Grey. Hopefully we’ll finish within the week. I’m glad you’re back though, we have an author’s chat to
attend in a few weeks and Whispers in the Wind is your story. I can’t talk about it without you. We even won an award from Love Romance Café & More, while you were gone.
Gideon: I’m glad the new work is going well for you and Samera. I’d like to meet her when she’s around. An award? That’s wonderful news Kensa.

Kensana: If I catch her in the right mood, she’d probably like to meet you as well. Until then, here’s a picture of her.

Gideon: What a beautiful girl. A little eerie on the eyes though.

Kensana: She’s okay, trust me.

Gideon: If you say she’s all right, then she’s okay in my book. I’m going to head over to the PM Club. Maybe I’ll find Brighid and Heather there.

Kensana: Yeah I do have work to do. We’ll catch up later. Have fun.

Gideon: Later luv.


Come join the OTOG Authors at Midnight Seductions




Heather:  Everyone is so busy.  Gideon is gone, Brig is off somewhere and those two new muses are just a little scary.  Even you have been too busy to play.  And what the heck happened to You Rang? 

Jambrea:  I’m sorry Heather.  Things have been crazy.  You know that.  I think I’m done with You Rang?, its a good story, but every time I sit down to add more I just can’t. 

Heather:  Some of that could be my fault.  I guess I was having fun with Butch and Mitch.  I really like those guys.

Jambrea:  I do too.  Did you hear that they got a good review?  If you want to read it you can go here:  I know you were worried about our first solo story, but so far things are great.  We had more good news.  Did I tell you?

Heather:  *pout*  No you didn’t.

Jambrea:  The One Touch, One Glance Anthology that Kensi and I are in won this:

Isn’t it lovely?

Heather:  *squee*  Yes it is! 

Jambrea:  I’m glad I could make you a little happier.  Why don’t you try to find Brig.  I think she is still a little upset about Ares.  Cheer her up while Lil keeps CJ busy.  Did you see the new story?  We WANT no NEED it to be finished. 

Heather:  Okay, I’ll go find Brig, but you need to get to work.  Didn’t you leave Sunie ready to cook a meal for Gage?  You should probably get back to them so Sunie doesn’t burn her house down.  I think you also left Matt and Sal alone too long.  Matt keeps asking when you’ll visit.

Jambrea:  Don’t worry, I’ll get to work tonight.  PMan will be gone this weekend so I should be able to get more done.  I promise.  🙂

Heather:  I’m off.

Jambrea:  Bye Heather.  I’ll see you tonight.


The Wait Is Over for Point of Distraction the Second Collection

pointofdistraction_two300x450One good distraction deserves another…and another and another.

Delving further into the life and times of Ana Welsh, the second book in the Point of Distraction series brings a new set of challenges.

In Dirty Pool, Ana Welsh meets an unusually attractive man. Despite seeming to reciprocate Ana’s interest, Jordan Christiansen remains aloof and passive. After a few misread signals, it’s up to Ana to find out just what game this sexy mystery man is playing.

The Road Less Taken finds Ana taking advice from a massage therapist, who tells her she needs to step outside her comfort zone. Charming and enigmatic, Nikhil might just fit the prescription, but Ana vows to maintain a friendship only. As the sexual tension builds, will she decide to give in to her desires?

Alone in a Crowd exposes the pitfalls of a bottle of tequila, a little black book and drunk-dialing. With four dates in three days, not to mention a surprise visit from her ex, Miguel, Ana discovers she’s overbooked her weekend. Even with all this attention, Ana can’t help but feel something-or someone-is missing.

Warning: This book contains lots of detailed, hot lovin’, a sassy, sexy heroine, an alternate use for a pool table, and a veritable boy buffet. Love can take a lot of practice to get it right. Buy it now

pointofdistractionone300x450Haven’t read the First Collection yet? No problem! Buy it now








pointofdistractionthree300x450Coming in April, Point of Distraction the Third Collection


So Pretty

Okay…today I am supposed to have another installment of You Rang? but I am a bad, bad author.  I haven’t had time to work on it.  I have been busy working on some other things. 

So today I’m going to share my pretty.  Valerie Tibbs is GREAT!  She is a cover artist with Freya’s Bower and a few other publishers.  Here is her link She also does banners.  🙂  Above is the pretty she made for me newly contracted story.  I LOVE it and can’t stop staring at it.  😀 

When I get a release date I’ll let everyone know!


A Brand New Muse

lilithFour weeks ago I was kneading bread dough and a little whisper in my ear caught my attention. This was not the voice of my usual muse, Brighid, but someone far darker and more sinister.

I’d heard the voice once before when I wrote my first foray into horror, titled The Wedding Feast, coming soon to Wild Child Press. At the time, I didn’t think I had a permanent visitor, but sure enough, in mid December the dark lady starting whispering to me again.

Once the dough had reached its proper elasticity, I left it to rise and sat down at the computer to make notes for a new manuscript. Twenty-seven days later, my new muse and I have pumped out 38,000 words for a book entitled Clean–and we’re only about half way through.

Clean is the tale of Della Jordan–a tough woman with a dark past. Making the best of the cards life has dealt her, she works for a private security company as a cleaner. The Agency specializes in dirty deeds, though they aren’t dirt cheap. DJ ensures that nothing ever gets traced back to her employer. Crime scene clean up, frame jobs, and burying the bodies is all in a day’s work. But when she finds a survivor she inexplicably takes a shine to at a scene she’s processing, she finds herself breaking all the rules to find out who put a hit on him and why. In saving this target from certain death, she just might save herself.

My partners in literary crime, Kensi and Brea, told me it was about time to get to know my source of wicked inspiration. This morning I took the time to do just that…Here’s what I found out: Her name is Lilith. She’s an ancient Mesopotamian demon of destruction and stormy weather who does not take kindly to being mistaken for the Judeo-Christian succubus. She looks an awful lot like Siobhan Fahey in the Shakespeare’s Sister video “Stay.” Lilith nags and pokes and prods me–even occasionally busting out a whip–to write at least 2000-3000 words a day. And she’s not very nice. Thus far she and Brighid have been staying out of each other’s way. I don’t even want to know what will happen should their civil relations degrade. Say a little prayer for me, guys!

Want a sneek peak of what Lilith can come up with? Visit my website and click on The Wedding Feast.

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