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The Makings of Gideon

The Beginning

Half God, Half Angel, Archangel to be specific, Gideon was created out of love but also out of envy. You see Gideon is the son of a beautiful human woman by the name of Seria and the Commanding Archangel himself, Michael. Therefore, to tell you how I came to know Gideon you must first understand where and how he came to be.

* * *

Seria lived in Anatolia with her father Mephius. They had very little money, a lived a meager life of a peasant. Seria’s mother Bethany had passed on when she was barely three years of age. Her father raised her with a strong will yet a soft hand. She loved her father as much as life itself, but Mephius was long on years on and short on health. Seria knew it would be only a matter of time before he too would die and she’d be alone.

Ares, God of war sat on high at his father’s side, admiring Seria from the clouds. He would visit her in her dreams. His attempts to entice her were ignored. Seria wanted no parts of the God or the riches and pleasures that he had to offer. Her rejection angered Ares. He was the son of Zeus would not accept dismissal from a mere mortal andsurely not a woman. She would pay for her insolence.

Seria’s worst fear came true when her father fell ill. She prayed to the God’s to give her father more time but received no response. After no response from the Gods she attempted to appeal to Ares’ mercy.

She ran to the temple and cried out to Ares, “God of warfare, bloodlust, and slaughter, hear me my lord.”

A bright light blinded Seria, the God of War appeared carried by a quadriga drawn by four gold-bridled fire-breathing immortal stallions. He wore armor made of bronze and brandished a spear of battle within his hand, he removed the battle helmet from his head. His long raven black hair fell to his shoulders, he tucked the helmet under his arm.

“What is it you ask of me Seria?” His deep voice resonated off the temple walls.

The vibrations sent a tremble through Seria’s body. She dropped to her knees before him, “My Lord, please forgive me my past digression, I meant no disrespect. My father has fallen ill and I have prayed to the Gods to return his health, but they have not answered.”

“And they shall not!” Ares response was cold, and empty. “They have done as I and my father has commanded, they will not answer you.”

“Why, why would you do such a thing?” Her voice barely a whisper, a trail of tears streamed from her eyes.

“Why? You refused me, me Ares God of War, son of Zeus.” His voice rocked the pilliars of the the sanctuary.

“My father should not have to pay for my uncertainties. I beg of you Ares please spare my father.”

Ares looked down upon Seria, an evil, maniacal grin spread across his face, “I cannot, I will not. Suffer the consequences of your misgivings.” He snapped the golden bridle and the stallions lurched to life, the chariot burst through the clouds and Ares was gone.

Seria left the temple tears streamed down her face, thoughts of her father’s impending death loomed through her mind.

Fear not Seria, all will be well.

Seria looked to the heavens, past Olympus. Out of the darkness, she heard the flapping of wings, but not that of a bird, they were larger. He appeared from the clouds and landed at her feet.

“Who are you?” She took a step back.

“I am he who is like unto God. I am he who is equal to God. I am the Archangel Michael. Death will not befall your father this night.”

~ Written by Kensana Darnell ~


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