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A little parental guidance

Heather/Jambrea Gideon/Kensana Brighid/Cindy



Gideon: Hello…Kensa? Brea? Cindy? Where is everyone?

Kensana: [runs into the room] Gideon, you’re back! [jumps up]

Gideon: [gathers her in his arms] Yes, I am. I was beginning to think no one was around. Where is everyone?

Kensana: I’m not sure. We’ve been decorated the PM for Friday’s party.

Gideon: I have brought someone to meet you all.

Kensana: I don’t know Gideon, after our little adventure with Discord I don’t know if they’re up to meeting anyone else this week.

Gideon: Yes I am sorry about that [runs a hand through his hair] but she wanted to come down and meet you all. I should have known better but trust me this time is different.

Heather:  [races into the room] Did I just hear Gideon.  *squee*  I did!  I missed you.  [rushing up to Kensana and Gideon]  I don’t know where Jambrea went off to, but I’ve been waiting for you to get back and wanted to hang around.  Your aunt wasn’t very nice.  Not at all Gideon.  You should leave us like that again anytime soon.

Gideon: Heather! [wraps her inside his wings] I have missed you too. I know I saw everything through the portal and so did my father and grand-father. Needless to say, Discord will not be traveling back to earth for a while.

Jambrea:  [stumbles into the room] Heather, wait for me.  Where are you go…Oh…GIDEON!  Your back!  You’ll have to tell us all about it.

Gideon: Brea! [welcomes her into his wings] My grand-father wanted to speak me, and when the God of Thunder calls….

Kensana: Well don’t keep us in suspense, what did he want?

Gideon: He is concerned about the relationship between my father and I. He wants me to take my rightful place…on Olympus.

Kensana: What no! Gideon you can’t.

Heather:  Gideon!  NO.  [sobs]  You can’t leave us we just found you.

Jambrea:  But Gideon, what will Kensi do without you.  You can’t leave.  The Playground would not be the same with you gone.  Just wait until Cindy and Brig hear about this!

Gideon: Calm down ladies, everyone please calm down. I spoke with him on his concerns and the three of us came to an agreement.

Kensana: Which was?

Gideon: I decided I can not stay permanently on Olympus but I do need to get to know my father a little better. So as you human say, if Mohammad will not come to the mountain…

Ares: Then the mountain shall come to Mohammed.

Kensana: [mouth opens in shock] Tell that’s not…you didn’t.

Ares: Hmm speechless, I have that effect on woman. Hello my dear ladies, I am Ares. I don’t believe further introductions are necessary. [he laughs]

Jambrea:  Can we keep him?  Umm…wait; did I just say that out loud?

Kensana: Yes, you did, but it’s understandable.

Heather:  How long is he staying? [Eying Ares up and down]  He isn’t going to cause trouble like Discord is he?  I will say he is cuter.  *giggle*

Ares: You must be Jambrea and Heather. Gideon has told me a lot about you two, all good things of course. [looks around] I was looking forward to meeting Cindy and especially Brighid, the goddess who went toe-to-toe with Discord. I apologize for that by the way.

Kensana: [whispers] Gideon how long is he going to be here?

Gideon: Well that is actually up to my Father and me. We have some issues that we need to work through so he will be here for a while.

Ares: [takes Kensana’s hand] Gideon can’t seem to stop talking about you, my dear Kensana.

Gideon:  Father, I believe we have taken up enough of their time. They do have writing to do.

Ares: Of course. We shall all meet for dinner tonight. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the presence of six woman at once.

Kensana: [mumbles] Somehow I find that hard to believe.


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