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A Day in the Life

[Yawning and stretching] Oh my, is it time to wake up already? Bacchus, love, could you fetch me a glass of champagne? Ahhhh, that’s much better. Good evening, darlings. Time to get to work for the Authoress Jacks. Now, whose story to weave today?


Well, of course there’s always Bacchus from Desire and I know he’s been feeling a little neglected lately. And he does keep me in an endless supply of enchanted champagne so he really should get some face time tonight.


And there’s Miss Ana. Her series, Point of Distraction, is almost at it’s end and she’s dying to get together with…whoops, almost spilled the beans there. Cindy would be none to happy to me if I let that spoiler out!


[Casts a longing eye at seven hot, shirtless young men off in the corner] I can’t wait to get to work on that delicious lot. Seven gorgeous men, each one with his own story to tell. I know His Own Devices is a fairly new idea, but I’m dying to get to know each and everyone of you personally. Very personally.


And I haven’t forgotten about you, Shade. You’re the first vampire Cindy and I have ever conjured up, but you are oh so well put together. And the deadline for the Wedding Feast is fast approaching.


Alejandro, darling. I’m sorry, but I just can’t play tonight. You’re hot ordeal with Sandi is written. Undomesticated Bliss is in the self-edit phase. Muses do not edit (thank goodness). But I’d be happy to meet you for drinks when I’m off work. Now run along so I can watch you walk away. [sigh]


So many works in progress, so little time. A muse’s work is never done. My authoress, Ms. Cindy Jacks, keeps me busy, busy, busy. She is a bit of a fuss bucket, though. Brighid, no drinking while you’re on the job! Brighid, finish this story before you go off to play! Brighid, no abducting satyrs for the weekend! I mean, honestly, how is a goddess supposed to have any fun? And I always tell her:  All work and no play makes Cindy a dull girl. And does that girl ever work.


Don’t get me wrong, she’s not all bad. I knew she had the gift of prose the moment I laid eyes on her so I just had to start whispering in her ear. Since then she’s given me free reign to frolic with all her heroes and heroines. Her friends, Jambrea and Kensana, are delightful. As are their muses, Heather and Gideon. And they did make this wonderful playground for all us. Not to mention she seems to have mastered that infernal machine she’s always clacking away on. I tried to use it once—the lights went out on the entire Eastern seaboard and I chipped a nail. Nasty business, that, so I leave the electronic toys to her. Well not all of the electronic toys [evil grin].


Well, it’s been fun chatting with everyone, but I can hear the Mistress Jacks grumbling about some ex-Navy SEAL who still needs a moniker. I thought we’d decided on ‘Chase,’ but now she’s not happy with that. All right, I’m coming, I’m coming, keep your bikini briefs on. TTFN, ladies and gentlemen. We’ll have more fun very soon!


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