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Meet Brady

Brighid: Darling, so good of you to join me. May I offer you anything?


Brady: [Perched on the edge of velvet divan] Ummm, I’m a little nervous. If it’s not too much trouble, could I get a glass of water, please?



Brighid: Water? Hmmmm…no one’s ever asked me for water before. How about some champagne? Meade? Vodka and tonic?




Brady: It’s eight o’clock in the morning.


Brighid: Bloody Mary? Mimosa?


Brady: Riiiight. Thanks for the offer. I think I’m okay for now.


Brighid: All right then, shall we get started?


[Satyr skips by playing pan flutes]


Brady: Whoa. This place is a trip.


Brighid: I know you’re such a sweet little newbie, but trust me, you’ll love it here. How do you like working with Jacks?


Brady: Cindy? Oh she’s great. She’s taken a lot of time to talk to me, to flesh out my past.


Brighid: True, she has many a good point. Just don’t wake her up in the middle of the night to ask her opinion about white chocolate. She gets terribly agitated by that.


Brady: Gotcha. I think I can steer clear of that.


Brighid: So could you share a bit of that past with us?


Brady: [clears throat] I don’t know where to start.


Brighid: Tell us a bit about your family.


Brady: Well, my mother passed away a few years ago and I’ve done my best to take care of my little sister since then. She’s a sophomore at UVA, pre-med.


Brighid: And your father?

Brady: Ummm, let’s just say he was never around.

Brighid: You poor thing. You’re such a dear to support your family. Where do you work, love?


Brady: I’m a bartender at a club called Divine in DC. I used to be a waiter and a short order cook, but a friend tipped me off that I could make more money and spend more time at home with Katie, my sis, if I became a bartender.


Brighid: You’re so sweet I just want to dunk you in my coffee. Well, if I drank coffee I would. And what about Laila. Could you tell me a bit about her?


Brady: Mrs. Parker—sorry, Laila is such a nice person. She’s my landlady. I rent out her basement apartment in Northwest.


Brighid: [Looks around for Cindy] Just between you and me, is anything brewing with you and your landlady?


Brady: Oh that wouldn’t be appropriate. She’s married, but I can tell you we have a connection, a—


Cindy: [Bursts into Brighid’s sitting room] Brady!  Honey, I know you don’t know the rules yet, but you can’t talk about that.


Brighid: [Sticks out tongue] Oh good, the party pooper’s here.


Cindy: And you know better, Brighid. Putting spoilers on the blog for all to read.


Brady: I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to get Brighid in trouble.


Cindy: Don’t blame yourself. Brighid is plenty good at getting herself in trouble.


Brighid: It was a perfectly legitimate question.


Cindy: The whole point of the book is how Laila and Brady’s relationship develops. Besides, he doesn’t know the whole story yet.


Brighid: Oooh, too juicy to tell the innocent over there?


Brady: Hello, still in the room.


Cindy: Sorry, hon. But yes, I think there are some things I’ve got planned for you that we should let unfold as I write them.


Brady: Wow. Well, I guess my future is in your hands. I’m okay with that.


Cindy:  Hey, thanks for the vote of confidence. I appreciate it.


Brighid: You’re still a huge party pooper, Jacks.


Cindy: Since you’re whole life is a party, Brighid, I can live with that assessment. Oh—what happened with Rey? You left everyone hanging with the shower scene.


Brighid: I’ll get back to Rey next week, but Brady is just too delicious. I had to introduce him to everyone here at PM.


Cindy: He is totally hot.


Brady: [Blushing brightly] Still here, guys!


Cindy: Oh right, sorry…hee hee.


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