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Writer’s Block…Who’s fault is it?

Heather/Jambrea Gideon/Kensana Brighid/Cindy



Brighid: [sighs] Gideon, Heather…can you believe my writer blames *me* when she’s not in the mood to write? I mean seriously, what would I gain by giving her ‘writer’s block?’
Cindy: I didn’t say I blame you, I’m just saying that sometimes getting you to be productive in a *useful* way is difficult.
Brighid: Well, I admit, that I have so many brilliant ideas that it must be hard for your human mind to keep up.
Cindy: Yeah, it’s like herding kittens.
Brighid: But I still maintain that *not* writer’s block. It might be writer’s ADHD, but it’s not a block. Gideon, Heather, what do you think?

Gideon: I simply to do not see the problem. You ask for our help, we give it; you criticize the matter in which we give it.

Kensana: Guys we’re not complaining, it’s as I’ve said before it’s just too much at one time. I can’t sleep with people running through my head asking for my help.

Gideon: Perhaps you’re right; you haven’t been getting much rest lately. I don’t think it is…what are they calling it again? Oh yes, writer’s block. You’re not block your mortal brains are overloaded. Brighid, Heather we must pull back. Our mission is to help them, not hinder them.

Kensana: Oh, my gosh! Did I just hear what I think I heard? Gideon is going to give me a break?

Gideon: Yes dear Kensa, you deserve it. Rest today and tomorrow…tomorrow you shall live to write another day.

Heather:  I think you might be right when thinking ADHD and not a block.  All of the stories are right there.  Maybe if they would listen to us more Brig, they wouldn’t think they were blocked.


Jambrea:  Hey!  I can hear you!


Heather:  Why do you think I shouted?  *giggle*


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