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Happy Thanksgiving!



You Rang? Part Eight



“Where are we headed?”  James looked over at Jas.  She was so beautiful, more than her picture gave away.  An inner light shone from her making her glow.  He could tell she was shy, but with him she became something more.  He reached over to take her hand in his.  Touching her was heaven.


“My room, we can be alone and…talk.”

She glanced his way and smiled at him.  He couldn’t help himself, he turned toward her more and ran his hands over her lips.

“Your smile is so wonderful.  Pictures don’t do you justice.”

Even in the dark of the car he could see the blush spread over her face.  So innocent, but he knew there was more under the sweet exterior.  He had the phone calls and emails to prove it.  He didn’t want to rush Jas, but he need to touch her, to make her more real.  If this was a dream, he didn’t want to wake up.

“It is weird to have you here beside me.  I didn’t think this day would ever come.”

“I didn’t either.  I know I’m supposed to be spending time with my family, but I could just look at you the whole time I’m in town and be happy.”

Jas turned the wheel of the car and pulled into a set of dorms.

“Here we are.”

From the tone of her voice, James could tell she was getting nervous again.  He couldn’t have that.  He took his seat belt off and slide over to be right beside her.  Turning her toward him he looked into her eyes.

“You have nothing to be nervous about, you know that right?  This is just you and me.  You know me and nothing has to go any farther than you want it to.”

He leaned in to capture her lips in his.  Going slow he coaxed her lips open to allow him entrance into the wonderful haven of her mouth.  She tasted so sweet, just like he knew she would.  Her hands rested on his chest and he wondered if she could feel the effect she had on him.  His breathing hitched and he pulled back, both of them dragging in air.

“Let’s go upstairs.”

James didn’t argue.  He hurried out of the car to get to her door, opening it and helping her out.

“Jas, we don’t have to take this anywhere tonight.  We can just talk.”

She looked and him and the passion in her eyes was almost his undoing.  Then she grinned and his cock swelled more then he thought possible.  I want her so bad.

“I know, but what if I want more than just talk tonight?”

James said nothing; he would follow where she led.  She took his hand and the two silently walked into the dorm.


Congratulations are in order.


Heather/Jambrea Gideon/Kensana Brighid/Cindy

 Brighid: Heather, Gideon, darlings, I just read the review. You must be so pleased. And your authoresses too.

Cindy: Yes, big congrats [sniffle]

Brighid: Back to bed, Jacks unless you want me to dose you again with my special buttered rum.

Gideon: Yes, it is a good day for us wouldn’t you agree Heather? If Jambrea is half as happy as Kensa is right now, I know she is a very happy individual at the moment.

Heather:  We are so very excited!  Jacks, you don’t look so good.  Maybe you should go to bed.

Jambrea:  I’m still riding the happy wave!  And Jacks I agree.  You need to get better so we can all go party!

Kensana: Of course I’m happy. It’s our first real review. I mean we’ve had another, but that was the book as a collective. This one was about our individual stories.

Alli: Hey, don’t forget us. Mitch and I just wanted to stop in a say congratulations for creating this story for us. Right Mitch?

Mitch: Yup. It not for Miss Kensana we may have never gotten together. So I’d just like to thank you. Oh and you too Gideon.

Gideon: The both of you are quite welcome, but the credit belongs to Kensa. She created the story I just put a thought in her head.

Kensana: Aw Gideon you’re too modest babe. I couldn’t have done it without you. Jax does need to get better soon. We’ve got to get this party started right!

Cindy: [coughs] No really [coughs again] I’m good to go. Let’s par-tay

Kensana: Oh yeah, you sound like the picture of health. *laughs*

Brighid: To bed, Jacks! I’ll party for two today.

Jack:  I want to thank Jambrea and Heather for helping me realize Sam is the one for me.

Samantha:  Oh yes, I agree.  Thank you for bringing Jack back into my life where he belongs.  And I hope the party doesn’t get too rowdy.  I’d hate to have to call my deputy’s in.

Jambrea:  Sam, you’re off duty and this SO isn’t your jurisdiction.

Heather:  Yes Sam, relax and be happy that the review loved the part of you rolling around with a pig.  *giggle*

Samantha:  You COULD have kept that part out.  *glares at Heather and Jambrea*

Jack:  But you looked so cute covered in mud.  *stifling a chuckle*

Samantha:  Did someone say anything about a drink?

Kensana: Drinks all around Brig! Oh you’d better pull out extra, I invited Ares. He said he try to stop in later.

Alli: Oh wow! The God of War. I’ve heard so much about him.

Mitch: Calm down little missy, I think he has his eye on another little philly and besides you’re already spoken for. *wraps Alli in a big hug*

Kensana: Yeah I think you’re right about that Mitch. *smiles at Brig*

Brighid: Why is everyone looking at me? Is Aphrodite standing behind me?

Heather: You know why silly.  But don’t worry.  We’re here for you.  We could always see if we could get Raven to stop by.  He always causes a stir.  *giggle*

Samantha: Who is Raven, and will we really meet the God of War?  This place is too cool.

Jambrea:  It can get kind of wild Samantha.  The best thing to do is set back and watch the show.  And Brig, we are always here for you.  Now where are those drinks.  I think we might need them.





Kensana and Jambrea are Grinning!

Our anthology got a review.  This one commented on each individual story. 

Here is what the reviewer said about Kensana’s story:

Whispers in the Wind by Kensana Darnell

Ali is excited that her new horse is arriving. While out in the stables, Ali meets Mitch, a guy who is helping out for a while. They strike up a friendship, but Ali soon has to attend university, and Mitch seems reluctant to take their friendship further. What has happened to him in the past to make him act the way he does? And can Ali show him that she isn’t like other girls?

The emotions in Whispers in the Wind are well explored, and by the time the tale ended, I felt I knew Ali and Mitch as though they were my friends.

Here is what Jambrea’s said:

Forever Guy by Jambrea Jo Jones

Sheriff Samantha Reynolds has a lot on her plate and mind, ensuring that the town of Port is free from crime. So, after being covered in mud after being knocked down by a pig (LOL), she is shocked to find that her brother’s best friend, Jack, has arrived back in town. She’s had a crush on him for years. Has she got a chance with him now he’s back, or will she have to forever hold her feelings inside?

An enjoyable tale in many respects, especially the pig image.

The whole anthology got this: 

If you aren’t familiar with Cocktail Reviews, they have a drink theme for their reviewers and they rate according to flutes of champagne such as 1 for the worst and 5 for wonderful and a whole bottle of Champagne (two bottles and sometimes an extra glass or two) for those that are considered stellar or better.
Here is a link to the whole review off all the stories:

Waking up from a dream

Heather/Jambrea Gideon/Kensana Brighid/Cindy

Heather:  I have a bone to pick with you Ms. Jones.

Jambrea:  Oh, it’s Ms. Jones now is it?

Heather:  Yes.  You let them DRUG me?  How could you?  *pout*  You know I can take care of myself.  *sigh*

Jambrea:  I know Heather, but it really was because we care.  You don’t know anything about this Raven.  Kensana, Brig and Gideon do.  Let’s go talk to them.  Will that make you feel better?

Heather:  Yes.  Let’s go visit the Playground.

Brighid:  Heather, Brea, darlings how are you? Not still sore about that whole spiked champagne thing, are you?

Gideon:  Hey Jambrea. Heather I hope you’re feeling better.

Heather:  I am.  I’m very sore.  You should have trusted me to take care of myself.  I could handle a silly little vampire.  *pout*

Jambrea:  Now Heather do–

Heather:  Don’t Heather me.  You of all people should know better.

Cindy: Oh Heather, honey, it’s not that we don’t trust.

Kensana: Not at all. It has nothing to do with you. We were just concerned for your safety.

Brighid:  Of course we trust you. Raven’s just that dangerous. You have to admit you Fae’s are prone to thinking the best of everyone…whether they deserve it or not.

Gideon:  Well they do have a tendency to be right of their with angels, but a little more forgiving.

Heather:  That maybe true of most Fae, but I’ve been out in the real world and helped Jambrea.  I know not everyone has my best interest at heart, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt.  If something happens to change my trust, I can take care of myself.  There is more to be then meet the eye.  *giggle*  I’ll forgive you, but you guys need to have faith that I can take care of myself.  You’ll see.  *giggle*

Jambrea:  *sigh* Just know that we don’t want to see you hurt or taken advantage of.

Heather:  Sometimes being taken advantage of can be fun.  *giggle*

Brighid:  The girl has a point there. I love pretending to let certain males take advantage of me.

Kensana: Oh Brig, what males would that be? Anyone we know?

Heather:  Ohhh…topic change.  Yes, Brig, who would that be?

Jambrea:  Hmmm…I would like to know too!  Spill it!

Brighid:  Unfortunately I can’t name any human names. Wouldn’t want to topple any political careers *wink*

Cindy: Noooo, we wouldn’t want that.

Kensana: Of course we would.

Gideon:  I am afraid this is where I take my leave. There are places you ladies go that no man…or demigod should venture.

Brighid:  Gideon, love, you don’t have to go. I’m not going to kiss and tell.

Heather:  Well that’s no fun.  *sigh* Kensana, how is Rav…um I mean how are your men?

Kensana: They’re fine. Christian asked about you today.

Heather:  He did?  *big grin* 

Cindy: Did Dorian mention me? *sigh*

Kensana: Sorry Jax, I haven’t seen Dorian in a few days. He and Christian aren’t talking. Christian still pissed about him bringing Raven to the club. While I was sick this weekend Christian has been getting in touch with his fire side. That’s where you come in  Heather. He needs to learn to channel his power more and the answer to that lies with you and what you know about the ancient readings.

Heather: Kensi!  I’d be happy to help him.  Any time he’s ready, call for me and I’ll help.  Tell him not to be too hard on Dorian.  All will be understood in time.

Jambrea:  Look at Heather with all the mojo!

Kensana: I know, huh? I pass it on Heather, he’s developing frown lines trying to figure this stuff out.

Heather:  Well we can’t have him lining up his handsome face!  Tell him not to worry.  I’m here for him when he needs it.  I should probably go talk to Holly and Decklin.  We left them having a serious conversation with her brother Matt.  Matt and Decklin have a lot of explaining to do!

Jambrea:  Yes they do.  At least we got Holly out of the cage.

Cindy: I’m sure Holly’s majorly relieved about that!

Jambrea:  You can not even begin to imagine.  Waking up in a cage after you first time having sex would not be pleasant for anyone. 

Heather:  I know I’m glad that part is over with.  Nighty nighty.  I’m off to cause mischief.  *giggle*

Jambrea:  Heather, what does that mean.  HEATHER!  *she rushes after Heather*  Night everyone!

Kensana: Nite gals. I think Brea’s has her hands full there.

Cindy: I think you’re right. Nite.


Interrupting Your Regularly Scheduled Program

Autumn portrait of a beautiful femaleJambrea:  Today You Rang? is supposed to be up.  And usually it would be, but…well…you see—

Heather:  Go on Jambrea, tell them why you don’t have the installment done for today.  *giggle*

Jambrea:  You hush.  Some of this is your fault too.

Heather:  How can you talking to two handsome men and being a fan girl be MY fault?

Jambrea:  Well you left me.  What was I supposed to do?

Heather:  Hey!  I was still around.  I just had a few, um, things to do myself.

Jambrea:  Like what?

Heather:  Well, I went to find Raven and—

Jambrea:  You did WHAT?!

Heather:  Hold on.  It isn’t like I found him or anything.  And how did you get this topic off of you and on to me?  Your plan isn’t working.  They still want to know why the story isn’t up.

Jambrea:  Jas and James are being a little, shy.

Heather:  Oh so now it’s your character’s fault?  I see how this is going to go.  *giggle*  I guess I’ll have to tell them.

Jambrea:  WAIT!  They don’t need to know all my secrets, do they?

Heather:  I guess not, but you need to take some of the blame.

Jambrea:  *sigh*  I guess so.  Hey, can I put some of the blame on Joy?

Heather:  Now how does Joy factor into this?

Jambrea:  Well after my…um…chat, she called me.  That could count as distractions, right?  I mean I had to talk to Joy and she has the best accent.  You can’t even imagine!  I loved it.  And she was so excited—

Heather:  Wait, why was she excited?

Jambrea:  Well…that is between her and me.  lol I can’t give away a girls secrets.  Let’s just say we were both happy with last nights talk.

Heather:  You just won’t give anything away are you?

Jambrea:  Nope.  And don’t think you are getting away with your Raven comment either.

Heather:  Well it isn’t as if I found him.  I did find Christian.  He is an amazing man.  Too bad he’s taken.  *sigh*  I think I can help him.  We’ll see.

Jambrea:  Heather, just stay away from Raven for now.  Talk to Christian and Dorian more.  Please?

Heather:  I can’t make any promises.  There is just something about that vampire that draws me to him.

Jambrea:  Um Heather, I think that is part of his power to lure victims.

Heather:  That may be the case, but I am nobody’s victim.

Jambrea:  Too true.  I know you can handle yourself.  Okay, as I was saying before some one interrupted, You Rang? will be back next Wednesday and it will be hot as long as Jas and James cooperate and give up the story.  Until then, remember to come back tomorrow for a little banter and Friday for Kensi’s wonderful story!


Lucha Libre, Part Three

Cindy: Brighid, get out of bed.


Brighid: No.


Cindy: Get out of bed now.


Brighid: You’re cute when you pretend like you can make me do something, Jacks.


Cindy: I’m well aware that I lack the physical ability…However, I’ve been doing a little research, and unless you want today’s blog entry to be about you and your thing with Ares, I suggest you get up.


Brighid: [Sitting up and righting her appearance with the flick of a wrist] You wouldn’t dare!


Cindy: Oh, yes, I would. We already missed last Monday’s blog entry due to technical difficulties. And unless you feel like continuing your story with Rey, I’ll be forced to out you and Ares.


Bacchus: [appearing with a glass of champagne] Milady.


Brighid: Thank you, love. I need this. I’ve got Jacks blackmailing me out of bed. Can you believe that?


Bacchus: [Winks at Cindy] I can. She’s a feisty one.


Cindy: [Giggling and blushing] Good morning, Bacchus.


Bacchus: Good morning, beautiful. You two play nice, now.


Cindy: Will do.


Brighid: All right, Jacks, where was I with Rey’s story?


Cindy: He’d found you stranded at the edge of Mexican border town. With the most innocent of intentions, he took you to his hotel room to shower since he’d just worked out. You found a leather pants and a mask in his belongings, decided he was twisted enough to pique your interest so you were just about to join him in the shower…


Brighid: Okay. Got it.



inspiredbrighid“Mind if I join you?” I asked.


Startled, he turned around. I could hear his thunderous heartbeat and delectable, impure thoughts, though I didn’t need the skills of a goddess to see that he wanted me.


“Of course I don’t mind.” Again, he triumphed over me with that disarming smile.


I stripped off the t-shirt and jeans then stepped into the shower. His powerful arm caught me around the waist and pulled me to him in a heated kiss. Steamy water spilled over my body, relaxing me against his hard body.


He cupped my face in one hand and brushed a stray lock of hair from my cheek. His gaze pierced me. Something hard and steely about it spoke of the strength in this human, prompting me to set aside the goddess in me, to enjoy his dominance. I broke eye contact with him and studied the rivulets surging over the peaks and valleys of his torso.


My heart thundered in the hollow of my neck. I could feel it pounding in the way that mortal romance novels described. Rey pulled me to him, engulfing my lips in a powerful kiss. His mouth strayed to my throat and seared a trail over my shoulders, then strayed to my breasts. My hands grasped his hips, as if he would absorb me if I let go. He intertwined his fingers with mine and gently pinned them against the tile wall.male-torso


His lips slid down my abdomen. Water streaming down his expansive back, he dropped to his knees and kissed between my legs. His grasp on me faltered and I shook my hands free. I laced my fingers behind his head and encouraged him to continue exactly what he was doing. Rey glanced up at me, a smile in his eyes and intensified his tongue’s strokes against my most sensitive spots.


My legs trembled, then buckled beneath me. His hands steadied me as I slid down the wall to the floor. With no invitation needed, he positioned himself over me and wrapped one of my legs around him—Then finally he pushed himself inside of me. I gasped and opened my eyes. His searching gaze met mine, still full of unspoken questions. Shifting my focus to his body, my hips tilted to meet his pelvis. Though Rey held the full weight of his body off mine, the pressure of his shaft inside me pushed me closer to the precipice of an orgasm.


I clutched onto him, muscles straining to contain the pleasure about to break loose inside me. My chest heaved and I pulled him deeper inside of me.  As though a dam broke within me, I shuddered beneath him in the grasp of an overwhelming climax.


My senses quieted one at a time. First my ears tuned in to the patter of shower still raining down on his skin and the floor around us. I took in a deep, calming breath, the scent of our bodies thick in the billows of steam. Finally I opened my eyes. I’d clenched them shut in the throes of ecstasy. The granite of his stare softened with a sated glow. I felt no need to hide from him any longer. He landed flurries of kisses on my brow, cheeks, and lips between gulps of air.


“Wow,” he murmured.


“I was just thinking that.”


“I suppose I should let you up off the shower floor, hmm?”


“You know, I hadn’t even noticed.”


He scrambled to his feet and helped me up. His arms slipped around me and he dipped in for another kiss.


We set about the business of showering in earnest. My hands slid over his soapy body, exploring every detail. Clean, shiny and still basking in afterglow, we stepped out of the shower and toweled each other dry.


Rey led me to his bed; we slipped between smooth, white cotton sheets. He tucked my body beneath his and pampered me with leisurely caresses. His lips skimmed across mine and he nuzzled his nose against the crook of my neck.


“How did I get so lucky to find this sexy, beautiful woman lost in the desert?” he asked.


“I assure you it was the Fates. They like to do things like this.”


“So you know them personally?” he teased.


“Actually, I do.”


“My sexy, beautiful, and mysterious lady.”


“Speaking of mysteries—” I leaned over and fished the mask from his bag—“What’s this all about?”


His face flushed and he took it from me. “That is a very long story.”


“Believe me, love, I have all the time in the world to hear it.”


To be continued…


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