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A Brand New Muse

lilithFour weeks ago I was kneading bread dough and a little whisper in my ear caught my attention. This was not the voice of my usual muse, Brighid, but someone far darker and more sinister.

I’d heard the voice once before when I wrote my first foray into horror, titled The Wedding Feast, coming soon to Wild Child Press. At the time, I didn’t think I had a permanent visitor, but sure enough, in mid December the dark lady starting whispering to me again.

Once the dough had reached its proper elasticity, I left it to rise and sat down at the computer to make notes for a new manuscript. Twenty-seven days later, my new muse and I have pumped out 38,000 words for a book entitled Clean–and we’re only about half way through.

Clean is the tale of Della Jordan–a tough woman with a dark past. Making the best of the cards life has dealt her, she works for a private security company as a cleaner. The Agency specializes in dirty deeds, though they aren’t dirt cheap. DJ ensures that nothing ever gets traced back to her employer. Crime scene clean up, frame jobs, and burying the bodies is all in a day’s work. But when she finds a survivor she inexplicably takes a shine to at a scene she’s processing, she finds herself breaking all the rules to find out who put a hit on him and why. In saving this target from certain death, she just might save herself.

My partners in literary crime, Kensi and Brea, told me it was about time to get to know my source of wicked inspiration. This morning I took the time to do just that…Here’s what I found out: Her name is Lilith. She’s an ancient Mesopotamian demon of destruction and stormy weather who does not take kindly to being mistaken for the Judeo-Christian succubus. She looks an awful lot like Siobhan Fahey in the Shakespeare’s Sister video “Stay.” Lilith nags and pokes and prods me–even occasionally busting out a whip–to write at least 2000-3000 words a day. And she’s not very nice. Thus far she and Brighid have been staying out of each other’s way. I don’t even want to know what will happen should their civil relations degrade. Say a little prayer for me, guys!

Want a sneek peak of what Lilith can come up with? Visit my website and click on The Wedding Feast.


Undeniable Gift: Pt II

“How dare you interfere in my affairs?” Ares withdrew his sword, a ball of fire formed in his palm.

A bright blue light illuminated from Michael, it surrounded himself and Syria. The fireball burned through the room, on a path to Syria. A swing of Michael’s mighty sword distinguished the flames. The God of War stared in disbelief.

“Ares do not mistake my forbearance as a sign of weakness. I will destroy you if need be. I will not let your harm her or the child.”

“The child is as much mine as it yours. He is the heir to the throne of the God of Thunder and nothing will change that. “

“He may be the heir to the throne but he’ll rule over Olympus over my dead body.” Syria cried out.

The muscle in Ares’ jaw tightened in anger. “Mind your tongue Syria, you may find your wish come true. This isn’t over angel. Not by a long shot.” In a bellow of black smoke and lightening he was gone.

Michael offered Syria his hand. “Can you stand?”

“Yes.” She grasped onto his hand and pulled herself up. She glanced down at her belly.

“He’s fine,” Michael said.

“He. You both refer to the baby as ‘he’.”

“The child you bear within your belly is male. A mighty warrior he shall become and he shall be called, Gideon.”

“Gideon? How do you know this?” Syria asked.

“It is has been written. He will be the perfect blend of mortal and immortal, more powerful than Ares and myself.”

Syria trusted in Michael’s word, the savior of her father’s life. He was her rescuer from Ares’ lethal storm of vengeance, but a child more powerful than its father’s. How could she raise such a child? Moreover, how could she raise a child with that much power on her own?

Her glance cast over Michael. “What if—what if he’s like Ares?”

“Unfortunately, his temperament will be paired with that of both his fathers. However, is also human, he will possess the power of free will. No one and nothing can take that away from him. The definition of his character will be defined by the choices he makes. He must choose his own path.” He approached her. “Syria, do not worry, you are not alone in this. I will be here when you need me, when he needs me. You only need to call to me.” A flash of blue light illuminated around him, he extended his wings and took to the skies.

She was aglow with the radiance of happiness. Her pregnancy continued over the next nine months almost without incident. She was in the village gardens when a familiar dark cloud of smoke appeared beneath the trees. She took to her feet and began to run.

“Syria, stop!” The God of War demanded.

She continued to run, the weight of her rounded belly did not allow as quick a pace as she preferred. She cleared the apple trees, a dark whirlwind pummeled towards her. The last swirls of the tornado faded and brought forth Discord—goddess of Strife, sister of Ares. In her hasty retreat, Syria lost her footing and fell. Her impact softened by the garden’s plush grass. Shimmering silk tresses flowing on the breeze drew attention. Her gaze traveled up the extension of the stola. There was no mistaken, beautiful and majestic, Hera–the Queen of Gods and Goddesses stood before her. Ares and Discord joined their mother’s side.


Undeniable Gift

Part I

Syria awoke the next morning, an air of happiness and contentment surrounding her. Her thoughts wondered back to the wonderful night she spent with Michael. Mere words could not express how happy he made her. Thoughts of him grazed through her mind, she still felt the caress of his wings on her skin. Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted by another yet vision, Ares. A bolt of pain seared through her belly. She fell to her knees crying out in agony.

It was a dream, only a dream.

 The recollection of last night scorched a trail of unwanted memories across her mind. She remembered. She remembered it all. Her heart denied what her mind finally grasped as the truth. She had been with Michael that she clearly knew but Ares…he had entered her dreams. In the midst of her joy he broke through, shattered it and taken her.

“Oh God.” She slammed her fist against the floor, she clutched her stomach as another pain ripped through her. “Oh God, no!”

“God has nothing to do with this Syria, unless of course you are referring to me.”

The voice above taunted her as she fought through the pain. Her gaze locked on Ares sprawled across her bed. “Ares, what have you done?”

“What have I done? I have given you the greatest gift of all. That is what I’ve done. I wanted to give you the world and this…this is how you repay me? ”

“It’s not right. The child will be an abomination.”

“Abomination? How dare you speak of our child this way. You created this atrocity by lying with that thing. He’s not even a man.” He jumped from the bed. “He’s not even a woman. He threw backed his head, thunderous laughter filled the room. “As you can see…” he extended his arms and displayed his full glory, “I am more man than he could ever be.”

“Michael will not stand for this!” She gasped in agony.

“Michael? My dear Syria, do you think I fear this—Archangel of yours? I care not what he will or will not stand for; he is of no concern to me. I am the God of war, I fear no one and nothing.”

“You should fear him Ares, you should tremble at the mere mention of his name. He commands the Army of God.”

He raised an eyebrow and exhaled. “Syria I grow tired of this game. I can make the pain stop just submit to me. We will raise this child on Olympus where it belongs or you can continue to suffer.” He held a tightly clutched fist over her head and the throbbing increased.

The spasms ripped through her. When Syria could no longer bear the pain, she fell to the floor and cried out. Tears streamed down her cheeks onto the cold wooden floor.

“Surrender yourself to me Syria!” He yelled, lightning crackled from his fingertips. “I will tolerate this insolence no longer.”

With what little strength she could muster, she answered, “I will not. I would rather die than spend an eternity with you.”

Ares’ anger was beyond control. He drew his sword from its sheath. “Then, my dear Syria, I shall grant you your last request.”

Syria cowered beneath his wrath, as the death blade sliced through the air with great force. She did not plead for her life; she only breathed a silent prayer, “The Sword of Michael protects me. His cloak and shield covers me. The energy of the angels strengthens me. Righteousness and love lights my path.”

She heard the clash of steel meeting steel, sparks flew overhead. The murderous steel did not pierce her mortal flesh. She did not feel as much as a prick. She descried not only Ares’ rapier, but a sword which blazed a brilliant silvery blue flame suspended above her head. She followed the span of the blade to the hands of its owner.


“Syria, I am here.”


Writer’s Block…Who’s fault is it?

Heather/Jambrea Gideon/Kensana Brighid/Cindy



Brighid: [sighs] Gideon, Heather…can you believe my writer blames *me* when she’s not in the mood to write? I mean seriously, what would I gain by giving her ‘writer’s block?’
Cindy: I didn’t say I blame you, I’m just saying that sometimes getting you to be productive in a *useful* way is difficult.
Brighid: Well, I admit, that I have so many brilliant ideas that it must be hard for your human mind to keep up.
Cindy: Yeah, it’s like herding kittens.
Brighid: But I still maintain that *not* writer’s block. It might be writer’s ADHD, but it’s not a block. Gideon, Heather, what do you think?

Gideon: I simply to do not see the problem. You ask for our help, we give it; you criticize the matter in which we give it.

Kensana: Guys we’re not complaining, it’s as I’ve said before it’s just too much at one time. I can’t sleep with people running through my head asking for my help.

Gideon: Perhaps you’re right; you haven’t been getting much rest lately. I don’t think it is…what are they calling it again? Oh yes, writer’s block. You’re not block your mortal brains are overloaded. Brighid, Heather we must pull back. Our mission is to help them, not hinder them.

Kensana: Oh, my gosh! Did I just hear what I think I heard? Gideon is going to give me a break?

Gideon: Yes dear Kensa, you deserve it. Rest today and tomorrow…tomorrow you shall live to write another day.

Heather:  I think you might be right when thinking ADHD and not a block.  All of the stories are right there.  Maybe if they would listen to us more Brig, they wouldn’t think they were blocked.


Jambrea:  Hey!  I can hear you!


Heather:  Why do you think I shouted?  *giggle*


Story editing…It’s bad for your health.

Heather/Jambrea Gideon/Kensana Brighid/Cindy

Heather:  “Um, Brig, Gideon my author is driving me batty!  She is going crazy with her first round of edits.  Can you two give me some hints so I can help her?”

Jambrea: “I’m not going crazy.  Yes I’m a little nervous, but it will be ok.”

Heather:  “Sure you say that, but remember…I’m in your head!.  Help!!!”

Cindy: Brea, Heather, what can I do to help? You know I’m here for you.

Brighid: My advice would be to drink more, Brea love.

Cindy: Brig, that’s your advice for everything!

Brighid: And it hasn’t failed me yet.

Cindy: *sigh* Sorry, Brea. I’m sure you need more useful advice than that. The best thing you can do with edits is just take them one page at a time. If you get stuck on an area, just persevere and move on to another section. Before you know it, you’ll get them all done.

Brighid: Oh you’re one to talk. You’re still avoiding your copy-edits for Point of Distraction the Second Collection.

Cindy: Shhhhhhh, I’m pretending they don’t exist. Hee hee.

Kensana: Brea Cindy is absolutely right. One page at a time you’ll get there and Jax don’t worry about the edits. When you’re ready you’ll do it.

Gideon: Excuse me but I do believe the person who is giving the advice should follow her own.

Kensana: I’m sorry I don’t think I ruffled your feathers Mister.

Gideon: Touchy, touchy Kensa. Faith is waiting. Mitch and Ali need to come to a close and we still don’t know what’s going on with Hope. Not to mention you only have half of my story ready for Friday. Mt dear sweet authoress I can only do so much.

Kensana: And I can only type so fast and on one project at a time. I swear Gideon sometimes I think you forget, I am a mortal you know.

Cindy: Ain’t that the truth! Brig does the same thing.

Jambrea: Thanks everybody.

Heather:  Now maybe there will be a little calm, but Brig…bring on the drinks.  *giggle*


A Day in the Life

[Yawning and stretching] Oh my, is it time to wake up already? Bacchus, love, could you fetch me a glass of champagne? Ahhhh, that’s much better. Good evening, darlings. Time to get to work for the Authoress Jacks. Now, whose story to weave today?


Well, of course there’s always Bacchus from Desire and I know he’s been feeling a little neglected lately. And he does keep me in an endless supply of enchanted champagne so he really should get some face time tonight.


And there’s Miss Ana. Her series, Point of Distraction, is almost at it’s end and she’s dying to get together with…whoops, almost spilled the beans there. Cindy would be none to happy to me if I let that spoiler out!


[Casts a longing eye at seven hot, shirtless young men off in the corner] I can’t wait to get to work on that delicious lot. Seven gorgeous men, each one with his own story to tell. I know His Own Devices is a fairly new idea, but I’m dying to get to know each and everyone of you personally. Very personally.


And I haven’t forgotten about you, Shade. You’re the first vampire Cindy and I have ever conjured up, but you are oh so well put together. And the deadline for the Wedding Feast is fast approaching.


Alejandro, darling. I’m sorry, but I just can’t play tonight. You’re hot ordeal with Sandi is written. Undomesticated Bliss is in the self-edit phase. Muses do not edit (thank goodness). But I’d be happy to meet you for drinks when I’m off work. Now run along so I can watch you walk away. [sigh]


So many works in progress, so little time. A muse’s work is never done. My authoress, Ms. Cindy Jacks, keeps me busy, busy, busy. She is a bit of a fuss bucket, though. Brighid, no drinking while you’re on the job! Brighid, finish this story before you go off to play! Brighid, no abducting satyrs for the weekend! I mean, honestly, how is a goddess supposed to have any fun? And I always tell her:  All work and no play makes Cindy a dull girl. And does that girl ever work.


Don’t get me wrong, she’s not all bad. I knew she had the gift of prose the moment I laid eyes on her so I just had to start whispering in her ear. Since then she’s given me free reign to frolic with all her heroes and heroines. Her friends, Jambrea and Kensana, are delightful. As are their muses, Heather and Gideon. And they did make this wonderful playground for all us. Not to mention she seems to have mastered that infernal machine she’s always clacking away on. I tried to use it once—the lights went out on the entire Eastern seaboard and I chipped a nail. Nasty business, that, so I leave the electronic toys to her. Well not all of the electronic toys [evil grin].


Well, it’s been fun chatting with everyone, but I can hear the Mistress Jacks grumbling about some ex-Navy SEAL who still needs a moniker. I thought we’d decided on ‘Chase,’ but now she’s not happy with that. All right, I’m coming, I’m coming, keep your bikini briefs on. TTFN, ladies and gentlemen. We’ll have more fun very soon!


What are they talking about?

Welcome to the Playground Mystique, the garden of magic and mysticism. The Playground is where the Muses of three authors, Kensana Darnell, Jambrea Jo Jones and Cindy Jacks, live and play when they’re not bouncing around in their author’s heads giving them ideas for new stories to bring to you, the reader.



    Heather/Jambrea               Gideon/Kensana                Brighid/Cindy


Heather:  Gideon, did you know our writers are planning on some big blog story?  I think they were trying to keep it a secret, but don’t they know who they are dealing with?  I told mine she couldn’t hide anything from me.  But does she listen?  NO.  How about you, Brighid, did they tell you anything?


Jambrea:  I CAN hear you, you know that, right Heather?  And I did tell you about the blog story, but you were too busy batting your eyes at Gideon to even notice.


Heather:  I’m not talking to you right now.  I’m talking to my friends.  Why don’t you go back to what ever it was you were doing…with OUT my help.  –huffs off


Brighid:  [strolls after Heather] Don’t be upset, darling. Authors are such a pain. Cindy didn’t tell me anything about a blog. What’s the blog going to be about?


Cindy: Well, I was saving it as a surprise, but yes, Kensana, Brea and I are planning an exciting new blog all about you, Heather, and Gideon.


Brighid:  About moi? [face lights up]


Cindy:  Yes, and Heather and Gideon, too.


Brighid:  I’m so flattered, love, that you and your authoress friends would make a blog about me!




Brighid:  Of course, yes, yes. I don’t mind sharing the spotlight such worthy muses. Gideon, love, did you know anything about this? We need champagne to celebrate!


Gideon: I don’t mind sharing the spotlight at all, especially when it’s with two beautiful ladies.


Kensana:  I told Gideon about this before we arrived. We would have been here sooner but someone had to get their wings fluffed.


Gideon: My dear authoress, [fully extends his wings] I must look my best for my presentation to the world and my wings are my crowning glory.


Kensana:  Uh-huh anyway, I’m looking forward to working with all of you on our new partnership. 


Gideon: As well am I. It isn’t often I get to speak to the world in this dimension. I’m looking forward to sharing our world with them.



Kensana: I agree with you there Gideon. I can’t wait to meet everyone here and at our Playground Yahoo Group. Come on over and join us there for chatting.


In the Author Spotlight at PM Yahoo

23 Apr 09 - Nyki Blatchley

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