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Lucha Libre – The Conclusion

inspiredbrighidThe smell of sweat, stale beer, and tequila permeated the arena. Two men locked in mortal combat. Bodies writhing together. My beautiful Rey fought for pride, domination…and an enormous belt that Zeus himself would’ve envied.

This was La Lucha Libre. Mexican wrestling. Though it resembled no form of wrestling familiar to me. I quite enjoyed watching thick, masculine bodies, slick with baby oil grappling each other. The most striking feature of this art form—colorful, wicked masks which concealed the identities of each contestant.

We’d been through several rounds of amateurs and new contenders looking for their place in the glory and pageantry of it all. The last match of the night, the championship round, had just begun.  Rey, clad in his silver and black ensemble, fought a beefy man sporting fuchsia and gold.

Spectators shouted encouragement and insults, depending on which man they’d placed a wager on. Not that Rey needed my divine intervention, but I toyed with the idea of weakening his opponent. In the end, I let the match play itself out. Rey won match with relative ease.

I waited in the arena as the crowd cleared out, one by one. The frenzy from earlier in the evening mellowed to groups of drunken revelers, flush with their winnings. Finally, Rey emerged, fresh from the shower an in plain clothes. Without the mask, no one recognized the god walking among them.

“There’s a party to celebrate the win, back at my ranch house. You up for a little fun?” he asked.

I ran my hand over his cheek. “I wish I could stay, but it’s time I get back to my home.”

“Come on, stay tonight and I’ll deliver you to your doorstep tomorrow, I promise.”

The temptation to stay tugged at me, but the responsibilities of a goddess were endless and I’d been away too long already. “I’m sorry, love, but I have to go.”

A wicked look twinkled in his eye just before he hoisted me over his shoulder and walked back to his hotel room. I squealed in protests to no avail. Of course, the protests were only half-hearted to begin with.

He heaved me onto his bed and kissed me passionately. We didn’t bother to disrobe, but simply freed ourselvesmale-torso enough to join our bodies together. Our love making climaxed in a flurry of kisses, caresses and waves of pleasures.

Afterward, I draped myself across his chest. Bruises had started to form on his arms and abdomen.

“Why do you put yourself through such physical trials?” I asked.

He shrugged. “It’s the only thing I’m good at.

“Not the only thing.”

“Ha. I’m glad you think so.” Rey smiled up at the ceiling. “Anyway, the payout is worth it. This way I can take care of my mother and mi abuelita. It doesn’t feel like a sacrifice at all.”

Though I knew I shouldn’t, I couldn’t help but use my healing powers to alleviate the worst of his injuries. Soon his breathing evened out, his chest rose and fell with a gentle rhythm. Slipping from his embrace, I placed a single kiss on his forehead.

As I drew myself together, I listened to the powerful beat of his heart. It spoke to me of all the beauty this man possessed, inside and out. With one more kiss to his cheek, I bestowed upon him the gift of divine protection. No opponent would be able to best him—in the ring or in life. Then I left him one more memento and slipped quietly from his room to return to my emerald isle.

Rey’s been retired from the ring for several years now. A touch of gray crowns his temples and grandchildren play at his feet, the youngest bouncing on his knee. Around his neck he still wears a St. Brighid medal—given to him years ago by a mystery woman. Since the last night he spent with her, he’d lived a charmed life…as I’d always intended him to.


Lucha Libre, Part Three

Cindy: Brighid, get out of bed.


Brighid: No.


Cindy: Get out of bed now.


Brighid: You’re cute when you pretend like you can make me do something, Jacks.


Cindy: I’m well aware that I lack the physical ability…However, I’ve been doing a little research, and unless you want today’s blog entry to be about you and your thing with Ares, I suggest you get up.


Brighid: [Sitting up and righting her appearance with the flick of a wrist] You wouldn’t dare!


Cindy: Oh, yes, I would. We already missed last Monday’s blog entry due to technical difficulties. And unless you feel like continuing your story with Rey, I’ll be forced to out you and Ares.


Bacchus: [appearing with a glass of champagne] Milady.


Brighid: Thank you, love. I need this. I’ve got Jacks blackmailing me out of bed. Can you believe that?


Bacchus: [Winks at Cindy] I can. She’s a feisty one.


Cindy: [Giggling and blushing] Good morning, Bacchus.


Bacchus: Good morning, beautiful. You two play nice, now.


Cindy: Will do.


Brighid: All right, Jacks, where was I with Rey’s story?


Cindy: He’d found you stranded at the edge of Mexican border town. With the most innocent of intentions, he took you to his hotel room to shower since he’d just worked out. You found a leather pants and a mask in his belongings, decided he was twisted enough to pique your interest so you were just about to join him in the shower…


Brighid: Okay. Got it.



inspiredbrighid“Mind if I join you?” I asked.


Startled, he turned around. I could hear his thunderous heartbeat and delectable, impure thoughts, though I didn’t need the skills of a goddess to see that he wanted me.


“Of course I don’t mind.” Again, he triumphed over me with that disarming smile.


I stripped off the t-shirt and jeans then stepped into the shower. His powerful arm caught me around the waist and pulled me to him in a heated kiss. Steamy water spilled over my body, relaxing me against his hard body.


He cupped my face in one hand and brushed a stray lock of hair from my cheek. His gaze pierced me. Something hard and steely about it spoke of the strength in this human, prompting me to set aside the goddess in me, to enjoy his dominance. I broke eye contact with him and studied the rivulets surging over the peaks and valleys of his torso.


My heart thundered in the hollow of my neck. I could feel it pounding in the way that mortal romance novels described. Rey pulled me to him, engulfing my lips in a powerful kiss. His mouth strayed to my throat and seared a trail over my shoulders, then strayed to my breasts. My hands grasped his hips, as if he would absorb me if I let go. He intertwined his fingers with mine and gently pinned them against the tile wall.male-torso


His lips slid down my abdomen. Water streaming down his expansive back, he dropped to his knees and kissed between my legs. His grasp on me faltered and I shook my hands free. I laced my fingers behind his head and encouraged him to continue exactly what he was doing. Rey glanced up at me, a smile in his eyes and intensified his tongue’s strokes against my most sensitive spots.


My legs trembled, then buckled beneath me. His hands steadied me as I slid down the wall to the floor. With no invitation needed, he positioned himself over me and wrapped one of my legs around him—Then finally he pushed himself inside of me. I gasped and opened my eyes. His searching gaze met mine, still full of unspoken questions. Shifting my focus to his body, my hips tilted to meet his pelvis. Though Rey held the full weight of his body off mine, the pressure of his shaft inside me pushed me closer to the precipice of an orgasm.


I clutched onto him, muscles straining to contain the pleasure about to break loose inside me. My chest heaved and I pulled him deeper inside of me.  As though a dam broke within me, I shuddered beneath him in the grasp of an overwhelming climax.


My senses quieted one at a time. First my ears tuned in to the patter of shower still raining down on his skin and the floor around us. I took in a deep, calming breath, the scent of our bodies thick in the billows of steam. Finally I opened my eyes. I’d clenched them shut in the throes of ecstasy. The granite of his stare softened with a sated glow. I felt no need to hide from him any longer. He landed flurries of kisses on my brow, cheeks, and lips between gulps of air.


“Wow,” he murmured.


“I was just thinking that.”


“I suppose I should let you up off the shower floor, hmm?”


“You know, I hadn’t even noticed.”


He scrambled to his feet and helped me up. His arms slipped around me and he dipped in for another kiss.


We set about the business of showering in earnest. My hands slid over his soapy body, exploring every detail. Clean, shiny and still basking in afterglow, we stepped out of the shower and toweled each other dry.


Rey led me to his bed; we slipped between smooth, white cotton sheets. He tucked my body beneath his and pampered me with leisurely caresses. His lips skimmed across mine and he nuzzled his nose against the crook of my neck.


“How did I get so lucky to find this sexy, beautiful woman lost in the desert?” he asked.


“I assure you it was the Fates. They like to do things like this.”


“So you know them personally?” he teased.


“Actually, I do.”


“My sexy, beautiful, and mysterious lady.”


“Speaking of mysteries—” I leaned over and fished the mask from his bag—“What’s this all about?”


His face flushed and he took it from me. “That is a very long story.”


“Believe me, love, I have all the time in the world to hear it.”


To be continued…



Lucha Libre, part 2


Brighid: So when I had to part with Rey I found myself…well, for lack of a better word—sad.


Cindy: Wait, wait, wait. You just skipped to the end!


Brighid: No, I didn’t.


Cindy: Yes, you did. Last we heard Rey was about to take a shower.


Brighid: Ohhh. Really? Then what writer’s head have I been in because I told someone the whole story.


Cindy: Well, it wasn’t me. You deserted me all week!


Brighid: I thought you needed a rest, but I’m back—please hold the applause—so where were we?


Cindy: Rey found you face down in the dirt in a small Mexican desert town after you had a bender with Quetzalcoatl and he invited you back to his hotel room so he could take a shower.


Brighid: Oh boy, you are far behind, all right—let’s start with that shower…

I followed Rey to a small inn, all the while taking in the masculine grace of his gait. His strides were long and solid, but not hurried. He bore the confidence of at least a demi-god, though I knew him to be entirely human. This aspect of his nature intrigued me; humans rarely exhibited such strength of body and mind.


“Feel free to tell me it’s none of my business, but how did you wind up here?” he said.


“It’s a very long story. Let’s just say I don’t hold my tequila well.”


A knowing smile parted his full lips, yet another weapon in his arsenal of charm. “I find there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who can drink tequila and those who can never drink tequila again.”


“I fall into the latter category. How about you?”


“So far I still can, but that could change on any given weekend.”


Right then and there I decided the prior evening had not been a total wash. Were it not for Quetzi and his demon drink, I would never have met this most alluring young man. I couldn’t recall the last time I’d been truly attracted to a mere mortal.


The room at the inn held few furnishings: a queen-size bed covered in simple cotton blanket, a chest of drawers, and a single nightstand; his only personal effect in the room—a suitcase tucked neatly in the corner.


“It’s not much,” he said as though he’d read my thoughts.


“Don’t be silly. It has everything you need.”


“True, and few distractions. At least until you arrived.”


“Oh my, you are a charmer, aren’t you?”


He shot me an innocent glance, but didn’t offer a reply. Instead he asked, “Would you like to shower first?”


“Thank you, but I’ll be all right. Go about your business, pretend I’m not even here.”


“I don’t think I’m capable of that.”


He flopped his suitcase on the bed, then pulled out two pairs of jeans and two t-shirts. One set of clothing he folded over his arm, one set he left on the bed. “In case you’d like to change. I’m sure the jeans are way too big, but you shouldn’t run around town in a bikini.”


“But I have you to protect me.”


“I’m good, but I don’t think I could defend you against every guy in town advancing on you at once.”


“Oh okay, I’ll change,” I said. “No peeking.”


“I’ll be in the shower. You’ll have all the privacy you need.”


So cute of him to say, as if I wanted privacy. But I decided to play up the damsel in distress routine.


After he disappeared into the bathroom, I donned the vestments. Never having worn a pair of ‘jeans’ before, I found the fabric unpleasant. Why anyone would choose to wear such a coarse textile, I’d never know. Didn’t he have anything silk or cashmere?


I flicked open his suitcase and rifled through it. My hands landed on something more luxurious, buttery-soft leather. Black leather pants and a black and silver leather mask. Now just what kinky stuff was this delicious young man into? Oh yes, the game was afoot. Wearing a wicked grin, I returned the garments to the bag, then walked over to the bathroom door. A cloud of steam met me as I slipped inside.


“Mind if I join you?” I asked.


Startled, he turned around, water streaming over the carved perfection of his body. I could hear his thunderous heartbeat and delectable, impure thoughts, though I didn’t need the skills of a goddess to see that he wanted me.


“Of course I don’t mind.” Again, he triumphed over me with that disarming smile.


To be continued…






You can call me Rey (or why Brighid loves La Lucha Libre)

The dust from the arrid plane around me choked my lungs and I sputtered awake. The drum solo playing in my brain made me—well the only word that came to mind—nauseous. Goddesses are not supposed to have hangovers, I thought. Of course, the last thing I remember from the night before was Quetzalcoatl asking me if I’d like to join him in Cabo for a few drinks. Judging from my surroundings, I wasn’t in Cabo anymore. I made a mental note to stay far away from liquor of the agave cactus and stick with my usual champagne.


I pushed myself upright my sarong and bathing suit an unacceptable mess. Pulling myself together with a flick of my wrist, I prepared to sublimate to my own realm when a simply dressed stranger headed straight for me. He wore only a pair of baggy pair of jersey pants. Sweat glistened on his flawless, caramel skin; his dark hair had been combed back to reveal a remarkable, chiseled face.


Señorita, necesitas ayuda?” he asked in a baritone voice I would’ve expected from him.


Mexico, I thought. I was still in Mexico! Were he speaking ancient Gaelic, I could’ve kept up no problem, but I’d been remiss in learning more contemporary human languages, though I knew a few phrases.  Hablas inglés?”


“Yes, I speak English.” A California accent took over. “I asked if you need help, miss.”


I could’ve kissed this angelic young man for calling me ‘Miss.’ Four millien—ahem, the considerable length of time I’d been in existence far precluded me from such a youthful honorific, but who was I to correct him?


The wind kicked up another cloud of dust and he flexed his substantial body against it. This was no Calvin Klein underwear model or young man content with the slim form of post-adolescence. His body consisted of a certain mass, muscles bulked up from plenty of food and strenuous weight lifting. I silently applauded his effort being of the firm belief the male body should never appear gracile.


“Actually, I could use some help. I’m lost and I need some way to get back to the US.” So it was gross exaggeration of the truth, but selfless kindness in humans should be encouraged.


He nodded, his handsome face cracking a boyish grin, “I think I can help you with that.”


“You’re an angel” I laid my hand on his meaty forearm.


“Um, I was about to head to my hotel room for a shower. Nothing inappropriate intended, but would you like to get out of the sun for a while?”


“Oh yes,” I replied, “I certainly would. I freckle terribly, you know.”


He laughed and offered me his elbow.

Looping my elbow in his, I remembered I hadn’t introduced myself. “I’m Brighid, by the way.”


Mucho gusto, Brighid. You can call me Rey.”


And I would call him Rey…he turned out to be the king of a great many things. (to be continued…)

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