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My first guest at the Playground needs no introduction. That’s right…no introduction. If you do not know who Larissa Ione is and have not read one of her books then I seriously have to ask―what rock have you been living under?

Larissa Ione is not only a talented author, she’s a totally cool individual and trust me I don’t throw comments around easily. I’d so totally want to be like her if—well—you know if I were like alive and all that.

Anyway, she is one half of the awesome writing duo, Sydney Croft, responsible for giving woman a whole new reason to love the weather and its sudden changes.

Her second book in the Demonica series, Desire Unchained, is unbelievable. Today I get the opportunity not only to meet this fantastic author, but she’s brought Shade and Runa with her today to share a little of their story with us.

So without further ado, please welcome Larissa Ione, Shade and Runa Wagner.

Thanks for having me!

Runa: Nice to be here!

Shade: *nods*

Sameera: It’s cool to have you guys here today. Larissa I was totally ecstatic when Kensana told me you’d accepted our invite.

 Larissa: I’m always happy to do anything for Kensana. She’s awesome!

Sameera: Could you tell us a little about the Demonica Series.

Larissa: Well, it’s a dark paranormal series set in and around an underworld hospital run by demons, vampires, and werewolves. The main characters are three brothers who happen to be incubi (sex demons.) Their breed’s natural abilities give them healing qualities, which help them run the hospital. The oldest brother, Eidolon, heads up the hospital.

Sameera: So the whole thing started with Eidolon and Tayla?

Larissa: Yes. He was on duty when Tayla, a demon slayer, was brought in after being badly injured by a demon. Eidolon felt the need to help her. Wraith and Shade pretty much just wanted to kill her. Those guys aren’t quite as sympathetic as Eidolon, which becomes rather clear in Shade’s book. *ahem*

Sameera: Runa, how did it feel when you ran into Shade again after your breakup?

Runa: I wanted to kill him. Had every intention of it, actually! But then we were chained up together and forced to…well, anyway, I really wanted to kill him.

Sameera: Shade, you can’t help but notice Runa is not your run of the mill human. No offense to you, Runa. What was it that drew you to her?

Shade: She’s hot. And she stands up to me. Which is even hotter.

Sameera: Larissa, you’ve managed to create a world any being of the night could live in comfortably. The whole demon hospital thing, I never knew such a place existed. Where did your inspiration for this world come from?

Larissa: From an episode of Angel. I’d always been interested in emergency medicine (to the point that I became an EMT so I could write my medical characters accurately – at the time I was writing contemporaries,) and when Angel got hurt, someone (I think it was Oz) suggested that he go to the hospital…but he couldn’t. He was a vampire. So I started thinking…what if there was some sort of facility vampires and other creatures of the underworld could go to? And what if it was run by these very creatures? And Underworld General was born!

Sameera: Runa, you get to kick a little ass in this book. Do you miss being the Runa of old?

Runa: Not at all! This being a werewolf thing? Awesome.

Sameera: Shade, do you like the new changes in Runa? I mean you fell in love with a human, was it hard to deal with her with the new hmm…changes to her personality?

Shade: Not hard at all. The new Runa makes for some…interesting nights.

Sameera: I’ll bet. Larissa, in this book you also gave more time with Gem and Kynan, can you share anything on their situation with us? Oh, and I can’t forget about Wraith. His book is your most recent release. He’s so dark and brooding. I would so date him.

Larissa: Gem and Kynan have gone over a lot of speedbumps in their road through books 2 and 3. And they appear in book 4…Kynan plays a very
significant role in Lore’s book!

Sameera: Well, when Lore’s book comes out I’ll have to get my own copy. I don’t particularly like reading over Kensana’s shoulder. Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers out there?

Larissa: Yes! I’d just like to shout out a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me and bought these books! Writing them has been a dream come true, but readers have taken that dream and made it bigger than I ever could have hoped. Because of YOU, Desire Unchained hit the USA Today bestseller list, and Passion Unleashed hit both the USA Today AND New York Times lists. Wow. Just…wow. Thank you!!!!

Sameera: Whoa, USA Today and New York Times lists? That’s awesome! I’d like to thank Larissa, Runa and Shade for dropping by and chatting with me today. It has been a pleasure and an honor to chill with one of the greats. I hope you’ll join us again. I can’t wait to tell Gideon.

Larissa: Thank you so much for having us! It’s been awesome!

Runa: Definitely appreciated being here. It’s not often we get out to hang with humans!

Shade: Yeah…that’s because humans are—oof!—Runa!

Larissa: Demons. Sorry…you can’t take ’em anywhere…

Sameera: If you haven’t read or picked up a book in this series, you don’t know what you’re missing. As usual, Larissa Ione creates such a realistic world within the darkness of paranormal that you’ll wonder why you haven’t visited it sooner. Once you begin reading Runa and Shade’s story you won’t want to put it down until you’re done.

About Larissa Ione…

Larissa Ione writes dark paranormal romances (the Demonica series) for Grand Central Publishing, as well as sexy contemporary romance for Samhain and Red Sage. She also pens erotic s/f action suspense novels for Random House under the name Sydney Croft, with writing partner Stephanie Tyler. She lives a nomadic lifestyle with her Coast Guard husband, 12 year old son, and a newly adopted stray cat.


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