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So I’ve hit the mother of all writer’s block (41Weeks and 2 days)

What now? I’ve had blocks before, but this one…this one has taken over my life!

I’ve come to the realization that the year 2009 kicked my ass.  I did spend nine months of it pregnant. The last of which I spent on bed rest. 

Then 2010 came in. Starting the new year with  a teenager graduating. another teenager venturing into a new high, and moving into a new home just two weeks after the birth of our new baby. Later, I had to learn all over again how to leave a new baby with a stranger and head back to work. During this time…let’s just say the writing wasn’t happening.  Yes, it was a rough year.

So, the block has been with me for almost a year now. Yup, I didn’t studder. Now I have to admit I’ve written some things here and there, but between eight hours at the office and taking care of my family duties, I just can’t seem to find the flow to put the finish on anything. So what can I do? 

Not being one for New Year’s resolutions, I’m going to try a little exercise. I plan to begin writing short entries at least every other day somewhere on the web. I have a few different places I’ll post, Facebook, my blog, TwitterFormulations of my Mind blog and of course the Playground. Hopefully something will spark and I’ll get back on the proverbial horse again.

Come find me and leave a comment. There will be gifts along the way, so be sure to comment. Besides, I could really use the supportive boost.

Ready, set, go!


Memorial Day

May we never forget the soldiers of the past, who’s shoulders this great country stands upon. Alway remember the soldiers of the present who guard our borders, keeping us safe for enemies both foreign and domestic. Think about the soldier of the future, for they will usher this country into the next era of our right to belive and be forever free.

To those who serve before me, beside me and to come, thank you for all you do and continue to do, without question.



Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day from the Playground.


Let’s hear it for the troops!


I am proud to be a veteran and will always cherish and remember my time served to my country as a very special time in my life. Happy Veterans Day to those who have served and those who continue to protect our borders against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.



Confessions of a Google-holic

Sitting in the park yesterday, on a perfectly lovely autumn morning, I did a little writing the old-fashioned way. I’m usually all about the electronica, but when the little one needs some fresh air, I’m perfectly willing to leave the battery-challenged laptop at home and scribble away in a notebook. No, not the cute Apple kind of ‘notebook’ that comes in so many lovely colors. I mean a cheap, three-subject, spiral-bound block of paper I bought at the drugstore. And sometimes my best work comes out this way. Yesterday was not one of those days. Sure, the scene I wrote was inspired, dramatic, and just what was needed to move the plot and characterization along, however, the whole scene went right in the trashcan. Why? Because it was based on something that DOES NOT happen. [Cindy takes a moment to decide whether to laugh or cry]

Here’s what I learned today—When you step on a landmine it does not make a loud click and it will do one of two things 1. Immediately explode or 2. Wait a few seconds and then explode. There’s none of this Hollywood melodrama where the soldier or, better yet, his commanding officer hears the telltale sound of a landmine arming itself and has time to say, “Son, don’t move. Keep your foot right where it is.” Because even if the soldier stayed as still as a marble statue, the thing’s gonna explode. Who knew? Well, apparently weapons experts and military history buffs all over the web know this, but those of us who glean most their munitions knowledge from movies and TV have been seriously misled. Not surprising. The myth began due to some US propaganda during World War II designed to make the German S-mine, the famous ‘Bouncing Betty’, seem like something soldiers could outsmart. Not only is it untrue, but freezing is the worst thing you could with this type of anti-personnel weapon. With a bounding mine, it’s better to hit the deck. It only goes to show, even things you think you know bear double-checking with a Google search. Which brings me to my next point, have I become so dependent on Google that I can’t write without it?

Okay, clearly I CAN write without it, but the question is, should I? I mean, luckily this time I double-checked my facts before my editor—or worse, a fan—pointed out to me that I’m a doofus. Or is it okay to take certain liberties with the truth if the unrealistic situation works best in the novel? Hollywood does it all the time. See, this is why writers are great big balls of neurosis. I suppose it’s up to each author and publisher to decide what’s poetic license and what’s over the top. But for me, in this case, I feel it’s better to rewrite the scene than to rely on bad propaganda turned urban legend. Not to mention, if I’ve seen it enough times to have adopted it as fact, I could probably be more creative. No need to rely on hackneyed story-telling devices. Today, I’m back at the laptop reworking my brilliant scene so that it’s both genius and believable.

So, all you writers out there, how much fact do you weave into your fiction? And how much inaccuracy are you comfortable with? Inquiring minds want to know!

What’s your favorite method of research


First Kiss Friday



Het Daze

LCHGSContrary to what some folks may believe by my current ‘obsession’, I, Sage, used to read heterosexual romance. Okay, so that isn’t all that far-fetched. About three or four years ago that was all there was to read–excluding bios. Now, with the popularity of gay fiction I consume anywhere from 3-10 books a month. (Mostly ebooks.) TMWOR

Yet, I have never forgotten my romance roots, although I barely dig them up to look at them anymore. I even started off writing m/f fiction, and I have loads of half-finished stories stuffed in closets and drawers or in storage in the attic, but once I got bitten by the gay fiction bug I never turned back.

There are a handful of romance authors that are still on auto-buy for me though I have to be in the mood to read them. I decided to share some of my favorite authors on this post. Perhaps if you are a fan of m/f romance you will find some new authors to check out. KMMSOH

1. Teresa Meideros–extemely talented, exceptional, hilarious, prolific. I have “never” been disappointed with any of her stories. Her heroines are enchanting, and her heroes are ‘swoon-worthy” if a gal were still inclined to swoon. *g* I recommend anything from her. She is THAT good, IMHO.

2. Lisa Cach–severly underated, hilarious, thought provoking, giggle-inducing. I don’t know why Lisa Cach isn’t as big as some authors, but don’t overlook her. Like Teresa, I have never been disappointed by Lisa. Her books transport you to a different world for hours at a time, and you’ll only come back if you’re dragged kicking and screaming.TMYUD

3. Karen Marie Moning–exceptional, blush-inducing, poignant. All I have to say is that I aspire to write my heroes with some semblance of hawtness that she does. If you like the ultimate Alpha hero then you won’t be disappointed. Her heroines are nothing to shake a stick at either. They are all intelligent, resourceful, independent,  and humorous.

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