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So I’ve hit the mother of all writer’s block (41Weeks and 2 days)

What now? I’ve had blocks before, but this one…this one has taken over my life!

I’ve come to the realization that the year 2009 kicked my ass.  I did spend nine months of it pregnant. The last of which I spent on bed rest. 

Then 2010 came in. Starting the new year with  a teenager graduating. another teenager venturing into a new high, and moving into a new home just two weeks after the birth of our new baby. Later, I had to learn all over again how to leave a new baby with a stranger and head back to work. During this time…let’s just say the writing wasn’t happening.  Yes, it was a rough year.

So, the block has been with me for almost a year now. Yup, I didn’t studder. Now I have to admit I’ve written some things here and there, but between eight hours at the office and taking care of my family duties, I just can’t seem to find the flow to put the finish on anything. So what can I do? 

Not being one for New Year’s resolutions, I’m going to try a little exercise. I plan to begin writing short entries at least every other day somewhere on the web. I have a few different places I’ll post, Facebook, my blog, TwitterFormulations of my Mind blog and of course the Playground. Hopefully something will spark and I’ll get back on the proverbial horse again.

Come find me and leave a comment. There will be gifts along the way, so be sure to comment. Besides, I could really use the supportive boost.

Ready, set, go!


A conversation with author Nyki Blatchley and Kaydana

kaydanaandthestaffofishlunWelcome to the dungeon, sorceress–where every man, woman and demon is against you.

Freelance sorceress Kaydana seeks her fortune in the city only to find it overrun with like-minded magical entrepreneurs. To make ends meet, she takes a commission from the seductive golden-skinned Tati.

Kaydana reluctantly agrees to rescue Tati’s lover from a sadistic king and his demonic devourer, knowing she’s no match against the castle’s mystical protections. Amid plotting, intrigue and sexual trickery, the powers hidden within the mysterious Staff of Ishlun begin to emerge and awaken Kaydana’s darker sensual desires.

Kaydana and The Sword of Ishlun is the first tale in a sizzling sword and sorcery series.
Warning, contains strong sexual content, f/f, f/f/m.

PM: Today we’re talking to Nyki Blatchley, Lyrical Press erotic romance author. Nyki and Kaydana, welcome to the Playground! Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?
NB: Many thanks for this opportunity. Well, about me? I was born in Canada, though I left at 11months old, so I don’t remember a thing about it, and I grew up just outside London. I came from a house full of books and was read to pretty much from the time I was born, so I suppose it was natural to start making up stories and then write then when I learnt how. I wrote my first “book” when I was four, about a talking horse, and I haven’t stopped since.
I graduated from Keele University with a degree in Greek Studies and English. That hasn’t been particularly related to my working life, but I get annoyed if people suggest I haven’t “used” my degree. As far as I’m concerned, I use it every day of my life.
I’ve had a variety of jobs: bookselling, residential care, the obligatory stint at McDonalds, packing engineering components, even a brief go at being an artist’s model. I currently work in media research.
Besides writing, I’ve also performed my own poetry and music all over London and beyond – I pre-record the music and describe it as “The Invisible Band”. During the 90s, I spent a lot of time at the (sadly now defunct) Bunjies Coffee House, which has hosted musicians ranging from Bob Dylan and Paul Simon to David Bowie and Rod Stewart, and later an amazing gig by the late Jeff Buckley.
Besides my work with Lyrical, and before that Dark Eden, I’ve had twenty-odd short stories published, mostly fantasy, as well as numerous poems, and my fantasy novel At An Uncertain Hour is published this month by StoneGarden.
PM: You’ve been writing since the age of four. So you’re definitely no stranger to writing. You’ve written everything from poetry to fantasy. Your books contain hot, sexual action. How did you begin writing erotica?
NB: I never avoided sex in my fiction, if I felt it belonged there, but deliberate erotica is a much more recent development. I write mainly fantasy, and I discovered that some of the writers I know online were also writing fantasy or paranormal erotica. I read some and, besides enjoying it, I felt that this was something I could do. I wrote several erotic short stories, a couple of which were published in anthologies by Xcite Books, and then moved to novellas, which gave more space to fit in plot, character AND the sex. Several were published by Dark Eden Press, and when that unfortunately folded, I was lucky enough to find in Lyrical a publisher that’s equally professional and author-friendly.
In a lot of ways, I don’t really find the techniques of writing erotica that different from other fiction: it’s all based on writing in a way to convey most vividly what’s happening, developing characters that the reader will care about (whether to love or hate) and giving them a gripping plot to play out. I think the most important specific skill in erotica is to make the sex not just something that periodically interrupts the action, but something that’s central to the development of both plot and character. I believe that a successful erotic story has to be about the sexuality of the characters, and especially of the protagonist.
PM: A little birdie also told us that you’re somewhat of a history buff. How about that?
NB: I’ve always loved history. It’s very much a family thing – my father was very much into 17th century history, especially Cromwell and the Civil War, and my mother loved Ancient Greece. I’ve always shared that, but I’ve also always been fascinated by medieval Europe. When I was little, I loved anything to do with knights, whether it was King Arthur or seriously studying how knights lived and fought. Those are still my two favourite periods, but I love pretty much any history – less so from about the 18th century onward, but that’s still interesting.
For a while, I was involved in English Civil War reconstruction – usually fighting for England’s true King against the rebellious Parliament, but sometimes fighting for the God’s own Parliament against the tyrant King. It didn’t really matter – it was fun either way. I was in the pike-block, wielding a sixteen-foot weapon in manoeuvres that bore more resemblance to a Rugby scrum than anything, and we also had living history camps. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it became impractical to carry on for a while, and I haven’t had time to get back into anything of the kind.
I suppose what I love most about history is much the same as fantasy – being able to see the way people act in very different societies and circumstances. One of my non-erotic projects is a series of fantasy stories set in an imaginary European country called Westria. So far, the stories have ranged from the 8th century to the 21st, and mirrored the changes Europe has undergone during that time.
PM: Your most current release is Kaydana and the Staff of Ishlun, Book one in the Kaydana series. I have to say, Kaydana is a very interesting woman. Well I don’t have to tell you that. She’s a self-employed sorceress, doing what she has to do to get by. What inspired you to write about her?
NB: About eighteen months ago, having written a couple of stand-alone erotic fantasy novellas, I had the idea of writing a series of erotic sword and sorcery stories, using the various standard models (the rescue, the treasure-hunt, the lost city etc) but with an erotic twist and hopefully with interesting characters. I didn’t want to use the standard barbarian warrior (or warrioress) and I decided a freelance sorceress would be a main character worth exploring. Once I’d fixed on that, Kaydana just came naturally, and she’s been very easy to work with.
Although my main characters are each different (and of both sexes), I long ago recognised, and stopped trying to fight, a tendency for them to be strong, independent people who live off their wits, with few ties and an insatiable wanderlust. Although I don’t actually base characters on myself (or on anyone in particular) in the way some authors do, I suppose that aspect has an element of wish-fulfilment in it. Kaydana certainly fits into this type.
PM: So Kaydana, you left home when you were only nine years old. What prompted you to leave?
Kaydana: Oh, hello. Um, I greet you in the name of whatever gods you worship.
It wasn’t exactly my choice to leave home at nine, though it was probably the best thing that happened to me. I was born with power, you see, and… well, I was a child. What would you do, if you were a nine-year-old with power who had to do chores before she could play? Or wanted to impress the other kids? I began to realise some people were making the sign against evil at me, but I didn’t really understand why. No-one did it when Manina was clever, or Feshil ran fast, and I was just using what I was good at too.
I think it was the stable that really decided them. You see, they’d told me I had to clean out the stable, and everyone else was down by the river, swimming. So I did it quickly. The stable was clean by the time I’d finished, but unfortunately only the few bits of it that were still standing. It took hours to round the horses up, and some of them were spooked for weeks, but none were hurt.
I got shut in my room, and next day they told me I was being sent away to be apprenticed to the sorcerer, Master Lourim. I was… well, I suppose I was a bit sad, a bit scared and a bit excited. My father drove me in his cart to Lourim’s tower, three days journey away, and left me there. I never went back to the village.
PM: You seem to have an umm…very healthy appetite towards sex, for instance, Tati. Would you say you’d prefer the comfort of woman, men, or…other?
Kaydana: Um, can I just say yes? Well, how can I choose? It depends on my mood to some extent, but it also depends on who I happen to meet. In general, I go for a man if I want someone to fuck my brains out and leave me sore, and a woman if I want someone who can tease me and make me come over and over. On the other hand, I’ve enjoyed female lovers who’ve taken me hard and brutally and guys who’ve spent ages licking my clit to make me come. It’s all good.
I suppose I mostly like men with plenty of muscle and big cocks. If it’s for one night, the fewer brains the better, but I really like a man who’s decent and morally grounded. Trouble is, they’re not the ones I actually tend to be attracted to, and I get myself in a lot of trouble. Women – well, I like a girl who’s fun and a bit naughty. Big and buxom is good, so’s slim and petite, but she’s got to be able to use her tongue well – and not just for talking. And other? Well, I’ve known a few of those, but I think Nyki’s going to write about some of them. Mmm, I’m getting wet remembering.
Of course, if I’m drunk, that all goes out the window – I’ll fuck whoever’s available. I’ve woken up beside some very strange bedfellows.
Oh, and you mentioned Tati. Well, you’ve got to love a Sheovin, haven’t you? Tati’s the first person I ever met who made me feel like a prude. They’re so cute and innocent, but they just seem to be permanently horny, and they’ll fuck any time, anywhere, with anyone. Definitely my kind of people.
PM: Without giving too much away, how do Lourim & the Staff of Ishlun fit into your life?
Kaydana: As I said, Lourim was my teacher from the age of nine till I left at fifteen. He was… well, let’s say an adequate sorcerer. He’d be no match for me now, but he was a very good teacher, even if I didn’t always appreciate it at the time. He drilled all the techniques into me till I wanted to scream. I mean, when you’re nine or ten, you don’t really get the need to meditate and focus your mind, but I’m glad now he kept me at it, or I wouldn’t be half the sorceress I am.
His reputation as a sorcerer was mainly based on the Staff. He didn’t know its name or where it came from, though he believed it was from the lost city of Arlh, but I really fell in love with it. I could see how much more powerful it made Lourim, and by the time I was fifteen, I knew I was already far better than him. And… well, it seemed a waste for it to just hang around in a tower doing little domestic spells.
I decided I’d learnt all I could from him. I wanted to see the world, and I wanted to do it with the Staff, so I seduced Lourim. At the time, I felt a bit… well, I thought he was old, though he wasn’t really so old, and he was quite good-looking. And… um… well, let’s say I discovered he didn’t just have one impressive staff. So I wore him out, cast him into an enchanted sleep and left with the Staff. I expect he was angry, but he always taught me never to let your guard down. He should have listened to himself, shouldn’t he?
PM: Can you two tell us a little about what’s up next for Kaydana? Any work in progress you’d like to share?
Nyki: I have two further Kaydana novellas scheduled for publication by Lyrical: Kaydana and the Ruby of Beguilement, and Kaydana and the Crown of the Worlds, and I’m now writing the fourth, Kaydana and the Dragon Prince. I’m planning two more, certainly, then we’ll see. The sixth story will bring some elements of the series to a close, and I’ll probably take a break from it after that and work on other things, but I wouldn’t rule out writing more about Kaydana after that.
Kaydana: Well, my work in progress at the moment is the Queen of Daeish-Vlarh: fabulously rich, fabulously powerful and fabulously gorgeous, not to mention young and in need of guidance by a wise sorceress. You really should see her: dusky complexion, long black hair, big black eyes and perfect boobs. Unfortunately, she still assumes a lover has to be a man, but I think she fancies me, even though she thinks it’s just friendship. If I can just get her drunk, I’m pretty sure she’ll let me show her what a tongue up her pussy feels like. After that, she won’t be able to get enough of me, I can promise you that.
PM: Thank you both for taking the time to drop in and chat with us today. We wish you all the best with Kaydana and the Staff of Ishlun-Book One, and hopefully you’ll stop in and chat with us about book two. This author can surely say I thoroughly enjoyed reading book one and cannot wait for the second edition.

Kaydana and the Staff of Ishlun
by Nyki Blatchley
Cover by Renee Rocco
Published by Lyrical Press Inc.
Buy a copy here

Nyki Blatchley, Hoddesdon, Herts, United Kingdom
He’s an author of both erotic and none-erotic fantasy stories, as well as poetry and music. Besides writing (and reading, of course) he’s passionate about history of many periods, but especially classical Greece and medieval Europe, and loves to learn anything.
Drop by and visit Nyki Blatchley at


PM Authors Welcomes

Welcome to Sage Whistler…

The newest author to Playground Mystique. Sage Whistler was born in North Carolina but spent the better part of her life in Connecticut. She was born the second of two children in the freezing cold one dreary January morning. Sage still thinks that being the first month of the year someone could have picked a birthstone color much lovelier than garnet.

Before Sage knew how to write she was making up stories, reading to her grandparents from a magazine, using words that weren’t actually printed in the book. In her later years she began reading and writing romance, but her evolution to erotica happened virtually over night.

One day she was reading a sedate romance and then she stumbled upon an erotica book and it was all she wrote. Pleading guilty to a flirty mind, Sage hopped from the mainstream to swim up creek with the bad boys and started writing gay fiction only a year ago. She’s been hooked ever since.

Sage readily admits to being a bit quirky, prone to doing things like blurting out random lines from one of her favorite movies. She has only one sister who she swears is the complete opposite her, and one of her personal goals is to write the kinds of stories that shock, thrill, and delight her readers.

We’ve had the priviledge to become acquainted with Sage during the developing of her amazing book G-Stain. She’s been a guest to the PM Blog as well as a member of the Romance Trinity Critique Group. Sage’s book Torn, is an ARE Bestseller. Check it out here. Buy Here / Buy Amazon Read the Excerpt

Join us in welcoming our little sis, and shining star Sage Whistler.

Welcome Sage!


Gideon sits down with author Sage Whistler

Gideon:  Hanging out at the PM Club I meet the most interesting people. I’ve invited a few new friends over to the Playground today. Please give a warm welcome to the beautiful Ms. Sage Whistler and her hero from her new book “G-Strain,” Kenano.

Sage thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to join me. It’s great to have you both here today. Why don’t you tell our reader’s a little about yourself?


Sage: Well, I’m twenty-two years old. I was born in the south but grew up in Connecticut. I’m a multi-published author of gay fiction/erotica currently published with Cacoethes Publishing House, but I plan to spread my wings. I’ve been telling stories since I could talk, writing stories since I learned the basics, and writing professionally for a year.

Nothing wrong with spreading your wings, I find you need to do that sometimes. *smiles and extends his wings over Sage’s shoulders* So, your new book is called G-Strain, starring this handsome gentleman beside you, correct?

S: Ah, yes. This is Kenano: tall, handsome, skin the color of coffee with moderate cream. Dreads! Hehe What is there not to like, right? He was supposed to be sharing a story with his friend Jared. A unique concept for writing I am sure, because most authors have one main protagonist, not two. But I love both him and Jared equally. I couldn’t decide who got center stage first, though I think Kenano kind of stole the show.

That happens sometimes. One time I was with this one goddess and another came along and…but I digress. *grins* Kenano you make your first appearance in G-Strain, tell us a little bit about where you fit into this intergalactic tale? I’ve heard some juicy secrets, but I’m sure our readers would like to hear it from your lips.

Kenano:  Well, first I just like to say it’s an honor to be here. And thank you for having me. It’s true, my first appearance was in G-Strain. At first I was a little worried that Sage wasn’t going to tell my story, so I had to bug her. You’re familiar with Patrick Swayze’s role in the movie Ghost, right? I was something of an apparition that haunted Sage day in and day out until she sat down and listened to my story. She brought her laptop and started typing, and before long I was running around on Earth trying to avoid my destiny, when in reality it was already flowing through my veins. I don’t want to give too much away, but I think it’s safe to say I got caught and carted off to Lykur. The adventure really starts the moment I set foot on the Lykurgan space ship.

How did you meet the aliens? Were you alone?

K: At first I was alone, but I met up with another man who had the G-Strain. I lucked out. I now know that it is extremely rare to have the gene. Anyway, when everyone else on Earth was frozen stiff, Jared and I were running around until we got caught. The Lykurgans came down on foot to capture us. Might I add, it was the best thing that ever happened to me, although you couldn’t have convinced me of that at the time.

Kidnapped, huh? Well that must have been a very frightening ordeal. Jared would you like to add a little something to this?

Jared: Oh, yes, please! Kenano is being modest. He was the glue that held my poor tortured psyche together. I am always grateful that I met him on the day the Lykurgans came for us. Without him I don’t know what I would have done. By the way, I’m the second part to this two man duo. You’ll be seeing more of me in the sequel.

Sequel? I like the sound of that. Tell me, how did you feel once you learned what was expected of you from the aliens?

K:  At first I was scared, though I was hesitant to admit it at first. Readers will see what I mean if they pick up the book. Then the fear morphed into anger. It’s not every day a man is told he cannot go home and is stranded with a bunch of cerulean-blue giants. After I learned more about whom and what I was, the anger slowly melted into understanding. As I said before: I wouldn’t change a thing I’ve gone through. It’s made me a better man.

J:  I for one was scared as HELL! I was sweating and everything. And I mean I’m gay and Kenano is not so I know that he must have been sweating major bullets. *shrugs his shoulders in the face of Kenano’s glare* What? I wasn’t the one who had to deal with overbearing Nurak! Though I wouldn’t have minded. Lol *blinks innocently at Kenano* I kid, I kid.

*throws his head back laughing* Jared, you’re a piece of work. So without giving too much away, Kenano can you share a little about what happens once you meet Nurak?

K: *blushes* Readers will just have to read the book if they want to find out about the ukaii. Like you said I don’t want to spoil the surprise. But I will say that I can’t even sit in this chair properly. My back isn’t as terribly sensitive as it used to be because I’ve gotten so used to the ukaii, but I still hesitate to put a lot of pressure on my back. *pause* Shut up, Jared. Don’t even say it.

J: What? *laughs*

K: Other than having the ukaii put on me to aid our communication, we underwent a hell of a battle just to get to Lykur. Ever heard of the Moraghs? Two words: Sharp claws. I’m just glad that Nurak and his kind heal easily.

 Is that the big lug hiding out there in the shadows?

K: Yeah, I had to pry him off the ship with a crowbar. *laughs* Nurak!

J: Yeah, right. Nurak would have followed you into Hades. All you have to do is…oh, here he comes.

Well let’s make some room for him. You are a large drink of water aren’t you?

Nurak: *Settles down beside Kenano and drapes an arm around his shoulders* Hello, Gideon. It still takes some getting used to when I travel to Earth. You humans are all so small. Even my mate, who is over six feet tall, is considered small on Lykur.

J: Hey, we’re not small. You guys are just HUGE! *jerks thumb at Nurak* He’s eight foot one. 

Being that I’m not exactly human I guess I can understand that, but you only have me by a foot and two inches. *laughs* Nurak, was it difficult to have a human as a mate?

J: *stiffens* Hey, you’re not part Moragh are you?
No worries Jared. *smiles* It’s a little genetic thing. I’m what you get when you mix the blood of a human, archangel and a god.

J: *sigh of relief* My bad. You just wouldn’t believe the time we had with those guys. They have these big a–. What Kenano? Okay, I’m zipping it. *pouts, but it quickly morphs into a smile*

N: Yes, I would say so. We Lykurgans are familiar with several difference species from all across the galaxy, but we’d never encountered a species like the ones we met on Earth. Kenano at first rejected the idea of mate-bonding with me, but giving up was not an option. Our relationship was complicated by his view on two males of the same species being able to mate. I believe here on Earth the term is homosexuality. On Lykur we are not bound by such narrow thinking. Mate-bonding is instinctual and the gender is irrelevant. It was clear to me almost immediately that he was to be mine. Kenano has also taught me several human concepts. Love and courtship were terms that did not exist for me before I met my mate.

Love is a very strong human emotion. It takes a little getting used to, but it seems you’re doing just fine. Sage, it seems Jared has let the proverbial cat out of the bag, we’ll see more of these gentlemen in the future right?

S: Ah, yes, I have a sequel in the works. I haven’t titled it yet and I don’t have an exact release date or even an estimate. But rest assured that it is coming. The sequel will tell Dawa and Jared’s story. Dawa is even more stubborn than Kenano, if you can believe it. Right now he’s off on his ship doing whatever commanders do in the depth of space. I will explore, ahem, just what the heck he’s doing with all that time on his hands between ports.

 I’ve received several emails from readers who enjoyed the book and I’d like to take a moment to thank them. Words of encouragement always spur the author on to write a little faster.  

Sage what can I say? I’ve read the book; I had to pry it from Kensa’s hands of course. It’s an action packed, intergalactic love story with a delicious twist. Thank you all again for coming and we’ll definitely have to do this again when the sequel comes out. Good luck to you all.

S: I want to say thank you, Gideon, for the interview. I also want to thank Kensana, Jambrea, and Cindy for letting me drop by the blog. You guys rock. Especially Gideon. *wink*


Read the Excerpt

About the Author: Sage Whistler was born in North Carolina but spent the better part of her life in Connecticut. She was born the second of two children in the freezing cold one dreary January morning. Sage still thinks that being the first month of the year someone could have picked a birthstone color much lovelier than garnet.
Sage readily admits to being a bit quirky, prone to doing things like blurting out random lines from one of her favorite movies.


Sage Whistler’s Website:

Contact Sage Whistler:

Sage Whister’s Myspace:




Brighid: Heather, darling, did you hear what are dear Nannette is doing?
Heather: No I didn’t.  Is she keeping secrets again?

Brighid: She’s braving NaNoWriMo, isn’t that fabulous? Jacks it too chicken to make that kind of commitment this year so bravo Nette!

Cindy: I’m not CHICKEN, I’m busy this year, that’s all. But I agree, way to go, Nette!

Heather:  Jambrea won’t do it either.  She says it scares her.

Jambrea:  Well it does.  That is a LOT of words!  Way to go Nette! 

Brighid: To-may-to, to-mah-to, Jacks. Anyway, have you all heard Nette’s fantastic idea? Hey, maybe we could lure delicious Dorian and Christian here to tell us about it. 

Heather:  I know I want to hear more.  *giggle* 

Nette: Hi guys it’s been a long time. It’s good to see you all again. Yes, I’ve decided to be brave and try the NaNoWriMo this year. Kensana thought it would be a good idea for me to finally put myself out there.

Kensana: Hey what are friends for? I told you, just do it. If you don’t finish it you’ve got a start. If you finish it we’ll do edits in December.

Nette: That’s easy for you to say. This is all new to me.

Kensana: You’ll never know unless you try. Right girls.

Cindy : Absolutely!

Jambrea: I totally agree.  Heather has been pushing me to do Sweating with Sven.  It isn’t as intense as Nano!  I’m still not sure.  *sigh*  You just go Nette!  Show us what you’re made of.

Brighid: Nette and Kensi! How lovely. Congrats on the effort, Nette! And when do we get a peek at Dorian, Christian, and Kela? I haven’t seen them around PM yet. Have you, Heather?

Heather:  No, I haven’t seen them.  I think I would remember.  *giggle*  And Jambrea…just do it!  *giggle
Kensana: I’d have to say that would be Gideon’s fault. He and the guys have been hanging out since they arrive Sunday night.

Nette: If I can get them to stay around for awhile I’ll get their pics to Kensana to put on your blog. They’re a little more outgoing than I’m used to, so I just wait until they’re ready.

Kensana: I’ve been telling you since high school, men do as you say, when you say. Wait until they’re ready? I don’t think so. Wait until I get my hand on… Gideon!” [storms off]

I could be wrong but I think you’ll get to meet them soon, if Kensana has her way.

And I think we all know what Kensana wants…

Cindy:  Kensana GETS! [nodding]


Undeniable Gift

Part I

Syria awoke the next morning, an air of happiness and contentment surrounding her. Her thoughts wondered back to the wonderful night she spent with Michael. Mere words could not express how happy he made her. Thoughts of him grazed through her mind, she still felt the caress of his wings on her skin. Her thoughts were abruptly interrupted by another yet vision, Ares. A bolt of pain seared through her belly. She fell to her knees crying out in agony.

It was a dream, only a dream.

 The recollection of last night scorched a trail of unwanted memories across her mind. She remembered. She remembered it all. Her heart denied what her mind finally grasped as the truth. She had been with Michael that she clearly knew but Ares…he had entered her dreams. In the midst of her joy he broke through, shattered it and taken her.

“Oh God.” She slammed her fist against the floor, she clutched her stomach as another pain ripped through her. “Oh God, no!”

“God has nothing to do with this Syria, unless of course you are referring to me.”

The voice above taunted her as she fought through the pain. Her gaze locked on Ares sprawled across her bed. “Ares, what have you done?”

“What have I done? I have given you the greatest gift of all. That is what I’ve done. I wanted to give you the world and this…this is how you repay me? ”

“It’s not right. The child will be an abomination.”

“Abomination? How dare you speak of our child this way. You created this atrocity by lying with that thing. He’s not even a man.” He jumped from the bed. “He’s not even a woman. He threw backed his head, thunderous laughter filled the room. “As you can see…” he extended his arms and displayed his full glory, “I am more man than he could ever be.”

“Michael will not stand for this!” She gasped in agony.

“Michael? My dear Syria, do you think I fear this—Archangel of yours? I care not what he will or will not stand for; he is of no concern to me. I am the God of war, I fear no one and nothing.”

“You should fear him Ares, you should tremble at the mere mention of his name. He commands the Army of God.”

He raised an eyebrow and exhaled. “Syria I grow tired of this game. I can make the pain stop just submit to me. We will raise this child on Olympus where it belongs or you can continue to suffer.” He held a tightly clutched fist over her head and the throbbing increased.

The spasms ripped through her. When Syria could no longer bear the pain, she fell to the floor and cried out. Tears streamed down her cheeks onto the cold wooden floor.

“Surrender yourself to me Syria!” He yelled, lightning crackled from his fingertips. “I will tolerate this insolence no longer.”

With what little strength she could muster, she answered, “I will not. I would rather die than spend an eternity with you.”

Ares’ anger was beyond control. He drew his sword from its sheath. “Then, my dear Syria, I shall grant you your last request.”

Syria cowered beneath his wrath, as the death blade sliced through the air with great force. She did not plead for her life; she only breathed a silent prayer, “The Sword of Michael protects me. His cloak and shield covers me. The energy of the angels strengthens me. Righteousness and love lights my path.”

She heard the clash of steel meeting steel, sparks flew overhead. The murderous steel did not pierce her mortal flesh. She did not feel as much as a prick. She descried not only Ares’ rapier, but a sword which blazed a brilliant silvery blue flame suspended above her head. She followed the span of the blade to the hands of its owner.


“Syria, I am here.”


Trinity’s Child – Part II

Seria sat by the well drawing water when she heard a voice, “Seria.”

The bucket of water fell from her hands. She rose to her feet and backed away from the well; she looked around but saw no one. “”Who is there?” Her voice trembled with fear.

 “Seria, do not fear me.”

“I only fear that which I cannot see, please reveal yourself.”

“I will come to you within the night, until then my dear Seria.”

That night a visitor came to Seria in her slumber. She awoke from the familiar sound of rustling wings. She looked to her open window to see the Archangel Michael appear. His magnificent wings blocked the moonlight shimmering through the window darkening the room. Seria could see the outline of his figure as he moved closer to her bedside.

“Michael,” she whispered.

“Yes my sweet, it I. You have taken possession of my heart dear Seria.”

“As you have taken mine, I cannot explain it. I have felt emptiness without you. How is this possible?”

He took her hands in his, “I wish I could answer your questions, but I cannot. I would die and angel’s death to be with you. You have broken through the one great love. My God.”

“I cannot allow you to betray your God. I am but a humble mortal.”

“I love my God and nothing will ever change that, but he has allowed me to see you. It is by his will I am permitted to do this; I have but one night my sweet. ”

Seria sat in silence. I cannot send him away. The words formed in her mind, unable to reach her lips.

As if he had heard the unspoken words answered, “Then let us not waste this night.” He took her into his arms.

His wings engulfed Seria and they floated into the heavens. She had never experienced a feeling such as this. Shivers of delight caressed her flesh, as Michael traced a trail of gentle kisses down the nape of her neck. She returned his kiss, enjoying the sensations that surrounded her. The aroma of chocolate filled her nose, with an essence of sweet vanilla. Was it all in her mind? It was Michael, he was everything she loved and he, this Archangel loved her. She could feel it with every brush of his hand.

“Do you accept me?” He whispered in her ear.

“Yes,” her response carried on a breath of pure pleasure. She gasped when the angel took her, but the pain diminished as quickly as it has come, replaced by unadulterated ecstasy.

* * *

Ares paced across the marble floor of the great hall. He stopped in the center of the room, “I must see her!” He opened a portal to earth, and what he saw infuriated the God of War. The Olympian blood in his veins boiled to pure unadulterated anger. “How could she lie with this, this…Angel?” Ares exploded, bolts of lightning streamed from his fingers tips. “She will pay…and pay dearly.” In a cloud of black smoke and lightning, he passed through the portal to Earth.

He stepped through the portal to Seria’s bedroom. Ares stood over the bed, as he watched her sleep, she smiled.

She spoke, “I love you Michael.”

Ares could not believe what he heard. He placed his hand on Seria’s stomach; he could feel the waves of life beginning to form. “I will not let you have her Archangel!”

He waved his hand over her head and entered her dream. He broke through her dreams of happiness, shattered them to pieces as he took possession of her. What Seria would later remember as a nightmarish thought, would turn out to be a dream and a nightmare come true.

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