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Okay…I confess. I’ve been a bad girl. Not sure this is much of a surprise since I’ve declared that clearly in my branding, but there are some things an author is responsible for doing that just can’t be shirked. Blogging is one of those things. I admit, I haven’t been terribly regular about blogging lately. Why? Good question, glad you asked. Though I have 3000+ word writing days on a regular basis, many times when it comes to blogging I can’t think of anything to say, lol.

All right, don’t look at me like I’ve sprouted a third head. Yes, I know, I have a reputation for verbosity, but when it comes to blogging, I feel my readers deserve more than “Why I Love Cornflakes” or “Public Enemy #1–Sock Lint.” Perhaps it is this desire to dazzle with each and every entry that’s led to this specific type of writer’s block–blog clog. I open the blogging application, crack my knuckles (yes, I know, bad habit) and *poof* all the funny observations and clever stories I had to tell my readers disappear in a cloud of smoke and I’m left thinking, “Is that an M&M under the dining table? I wonder how long it’s been there.”

I admire authors who keep their blog topics fresh, timely, and witty. I also admire those who can put a new spin on a well-worn topic. Here’s a question for those power-bloggers out there…how do you avoid ‘blog clog?’

Wanna make sure I keep on the straight and narrow? Check out my writer’s blog or join me on Facebook and be sure to superpoke me if more than a week goes by without a fresh entry!


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