The Good Stuff

Since Jambrea is pretty steady with recommended reads I thought I’d include some of my own favorite books. I shall try and do them justice in a brief explanation.

First, I have to give props to my favorite author. You might have heard me say I want to be her when I grow up. This lady has a way with words. Her characters are always well rounded, intensively captivating, and the storyline is always intriguing. Not to mention the sex is hawt enough to melt my monitor. Cameron Dane is awesomeness personified. My favorite book, to date, by her is Knowing Caleb. However, this is the third book in the Demon/cowboy Hawkin’s Ranch Series.CD_KnowingCaleb_coverlg The books don’t have to be read in order and can stand on their own, but for full enjoyment I would read Demon Moon first. However, DM is a m/f read, fair warning to people only interested in m/m. As I said, KC is my favorite book of hers. I’d been waiting for Caleb’s story–not that very long, because Cameron is an enigma at writing prowess. She writes so fast its scary. Her books are so thorough that I re-read them over and over again, hoping to absorb a bit of her technique, whilst making sure I never unconsciously copy her ideas. Caleb is surprise to me because of how much he evolved throughout the story. There is a liberal amount of angst in this book because Jake, another MC and Caleb’s light o’ love, is still mourning for his wife and Caleb is burdened for other reasons that I’ll not explain for fear of ruining the story. The story is at times tender, harsh, and starkly realistic. I like my men to be men, even when they are vulnerable and Cameron Dane, at least for me, keeps it real. Caleb and Jake are two rough and tumble cowboys with heads as hard as their hides. Anyone looking for an awesome male read will love this story, if for no other reason than its well written.

Considering all the flak Elloras Cave is taking for writing an official statement about not wanting more m/m submissions, I wish Jez Morrow would branch out elsewhere, because I’m afraid she’ll stop writing in this genre. But for now I quickly gobble up any read I can get my hands on as long as her name is on it. There is a tie between Shadow of a Wolf and Lover and Commander as my favorite books by her. In a pinch I’d squeal and say Shadow is my favorite. It was the first story I’d read by her, and I never regretted a dollar of my money spent on it.

shadowofawolfAgain, I must warn readers that Jez’s way of writing is uniquely left field from most writers. At this point I don’t think I need to see her name on the cover to know she wrote a story. It might not mesh well with other readers, but for me it was a win-win, and I like  to think I’m a good judge of  reading material,  but who doesn’t heh. Anyway, I’m rambling.  I fell in ‘like’ with one of the MC’s Martin Winter. I have a soft spot for hard-boiled eggs, who once you crack their shell are really very fragile on the inside.  I also like the idea of subdued strength. Nothing is sexier to me than a man strong enough to bottom and real enough to admit that’s where he loves to be. Jack Reed was a close runner up for my affection as well. I think I liked the characters even more than the story, and I liked the story A LOT! So that is saying something. I wish I could see more of Jack and Martin, just to see how they are getting along. Shadow of a Wolf is paranormal. Both men are wereshifters, the only two of their kind so far as they know. Martin and Jack are employed by the goverment and Martin endures some capture and torment that preys on his state of well-being. Jack, the gallant hero of old, rides in on his …car and saves the day. Its a tender love story, and Martin’s blossoming was awesome to see.


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