Jacked In

futuristicman1copy1I believe Kensi touched briefly on the matter of technology in her last post, but after going to the movies to see X-Men origins yesterday and seeing all the trailers for the newest summer movies (Transformers and Terminators) I started thinking, Wow, when did machines and technology really take over every aspect of our lives? Could we function without technology?

Honestly, technology rules every aspect of our day. Take this figurative journey with me.I will bold every technological machine used in the day.

You wake up because of the buzz of the alarm clock.

Turn on the lights to the bathroom.

Brush your teeth with an battery-operated toothbrush.

Use the faucet to get water.

If you’re a man use an electric shaver.

If you’re a woman you may wash hair and use blow dryer.

You turn on the television to watch the news.

Fill up the carafe and start the coffee-maker.

Use the electric stove to make breakfast.

After its all said and done you use the car to get to work.

You may have to punch in manually on a time clock.

At your desk you boot up the computer.

On or around your desk may be a light source, pencil sharpener, calculator, or telephone.

You have a cell phone with you at all times.

From the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep you are essentially jacked-in to the technological age. As a matter of fact the only time you probably don’t use technology is when you’re sleeping.

All this techie stuff got the brain to swirling and pondering the dreaded story outline. I tried to turn my back on it, and it wouldn’t let me be. The scene that played over and over in my mind demanded to be written. Thus I’ve started the first scene to a futuristic story where humans are jacked-in to technology all the time, even in their sleep. Because I have a crap load of WIPS on my plate already, this story will, of course, not be first priority, but unlike most of my WIPS it demanded to be done.

So expect a story in the furture featuring a mercenary named Rock with a cybernetic arm and his equally gruff partner (possibly the only one who can put up with his dark humor) Jericho. Unlike most of my MCs these two heroes are so damn pigheaded, alpha, and stubborn, I don’t know how they’ll tumble into bed together. Possibly they’ll break each other’s necks, but then when your vertebrae is enhanced with Arturian steel that isn’t so easy to do.


1 Response to “Jacked In”

  1. 1 jambrea
    May 7, 2009 at 8:21 am

    I have one word for you…YUM!

    And…we really do rely SO much on technology! Heck…I’ve even taken to carrying mini-me (my mini PINK laptop) with me everywhere! lol

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