Can you hear me now? Hold on a sec… I’ll text it.

Presidential Texting

Presidential Texting

Have we gone to far with texting and IMing? I had to make a phone call last week to handle some business and the realization hit me in face. I’VE LOST THE WILL TO TALK TO PEOPLE ORALLY! Ok, ok don’t get stuck on the word orally. Stay with me here.

In days past, we used to pick up a phone, have a chat. Meet over lunch, have a chat. Take a walk…you get the picture. Now if you want to chat you’ll need to do it via email, cell phone or any of the numerous texting programs available to you just simply by conducting a Google search.

I took a look into how much of my daily communication is actually done with face-to-face confrontation. During my 8 to 5, we communicate through email or interoffice texting. If my daughters or husband need to contact me, it’s through texting, instead of the standard phone call. I even have my mother and mother-in-law hooked into Bluetooth and texting. My own fault…hey it’s just easier that way, right? I think I realized that things were getting out of hand when one of darling daughters broke up with her boyfriend through a text message. I told her how cold and heartless I thought the decision was to break up that way to which she replied, “Mom, everyone does it this way. It’s just easier.”

Don’t get me wrong. I love all the new stuff. I’m a member of the IPhone cult for cying out loud. You know, if you have heartbreak, pinkeye or a pain in the butt, I’m sure there’s an app for that. 🙂 So I guess today I find myself wondering are we exchanging communication of old for Twitter, email, IM, My Space, Facebook and texting, for a world of total disconnection? A place were we no longer speak to each other even when we’re in the same room? Or is it all just…easier?

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