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A Little Help from My Friend…

kd-olLast week was a tough week for me. As the polite but boilerplate agent rejections pour in, I’ll admit at times this author has trouble keeping her hope afloat. Yes—-I know, it’s not personal. Rejection doesn’t speak to the quality of the manuscript, but still, the doubt-monster creeps in from time to time. It’s then that I have to remind myself why I write in the first place.

Sure, I’d love millions of loyal readers, big fat advances–so fat that I can buy my own Caribbean island and maintain a stable of male concubines–but I digress. In reality I write because it’s something I love to do. Words bubble and flow inside me, ideas reveal themselves in a flirtatious fan dance around my mind. I love to write and I love to tell quirky, funny, sexy stories for others to enjoy.

But sometimes, even once I’ve completed my mantra of “the story is the journey” 200 times, I’m still down in the dumps. That’s when I turn to my author soulmate: PM’s own Kensana Darnell. She invariably picks me up, dusts me off, and says, “Everything is okay.” And I believe her. Then she makes me laugh. The writing lever clicked into place and I started working up a storm this weekend. So, I just wanted to give a shout out to Miss Kensana….I definitely can’t get by without a little help from this friend. Love you, girl!

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