Crazy Dreams

dreams-22dreampic1Well, this blog came in under the wire, considering how close it is to Monday. I was supposed to blog Sunday so I just made it. Originally I was going to provide a free short story to kick off Sizzling Sunday, but today was a verra lazy day and I couldn’t get motivated to do much. I’m working the nightshift so I napped during the day. Lately I’ve been having the craziest dreams and this time was no exception. You know they say that eating before you lay down can give you nightmares, but I hadn’t eaten anything for hours. Besides, this dream was more funny/confusing than scary.

So what did I dream?

Well, I rarely dream about my family but in this dream it was like the entire cast and crew was there: my father, sister, cousin, and Aunt. We were in a car getting ready to visit a kennel. (I attribute this subject matter to the fact that I really, really want a dog) Anyway, when we arrived at the building. Don’t ask me how it looked. Dreams are kooky like that. Some details are vivid while others are wishywashy. Well, my father and aunt hop out the car and challenge me to a race. HOLD UP A MINUTE: This is where it starts  not making any sense. None of my folks run, (anywhere) lol, but that doesn’t mean crap in a dream. So, I accept. We’re all set to race to the building. My father wins. He’s tall and really thin. (Pooh, I didn’t inherit his genes) I imagine he would be fast if I had ever seen him run. He walks fast, as do I.

So my sister and cousin, the two divas in the family, are taking their time following us into this building where we will see the kennels and buy a dog. There are four dogs: two adults and two puppies. The lady who seems to be in charge tells us that two of puppies were sold already and these puppies are the only ones left. My aunt pulls out her checkbook and says she will pay for one.The lady says the puppy is five hundred dollars. Both of us are like “How much for the the adult?” Let me insert here that I have no idea what kinds of dogs these were. I know they had long hair, and spotty coats and big floppy ears. So, anyway, I’m playing with the puppies and adult dogs when I spot this urm…’thing’ in the corner. Meanwhile my aunt is negotiating with the sells person. “Hey, what’s that?” I say.

“Oh, that.”

Another lady appears from absolutely no where and that’s all she says. My cousin wonders over to take a look and I follow her. I want to get a closer look. That thing in the corner looks like wolf, without the ears. Big snout, gray fur, and…its sitting in a high chair (like a baby) wearing a diaper. My internal voice screams WTH?! At this point I’m sure that in reality I’m trying to wake up from this acid trip.

So we got a wolfy thing in a high chair.

I haven’t seen the face yet, so me, being the genius that I am move around to the front to get a closer look. Huge freaking eyes *scary eyes* that are hazel look back at me. I shout, “What the *bleep*”  My cousin screams. We dash out of there like someone lit fire to our farts…uh..sorry…we run really fast. That ‘thing’ jumps off its high chair and gives chase. NOW My entire family is fleeing but I don’t know where anybody is except for my cousin. We run back to the car, dive in, and lock the doors. I’m in the back seat. She is in the front. We’re hollering, “Where is everybody?” and “What was that thing?”

I notice the keys are still in the ignition and scramble over the seats to get into the  driver’s seat. My plan is to drive closer to the building and scoop up Dad, Auntie, and Sis.

Thee end.

I wake up.

What was that?

I dunno, but that was some freaky dream. I’ve never had a dream that made any sense. I think it’s my imagination that busts loose when I sleep.

Yet, there are so many threads to real life events I can attibute to this dream. One of those being my cousin is prego, and my father is set to be a father a third time too. Then I want a dog; preferably a Newfie. Perhaps these thoughts all got tangled up in my head until I had this whopper of a dream.

So how about you guys? Ever had a dream that made no earthly sense at all? Or maybe one that was just downright scary?


1 Response to “Crazy Dreams”

  1. 1 jambrea
    April 21, 2009 at 6:22 pm

    I had a recurring dream where I was standing on top of the Earth! lol Dreams can be pretty cool as well. I’ve gotten a few stories from them.

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