PM Authors Welcomes

Welcome to Sage Whistler…

The newest author to Playground Mystique. Sage Whistler was born in North Carolina but spent the better part of her life in Connecticut. She was born the second of two children in the freezing cold one dreary January morning. Sage still thinks that being the first month of the year someone could have picked a birthstone color much lovelier than garnet.

Before Sage knew how to write she was making up stories, reading to her grandparents from a magazine, using words that weren’t actually printed in the book. In her later years she began reading and writing romance, but her evolution to erotica happened virtually over night.

One day she was reading a sedate romance and then she stumbled upon an erotica book and it was all she wrote. Pleading guilty to a flirty mind, Sage hopped from the mainstream to swim up creek with the bad boys and started writing gay fiction only a year ago. She’s been hooked ever since.

Sage readily admits to being a bit quirky, prone to doing things like blurting out random lines from one of her favorite movies. She has only one sister who she swears is the complete opposite her, and one of her personal goals is to write the kinds of stories that shock, thrill, and delight her readers.

We’ve had the priviledge to become acquainted with Sage during the developing of her amazing book G-Stain. She’s been a guest to the PM Blog as well as a member of the Romance Trinity Critique Group. Sage’s book Torn, is an ARE Bestseller. Check it out here. Buy Here / Buy Amazon Read the Excerpt

Join us in welcoming our little sis, and shining star Sage Whistler.

Welcome Sage!


1 Response to “PM Authors Welcomes”

  1. 1 jambrea
    April 12, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    Woohoo! Welcome Sage! I’m so glad you’re here!

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