Introducing Sage and Matthias

304 yrs old and half bad and he's into all the lastest fashions trends.

304 yrs old ain't half bad and he's into all the latest fashion trends. He's also a tat-head.

Sage: Hello all.  My name is Sage Whistler. I’m an author of gay fiction that rides the rail of risque. I’m also an avid fan of movies based on the world before man made skyscrapers, helicopters, and a hole in the ozone layer. So it was no suprise when my muse piped up and told me his name was Matthias. So without further or do I introduce to you, Matthias.

Matthias: Hello, everyone…Sage.

Sage: Hey, Matty…Oops I know how you hate that nickname. Well how about Matt? Can I call you Matt?

Matthias: *narrows  eyes.* What is wrong with Matthias?

Sage: Oh…nothing, nothing. Fine, you don’t want it shortened. I won’t shorten it. Jeez,  I should have known you were going to be stubborn, Matthias. You are my conscience come to life after all.

Matthias: *casts his winning smile on Sage* I don’t mean to be stubborn, Sage. But someone has to. You’re sort of flighty.

Sage: *pouts* I am not!

Matthias: Are too!

Sage: Not!

Matthias: *sighs* You wanted to ask me a few questions, yes?

Sage: Are you in a hurry?

Matthias: I have a few things to do, yes.

Sage: *eyebrow rises* A few things?

Matthias: *grin is downright sinful* Research.

Sage: What type of research?

Matthias: Sage?

Sage: Hmm?

Matthias: Questions remember?

Sage: But I am asking questions.

Matthias: *chuckles* Not the right kind. I tell you what. Lets hurry this questionaire along and I will tell you what type of research I am doing.

Sage: K, *taps bottom lip* In one word, how would you describe yourself.

Matthias: Bold.

Sage: Really? Oh, ah yeah right.Time. Next question. How old are you?

Matthias: Three hundred and four.

Sage: *jaw drops* Wah? I’m only twenty-three. Your my muse. You can’t be older than me.

Matthias: Sage, I’m a muse.  I can be as old as you can imagine.

Sage: I suppose. But you don’t look a day over twenty-eight.

Matthias: Haven’t you heard? Muses are immortal.

Sage: *glances at clock* Okay, we are taking entirely too long with this. So I’m gonna fire these questions at you. I think inquiring minds want to know. Height? Eye color? Sexuality?

Matthias: *with an amused quirk to his lips.* Six three. Black. Bi.

Sage: You sleep with girls?

Matthias: Yes, of course. Why wouldn’t I?

Sage: I write gay fiction.

Matthias: *Thinks for a minute.* I’m three hundred plus years old. I get bored. You have to have variety.

Sage: Okay, but I don’t want any girl cooties interfering with my story.

Matthias: Sage, you’re a girl.

Sage: *pats hair* Thanks for noticing.

Matthias: *glances at clock* Any more questions?

Sage: Hmmm? If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you take?

Matthias: What kind of question…

Sage: Mine. Answer the question…please. *giggles*

Matthias: *Leans back in chair, folds arms over chest.* Pride, Levi, and Leland.

Sage: Huh, my characters for my current WIPs?

Matthias: Nods. Maybe I can get them into bed faster than you can.

Sage:* Blushes*. Hey, I’m trying here. I just wrote about the twins.

Matthias: *eg* Who do you think is waiting for me, in my bed, right this minute. That’s what research I’m doing.

Sage: Matthias. Leave those poor boys alone. They have no idea what they are getting into.

Matthias: *laughter begins to fade as he walks away* I think its the other way around, Sage. I don’t bottom for anybody.

Sage: *Waves hand after Matthias* Well…that’s Matthias, ladies and gents. He’s urm…a fistful–I mean a handful.  *blushes* I’ll be here every Sunday.  See ya ’round!


5 Responses to “Introducing Sage and Matthias”

  1. 1 Nette
    April 12, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    WOW what a muse! It’s good to see you at PM Sage.

  2. April 12, 2009 at 8:43 pm

    Hey there Sage. Great intro! Matthias seems to be a fistful or handful. Not important he’s a welcome addition to the PM muses. Welcome to you both! 🙂

  3. 3 jambrea
    April 12, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    Heather: *giggle* Do you think he’ll let me lick him. *giggle*

    Jambrea: Heather! Behave.

    Heather: But he is so yummy. He could inspire me, that’s for sure.

    Jambrea: I can’t take you anywhere.

    Heather: Hmmm…I wonder if there is room for me in his ‘research’.

    Jambrea: Just welcome him and Sage. We have work to do.

    Heather: Oh yes, our yummy Magnus and funny Sunie.

    Jambrea: That’s right.

    Heather: Welcome Sage and Matthias.

    Jambrea: It’s great to have you both here!

    Heather looks wistfully the way Matthias headed off before leaving with Jambrea.

  4. April 12, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    Thank you ladies,

    Once I track down Matthias and pull him out of bed, ahem, with whoever he’s in bed with at the moment I shall pass on your thanks.

    Oh, and Heather. Yes, I think Matthias would love to include you in his research. Jeez, he’s never turned down a lady. Except that one time in Vegas….

  5. April 13, 2009 at 10:08 am

    Brighid: Why, Sage, darling, so glad you joined our little menage! And Mathias, beautiful manly muses are always welcome at the Playground. Jacks, come say hello to our friends.

    Cindy: *stunned silence, a drop of spittle escaping her lips as she gawks at Mathias*

    Brighid: Jacks? Jaaaaacks? Well, Mathias, we must have you around more often. You’ve rendered Jacks mute! Ha! Since my authoress can’t speak right now, I’ll pass you both a glass of champagne and say again: Welcome!

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