Pandora’s Box…the Muse

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“Kersten, I need to talk to you so stop being stubborn.”

“Heather, I am a little busy right now.”

“Too busy for me?”  Heather pouted.

“Now don’t give me that face.  Tia does not like it when I upset her friends.”

“I just need to talk to you about your story.  My writer is having problems and how that is my fault, I’ll never know, but I promised her I would do a little one on one with you and Tia, if she is available.  I don’t think my writer understands how busy I am.  I have a lot of people to meet and introduce her too.  Where does she think I get all these ideas?”

“It is ok Heather.  I will talk to you about whatever you wish.”

“Thank you, you are such a sweetie.  I really don’t know why Tia killed you the first time.”

“Well, she is a Goddess and I was just a lowly human in her eyes.  Plus, she didn’t really know me yet.”  Kersten said with a wink and a smile.

“You are just so dreamy,” sighed Heather.


“Sorry Tia, but it is the truth.  I just knew my flirting would bring you out too.  So, why did you kill Kersten the first time?”

“I really do not want to talk about that time.  It hurts me to think I could have lost him in my arrogance.”

Kersten reached out for Tia and pulled her into his embrace.  Heather sighed at the love the two radiated.  She was so glad she had introduced the couple to her writer.  Their story of love and loss really needed to be told.  Of course the world would have ended if the two had stayed apart so my writer just had to help them.

“I’m sorry Tia.  I know you had a rough time, but I love to hear how the two of you came together.”

“Well, we really can not give too much away because if we did that, then who would read our story?” Kersten reminded Heather.

“I know, you’re right, but I just love to hear it and I could listen to it over and over again.  You two were really fated to be together.  Zeus really…”

“Heather, remember we do not talk of Zeus.  Bad things can happen when we start talking about him.  No one is to know of my relationship with him.  And why should they, I only found out recently myself.  My mother is good at keeping secrets.”

“I’m sorry Tia.  I always seem to be apologizing to you.”

“That is all right Heather.  You just do not understand how we Greek Gods work.  Being Fae, you do not have to deal with our power struggles.  It is a rough road.  I really did deserve my punishment for killing Karsten.  I am just thankful that my mother loved me enough to try and return me to my home in Olympus.  If not for her I would still be stuck in the world by myself.  Hope really would have been lost.”

Tia was looking at Karsten as she finished talking.  Heather once again felt a little envy. 

I wonder when I will find my one true love.

Tia turned away from Karsten and took his hand.

“Heather my sweet, we hate to run, but, ummmm Karsten and I have something we need to, well, we have some where we need to be.”

Heather gave the couple a wink.

“Don’t let me stop you.  I’m sure we’ll talk again.”

Heather sighed again as she watched the couple leave hand and hand.


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