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Interrupting Your Regularly Scheduled Program

Autumn portrait of a beautiful femaleJambrea:  Today You Rang? is supposed to be up.  And usually it would be, but…well…you see—

Heather:  Go on Jambrea, tell them why you don’t have the installment done for today.  *giggle*

Jambrea:  You hush.  Some of this is your fault too.

Heather:  How can you talking to two handsome men and being a fan girl be MY fault?

Jambrea:  Well you left me.  What was I supposed to do?

Heather:  Hey!  I was still around.  I just had a few, um, things to do myself.

Jambrea:  Like what?

Heather:  Well, I went to find Raven and—

Jambrea:  You did WHAT?!

Heather:  Hold on.  It isn’t like I found him or anything.  And how did you get this topic off of you and on to me?  Your plan isn’t working.  They still want to know why the story isn’t up.

Jambrea:  Jas and James are being a little, shy.

Heather:  Oh so now it’s your character’s fault?  I see how this is going to go.  *giggle*  I guess I’ll have to tell them.

Jambrea:  WAIT!  They don’t need to know all my secrets, do they?

Heather:  I guess not, but you need to take some of the blame.

Jambrea:  *sigh*  I guess so.  Hey, can I put some of the blame on Joy?

Heather:  Now how does Joy factor into this?

Jambrea:  Well after my…um…chat, she called me.  That could count as distractions, right?  I mean I had to talk to Joy and she has the best accent.  You can’t even imagine!  I loved it.  And she was so excited—

Heather:  Wait, why was she excited?

Jambrea:  Well…that is between her and me.  lol I can’t give away a girls secrets.  Let’s just say we were both happy with last nights talk.

Heather:  You just won’t give anything away are you?

Jambrea:  Nope.  And don’t think you are getting away with your Raven comment either.

Heather:  Well it isn’t as if I found him.  I did find Christian.  He is an amazing man.  Too bad he’s taken.  *sigh*  I think I can help him.  We’ll see.

Jambrea:  Heather, just stay away from Raven for now.  Talk to Christian and Dorian more.  Please?

Heather:  I can’t make any promises.  There is just something about that vampire that draws me to him.

Jambrea:  Um Heather, I think that is part of his power to lure victims.

Heather:  That may be the case, but I am nobody’s victim.

Jambrea:  Too true.  I know you can handle yourself.  Okay, as I was saying before some one interrupted, You Rang? will be back next Wednesday and it will be hot as long as Jas and James cooperate and give up the story.  Until then, remember to come back tomorrow for a little banter and Friday for Kensi’s wonderful story!


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