Undeniable Gift: Pt III

syria             “Please.” She begged.            

“Silence child. We mean you no harm. We are here to assure my grandson’s safe arrival into this—“She exhaled, an air of distaste on wind. “Mortal world of yours.”

            “As are we.” A voice behind them, professed.

            The deities spun around. They expected to see an Archangel, but they did not expect to see three.  His wings spread full and wide, Michael stood firm, with Raphael—the Archangel of healing, and to his left and Gabriel–the Archangel of strength and power of God.

            A fireball formed in Ares’ palm, behind her brother, Discord drew lightning at her fingertips. Hera stepped forward and raised her hand. “Ares, Discord.” Obeying their mother’s command, the two absorbed their elemental weapons. “So this is the archangel that has plagued our house?” She said boldly.

            As if she had said nothing, Michael focused his attention on Syria. “Raphael.”

            Without so much as one word, the angel moved around her to tend to Syria. “I am Raphael, are you all right my sweet?”

            Breathing became short and sporadic, as the pain took hold of her. She seized on to the angel’s hand in desperation. “The baby—is—coming.”

            “Syria, look into my eyes,” he said.

            Her eyes locked with his, a flow of warmth traveled over her body. Slowly, the pain subsided. The breath she once gasps for returned to her.

            “Allow him to come forth.” She heard Michael’s voice in her ear.

            Under the watchful eyes of three archangels, and three Olympians, the demigod angel known as Gideon, entered the mortal world.   

* * *

            The most important birth to both Heaven and Olympus had finally occurred. Raphael wrapped the child inside a blanket and placed him inside his mother’s arms. She opened the blanket. A pair of brilliant blue-green eyes, hooded by long thick eyelashes stared back at her. Hair as black and silky as a raven’s wings covered his head.

            Ares moved towards her and the baby, Gabriel moved in closer. “I am merely attempting to see my son,” Ares responded. Michael passed a nod of approval to Gabriel and he stepped aside. Ares kneeled down next to Syria. He reached for Gideon, but she withdrew. Michael placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.

             “It’s all right.”

            She placed the child in Ares’ arms. He stood and held the child against him. Hera and Discord stepped up beside him. He passed the child to Hera.

            “He’s perfect Ares. Even with what the poor child has as genetic makeup.” She cast a disapproving glance at Michael. “Well…he is my grandson.” 

            “Yes, thank the goddess for your part in this dear brother.” Discord laughed. “Father absolutely must see him. Oh Ares, he is the perfect addition to our family, an Olympian prince.”



2 Responses to “Undeniable Gift: Pt III”

  1. 1 jambrea
    November 7, 2008 at 9:38 am

    This is going to get interesting.

    The most important birth to both Heaven and Olympus had finally occurred

    So many places this can go! I can’t wait.

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