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You Rang? Part 5


Jas couldn’t sleep.  She kept going over the conversation with James.  Can this be real? Most men wanted to only be her friend.  Men saw her as a little sister, someone they had to protect.  She wanted more, but she always felt so insecure about herself, losing herself in her romance novels.  James could be her chance at something romantic and maybe sexual.  Reading about sex and actually having it were two different things.  In this day and age most twenty three year olds had lost their virginity, but not her.  It wasn’t like she was saving herself for marriage; there was just never a guy that took that kind of interest in her.  There was this one guy in college, but sex with him wasn’t an option.  Jas wasn’t attracted to him, but she did want to do some experimenting and a blow job didn’t seem out of the question.  A girl has to start somewhere.  Then she spent the night comforting him.  The whole situation just become too odd and she was glad not to see him again.   That was the extent of her experimentation.  Sure she kissed her fair share of guys, but that just isn’t the same.

Was she ready for this?  How well did she really know this man?  He could be anybody.  She’d heard the horror stories of on line dating.  Of course this was a little different, but not much.  She did have pictures of him, but those could be fake too.  There was just something about him that called to her.  Jas just hoped she wouldn’t be let down.  You only live once and she wasn’t going to miss this opportunity.  She always took things as they came and this wouldn’t be any different.

Sighing she settled into her bed and her last thought was of James.  She fell asleep with a smile on her face dreaming of James and finally meeting him. 


Arriving at work with minutes to spare she slid into her chair and hooked into her phone.  Once settled she logged into her computer and hoped for an email from James.  With excitement she saw the first email was from him.

Hey babe.  Sorry I had to cut it short last night.  I dreamt of you again.  I find that most nights you are in my thoughts.  I can’t wait until I can hold you in my arms and kiss you senseless.  I hope you feel the same way.  I’m getting nervous the closer it gets to seeing you.  I have the same fears you do.  I can’t go a day with out talking to you.  I shouldn’t admit that.  I’m supposed to be the big, tough marine, but listening to you makes me happy.



Talk to you soon


Reading James’ emails helped settle her nerves.  It was nice to know she didn’t have the only fears.  Of course he didn’t know if her pictures were really her either.  This month needed to end.  Jas just wanted to get over her shyness and hoped she didn’t freeze up when they did meet. 

Jas settled into work thinking of James and wishing her day away.  He was supposed to call again tonight; the day couldn’t go by fast enough for her.


Can’t we all just get along?




Brighid: [adjusting a Cat woman outfit in front of the mirror] So what do you think, Jacks?
 Cindy: That I’m terribly jealous. You look so good in that outfit! What’s the occasion?
Brighid: Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful! And it’s for the Wicked and Wild Halloween Bash.
 Cindy: OMG, that’s Friday, isn’t it? I haven’t decided on a costume. Maybe a witch…

Brighid: That’s not a costume for you, darling.
 Cindy: Ha ha ha, funny. Any ideas from the rest of you guys? Heather, Gideon, what are you guys going to wear?

Heather:  I was thinking something naughty.  *giggle

Jambrea:  Just how naughty were you thinking Heather?  And Brig, you look FABULOUS! 

Heather:  I don’t know, but just look how naughty Brig looks.  I love it.  I’ll have to think on it a little more.  I can never decided.

Jambrea:  *under her breath*  I know.

Heather:  What was that?

Jambrea: Nothing, nothing.  How about a naughty nurse?

Heather:  Hmmm…I don’t know.  Maybe a naughty devil.  I’ve always wanted horns like Simi. 

Jambrea:  Maybe you should tell them who Simi is.

Heather:  Everybody should know Simi.  She is Ash’s daughter. 

Jambrea:  Not everybody…

Heather:  That’s it…I’m going as Simi!

Jambrea:  I’m sure Sherrilyn Kenyon would be honored.  We should send her pictures.

Heather:  Do you think Simi will come play with us?

Jambrea:  I don’t know Heather.  She is kind of busy.  We can ask.  Gideon, what about you? 

Kensana: As usual you look absolutely fabulous. Im sorry to say Gideon had some family business on Olympus to take care of but, his Aunt Discord came down to visit today.

Discord: Yes, yes Im here, but if you ask me, cat suits should be worn by cats and the meek should tread only where they real cats do not play.

Kensana: Discord! You said youd be nice.

Discord: I am being nice. I called no names, did I?

Kensana: [exhales and rolls eyes] I guess I should be thankful for that. I dont see how in the world Gideon is related to you. [mumbles] Thank God for the angelic strain.

Discord: [glaring at Kensana] What did you say mortal?

Kensana: Nothing,  nothing. I havent decided on a costume yet ladies.

Discord: If you wish, I could change your appearance permanently. [laughs wickedly]

Kensana: [clears throat] Hopefully Gideon wont be gone long. I’m concerned, very concerned.

Brighid: Yes, I do hope all is good with beautiful Gideon. He didn’t even mention he was leaving. But I’m happy to watch your back until he returns.

Long time no see, Discord. Unfortunately, not long enough. Harm a hair on our precious Kensana’s head and you’ll wish this cat didn’t have claws. Is that clear?

Cindy: Oh snap!

Discord: Ah Brighid darling, I thought I smelled drunken whore. Id mind that tongue of yours if I were you, cats can be declawed. [waves of lightning cracks from her fingertips]

Kensana: Oh my damn. Something tells me a catfight between goddesses isn’t pretty. Brea, Cindy, Heather we may need to seek shelter.

Heather:  I thought we were talking of costumes. I guess when a name fits it fits.  I do hope Gideon won’t be gone long.  I miss him.

Brighid: No need, darlings. Discord knows better. She couldn’t best me if I had were passed out at her feet. I’m the mother goddess of Ireland and I’ve been sainted by the Christians. How’s that defunct religion, Discordianism, working out for you, love?

Cindy: Now, Brig, it’s not polite to brag. I think it’s time we all simmer down a bit. We just need a little peace, love, and harmony.

Brighid: Oh that’s right! We could us a little harmony. Shall I summon Harmonia, Discord or do you think you can play nice on your own?

Discord: Nothing wrong with a little chaos my dear Brig. The religion is find, just not for the faint of heart Im afraid.

Kensana: Cindys right we all just need to settle down.

Discord: Nonsense! Summon my niece if you wish, Im curious to see how my brother will feel about that.

Kensana: Ladies theres really no need to bring Harmonia and Ares into this. We really dont need to bring Ares into this. Oh God I miss Gideon.

Jambrea:  I agree ladies.  We need to settle down.  Kensi, when will Gideon be back and how long will you have to deal…um…I mean how long with Discord be with you?

Heather:  *pout* Can we call Gideon back?  At least he was fun.

Kensana: [whispers] Ive tried summoning him, he’s not answering. He must still be with Zeus.

Discord: Listen Fae, you just sit back and be quiet. Grown-up goddesses are talking.

Brighid: Don’t you dare talk to Heather like that, you silly cow. And you know, I thought fat goddesses were supposed to be jolly. I suppose you’ve proven that myth wrong, ey, Discord? Summon whomever you like. You Greeks aren’t the only ones with a pantheon at the ready. Dagda, Balor, and Badb are more than willing to make an appearance.


Discord: Did you just call me fat? Thats it, I’ve had enough. Oh it is so on you Irish bitch!


Cindy [runs up, huffing and puffing]: I brought someone to make a little peace. Bacchus, can you intervene before these two kill each other and perhaps the rest of us?


Bacchus: Ladies, lovely, lovely, ladies. [hands them each a drink] let’s toast to making love, not war. We’re all friends here. There’s no need to declare a divine war. Now come on. Bottom’s up. And then I’ll see about getting both your bottoms up. [laughs at his own joke]


Brighid: [downs drink in one gulp] I was just defending Kensi, but if the moody cow over there drops it, I’ll drop it too. But just because you asked, Bacchus.


Bacchus: I am forever in your debt, my lovely goddess. And you, Discord, how about a little truce, hmmm? 


Discord:  [polishes the drink and tosses the glass] I never intended to hurt her. Gideon would have my head. If the drunken slut can call a truce then I guess I can. Bacchus its been a while, why don’t we go somewhere quiet and catch up on old times.


Kensana: Oh Cindy thanks for that. Thank God, those two didnt start throwing blows. There wouldn’t have been anything for Gideon to come home too. 

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