News is spreading fast!

Heather/Jambrea Gideon/Kensana Brighid/Cindy

Heather:  I’m so excited.  Go ahead, ask me why.

Jambrea:  Why?

Heather:  Not you silly, you should KNOW why I’m excited.

Kensana: Okay I’m bite, what’s up?

Gideon:   I think I may have some insight as to why she may be excited and so should you my dear Kensa.

Kensana: I should—oh yeah, I think I may know why she’s so excited. I’m about to burst myself.

Heather:  You should know, my Kensi and be just as excited.  We have a release date for the stories Gideon and I helped the two of you write.  I am just so excited!  *giggle*

Jambrea:  I’m excited too!  I never thought I would get this far and it was all thanks to you Heather.

Heather:  *blushing*  Aww…I love you too.

Jambrea:  Should we share the date?

Heather:  Of course silly!

Jambrea:  December 9, 2008.

Kensana:  Yes, that’s the big day. I would also like to take this time to thank you Gideon, the power behind me. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Gideon:   There is no need for thanks love that is what I am here for, to bring forth the writer in you. Now let us finish the PM story for tomorrow and work a little with Cass and Daniel. I think we may be at Fort Bragg for a while. I am looking forward to wearing those…what did you call them again.

Kensana:  BDUs?

Gideon:    Yes, yes, that is it. BDUs. I will need a little help with the jacket and tee shirt.

Kensana: That’s a small problem. Nothing that a Quartermaster can’t fix. I think you’ll love wonderful in them.

Heather:  Yummy!  I love a man in uniform.  I hear Joe calling. Jambrea. I want to go play.  *giggle. 

Brig: Did someone say a man in uniform?

Cindy: Ummm…don’t you want to congratulate them on their release date? BTW, big congrats from me 🙂

Brig: Oh of course, I’m so happy for all of you. Shall I break out the champagne?

Cindy: It’s still morning.

Brig: So mimosas then?

Cindy:  Oh sure, why not. Go ahead and mix us a round. Hey, Brea and Kensi, do you have some big events planned for your launch day? 

Kensana:We’ve got a few chats with the other authors in the One Touch, One Glance Anthology, lined up here and there, but Brea and I will pass on the when and where later.

Jambrea:  I agree.  Let’s go play.

Kensana: It’s way too early to play Missy! The evil day jobs await.


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