What’s next on the menu?

Heather/Jambrea Gideon/Kensana Brighid/Cindy

Kensana: Well Gideon, I’ve finally finished with the edit for Whispers in the Wind. So now we’re in wait mode.

Gideon: Alas dear Kensa, we are not in wait mode. I spoke with Hope today and she was wondering when she and Eric could continue with their case.

Kensana: Oh Gideon I almost forgot. The edits have taken up all of my time. I barely had enough time to get your story done last week. Since I do have to wait until my editor finishes with Whispers we can get busy with Eric and Hope again. That is…if you’re up to it.

Gideon: If I’m up to it. I’m always up my dear authoress. [smiles a devilish grin]

Kensana: Brea, Heather, Cindy and Brig, how are you gals doing?

Heather:  I have two stories and six people all talking to Jambrea at once.  *giggle*

Jambrea:   Yes she does and I think I’m going crazy!  lol  One stories has a wife who lost her husband in the war, but he isn’t as gone as she thinks he is.  He is sticking around because he loves her so much that he just wants to see her happy.  Then his friend enters the picture.  Tell them about the other one Heather.

Heather:  Oh I would love too because this one is just so yummy.  Two bi sexual men decide they want a baby to complete their life, but find out it isn’t just a baby they want, but the baby’s mama too!  It is going to be steamy!

Jambrea:  Now I just need to sit down and see who talks the loudest!  How about you Brig and Cindy?

Brighid: I’m taking it easy on my authoress.  I only have three books I’d like her to work on.

Cindy: Like her to work on? You keep waking me up to write new scenes. And I never know it’ll be for The Wedding Feast, Boundaries, or Desire.

Brighid: Well, at least it’s only one at a time.

Cindy: True, but it’s not easy switching from horror to menage to mythology.

Brighid: Oh come on it’s good exercise.

Cindy: Riiiight. And I’m sure that’s how you mean it.

Brighid: Jacks, of course I do. wink



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