Why is Brighid in the Closet

Nikhil: Cindy, I’m so sorry to disturb you. I know you’re watching a movie to lift your spirits, but we have a bit of a problem.
Cindy: What’s wrong?
Nikhil: Brighid’s locked herself in Ana’s walk-in closet and she’s taken a case of Mumm’s in there with her.
Cindy: Oh my God! I didn’t think she’d take the critique that badly. Let me see what I can do. [Cindy hurries to closet]. Brig, it’s Cindy, open up, hon.
Brighid: Go away, I’m never coming out again.
Cindy: Brighid…it was just one person’s opinion. I love the book, Kensana and Jambrea love the book.
Brighid: Stop blowing smoke up my ass! I’m never writing AGAIN!
Cindy: *sigh* Gideon, Heather…little help, pleeeeeease?


Heather:  Brig sweety, let me in.  Please.


Brighid: Heather, come in love. [slams door after Heather comes in] It was awful, just awful. Someone was so mean to my manuscript!


Heather:  It will be alright sweety.  Come here.  *opens arms for Brighid*  Cindy is right.  We loved the story and it is just one opinion.  You just have to brush off the bad ones and focus on the good.

Kensana: Gideon will you see if you can help? She does listen to you and Heather.


Gideon: Of course, I’ll do what I can. [knock at the door] Brig…love open the door.


Heather: [opens the door] Gideon thank the goddess. Can you fit your wings in here?


Gideon: [pulls his wings in close and walks through the door] I guess I’ll just have to wrap them around the two of you. [slams the door behind Heather]


Brighid: The group hug is making me feel better. Is my mascara running? So you guys really love Bacchus?


Gideon: What’s not to like? He’s a God and he has changed somewhat since I’ve known him. For the good of course. Now dry those tears. A lovely lady such as you should never cry.


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