Let’s hear it for dreamy men!




Heather: Brig sweets, do you know what I was just thinking about? Dreamy men. You know the ones I’m talking about; tall, dark handsome and honest. Someone who will be there just for me. I see all these heroines with these big strong heroes and some days I want one too. *sigh*

Jambrea: It will be ok Heather. We’ll keep our eyes out for just the man for you. I don’t know if Brig wants a forever hero just yet Heather. You might not either. You are still young.

Brighid: Oh, Brea, darling, how well you know me! As an immortal goddess I can tell you forever is a very long time so I’ll take Mr. For Now thank you very much. And do I have a Mr. For Now right now. He’s tall, dark, handsome, clever, and oh yes, he’s immortal, too. At least he used to be and I’m working on getting him back to where he belongs. Has everyone one met Bacchus?

Cindy: * giggles *(and in case you didn’t know, Cindy doesn’t usually giggle) Hi, Bacchus.

Bacchus: Hi, loves. My, my, my. The gods are smiling on me today. All these lovely ladies. Now, who was asking for a forever man?

Gideon: Now Bacchus before you begin to tread on ground that already has been claimed, you may want to slow your pace just a bit. It is good to see you Bacchus.

Kensana: Gideon! Don’t be so rude to our guest. It’s lovely to meet you Bacchus. You’re my first God.

Gideon: Excuse me dear authoress, but I’m a God. And I’ve run into Bacchus when visiting my father on Olympus. He can be a little….

Kensana: Only half—don’t be jealous Gideon. It doesn’t become you. A little what? There’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence every now and then.

Mitch: Excuse me Ma’am, but that depends on the company you’re keeping and the Whispers on Wind say—Bacchus can be troublesome.

Kensana: Thanks for your opinion Mitch, but I believe Ali is looking for you.

Heather: Ask and you shall receive. Look at all these dreamy men. Oh Gideon, can you come over to play. *giggle*

Gideon: Of course sweet Heather, whenever and wherever you wish it, I will be there.

Kensana: Well I guess I’m getting no work done tonight.

Bacchus: It’s all right, ladies. I confess that Gideon and Mitch are right, that most of my existence, I’ve been…well, a tad promiscuous. But I guess I can tell all of you, I’ve fallen in love…With a human.

Brighid: [purses her lips] And you’ve been no fun since you did.

Bacchus: Brig, love, now don’t pout. Arianna is an amazing woman.

Brighid: I’ve half a mind to leave her in her Morpheus induced slumber.

Cindy: Oh no you won’t, Brighid.

Brighid: [Brighid sticks out her tongue and heads off] Miguel, honey, be a dear and shake me up a martini.

Kensana: No need to fear Gideon, it looks like you have nothing to fear from Bacchus.

Gideon: That thought sweet Kensana, never entered my mind.


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