An Interview With Ana Welsh

Hello everyone. I’m Gideon, I am the muse of a wonderful authoress–Kensana Darnell.

It’s wonderful to share my first interview with the likes of such beautiful mortals. While my author is off doing whatever it is she does when we are not together, I have been granted a most delicious opportunity.

While at the PM Club last evening, I meet one the most enchanting women in my realm. I invited her to come spend some time with us today. So without further ado, please welcome from the incomparable Ms. Cindy Jacks, the heroine of Point of Distraction: Collection One, Ms. Ana Welsh.

Hi, Gideon. It´s lovely to be here. Playground Mystique is off the hook, by the way.

Ana thank you for joining me today. You’re looking lovely as ever. That scent you’re wearing is driving me mad. I have to ask what are you wearing?

Ah, well, today I’m wearing a scent my authoress had blended just for me. It’s Point of Distraction the fragrance. It’s notes of jasmine, vetiver, and citrus. I love it.

I see that you’ve brought some friends along with you.

I have. I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous having them all in the same room, but since Brighid has finally started to toil away on Point of Distraction the Final Collection, we’re all friends now.

Well I was looking toward spending some time for the two of us but I’ll make an exception, any friend of yours…*sigh* Welcome, Miguel, Jonathan and Darcy.

Miguel: Thanks, man. Those wings are fierce! Ana, que bonita.

Gracias Miguel. [extends and flaps his wings]

Jonathan: It’s a pleasure to be here. Always lovely to see you, Ana.

Darcy: Good evening, y’all. Evening, Ana, darling.

So Ana, tell us a little something about yourself, and uh…you gents may jump in whenever.

Let’s see. A little about me…I’m thirty-something years old, I’m an executive at a large-ish furniture store in Alexandria, VA. I work a gazillion hours a week. My hobbies include…well, [whispers in Gideon’s ear] the gentlemen you have seated in front of you.

Miguel: Always with the secrets.

Believe me, you wouldn’t want to hear what I just shared with Gideon.

Jonathan: Why am I inclined to believe her?

Darcy: Oh I know I believe her. Ana’s secrets are not for the faint of heart.

So Miguel, how did you meet Ana?

Miguel: Ah, I wound up at this swanky place in Northwest DC. And while my crew was running up my Amex bill, I was watching the stunning blonde. I sent a bottle of champagne to her table and she agreed to go out with me the next night.

Interesting, and you Jonathan. What is your relationship with Ana?

Jonathan: (with a mischievous smile) Strictly business.

I beg to differ.

Jonathan: We’re work associates. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Always a gentleman. I suppose I’ll have to tell Gideon myself. [whispers to Gideon]

Ana you are a very naughty girl.

I like to think of myself as easily distracted.

Ok so Darcy, where do you fit into all of this?

Darcy: Well, I suppose I have a habit of rescuing Ana whenever she gets herself into a scrape down in the Sunshine State. We have a hell of a lot of fun together.

So am I to understand Ana, you get into a sexy tryst with all three of them?

Not at the same time (laughs) but yes, that’s about the sum of it.

And here I was thinking God and Goddesses were having all the fun. You’re as fast as that little car I saw you drive up in, not to mention those red pumps you’re wearing. I love a woman in heels, how wonderfully they accentuate the curve of the calf, defines the muscles in the—but I digress. Did you wear them just for this special occasion?

Oh Ifeel so lucky to be sporting these gorgeous shoes. The ladies from Taking Off – The Red Shoe Collection were kind enough to let me borrow them. Lily, is that book out yet?

Lily: [peeks head in] Holy crap! Look at all these gorgeous men.

I know it’s difficult, but focus, hon. Is your book out yet?


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1 Response to “An Interview With Ana Welsh”

  1. 1 jambrea
    September 16, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    I know I can’t wait for Ana’s Happily Ever After. 🙂

    Great interview Gideon. I know Heather is very nervous about hers. 🙂

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