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Abigail’s Secret has a cover!

Abigail's-Secret-300dpiAbigail’s Secret, my second stand alone title has been contracted with Freya’s Bower. Today I’m sharing the new cover created by Valerie Tibbs.

When Gabriel left town to take a job in Virginia, he expected his longtime friend Abigail to always be there for him. The last thing he expected was for her to drop completely out of his life without so much as a phone call. Six years later, he certainly didn’t expect to find her with a child and a new life. Now, he must fight to win her heart all over again to claim what he left behind. Or will the secret Abby holds end all hopes of their happiness together?

I’ll let you guys know as soon as I have a release date.


Back from Lori Foster’s Get Together…

OTOG Authors

OTOG Authors

And it was AWESOME!!! This author and my daughter who jumped in for Jax, certainly had a blast. Lori, Dianne and the gang did a wonderful job of pulling the event together. I got the chance to met people I’ve known for quite awhile and never had the chance to meet–like Ms. Brea and my wonderful cover artist Valerie. Not to mention, Faith Bicknell-Brown, the woman responsible for giving me a chance to show my stuff in her One Touch, One Glance Anthology and Trinity Blacio, who graced the pages with myself, Brea and Faith.

I also had a chance to sit and chat with one of the biggest motivators I’ve met on my road to becoming a published author, The Great One, Ms. Jacquelyn Frank, author of the Nightwalker series. Her new series, Shadowdwellers is sure to shine as bright as those gentleman in the Nightwalker series did.

Me & Jacqueline Frank

Me & Jacqueline Frank

I also had the chance to meet Bianca D’Arc, who is responsible for putting Jacki and I together. If not for her I would have never found out that one of the top paranormal romance authors lived right in the same area as I do. Who knew? And folks, I hate to brag but I road the elevator with Shiloh Walker. Yes indeed, from the fifth floor all the way down to the first floor. I know, you don’t have to tell me, you’re jealous. :)

There were a lot of events planned for the weekend, meeting and greeting, presentations, book fair and the such. I have to say one of the highlights of my weekend, was getting to know some members of the Ravenous Romance family. Lori Perkins, a name that has had the living daylights scared out of me since the day I read about her, (Which you have to check out when you get the chance) proved to be nothing I’d ever thought an agent would be and everything an agent should be. She shared a world of information and ice cream with my daughter and I. Then I met some of her authors, Jamaica Layne, Lexi Ryan and Bethany Michaels. Let me tell you these ladies are a hoot to be around and definitely people I will have to stay in touch with. I am now hooked on Graeter’s ice cream thanks to Jamaica. :)

Jamaica Layne Me & Lori Perkins

Jamaica Layne Me & Lori Perkins

So with a weekend of networking, shopping and eating things I know I shouldn’t but had to, and watching my fourteen year old shop till she dropped, I can say I’m really looking forward to next year.

Please disregard the expressions on my face in some of them. I was talking to my daughter while she was taking the pictures and with teenagers, you only get one snap and that’s it. LOL

Attending Authors

Attending Authors

Cover Model

Cover Model

OMG! Did I forget to mention the cover model? Or as my daughter refers to him as “The Sexy Beast.” LOL

Later Folks!


Can you hear me now? Hold on a sec… I’ll text it.

Presidential Texting

Presidential Texting

Have we gone to far with texting and IMing? I had to make a phone call last week to handle some business and the realization hit me in face. I’VE LOST THE WILL TO TALK TO PEOPLE ORALLY! Ok, ok don’t get stuck on the word orally. Stay with me here.

In days past, we used to pick up a phone, have a chat. Meet over lunch, have a chat. Take a walk…you get the picture. Now if you want to chat you’ll need to do it via email, cell phone or any of the numerous texting programs available to you just simply by conducting a Google search.

I took a look into how much of my daily communication is actually done with face-to-face confrontation. During my 8 to 5, we communicate through email or interoffice texting. If my daughters or husband need to contact me, it’s through texting, instead of the standard phone call. I even have my mother and mother-in-law hooked into Bluetooth and texting. My own fault…hey it’s just easier that way, right? I think I realized that things were getting out of hand when one of darling daughters broke up with her boyfriend through a text message. I told her how cold and heartless I thought the decision was to break up that way to which she replied, “Mom, everyone does it this way. It’s just easier.”

Don’t get me wrong. I love all the new stuff. I’m a member of the IPhone cult for cying out loud. You know, if you have heartbreak, pinkeye or a pain in the butt, I’m sure there’s an app for that. :) So I guess today I find myself wondering are we exchanging communication of old for Twitter, email, IM, My Space, Facebook and texting, for a world of total disconnection? A place were we no longer speak to each other even when we’re in the same room? Or is it all just…easier?

And now for you entertainment…



Who’s your crush?

I posted a fun article at my site today:

I picked up this wonder idea from Gigi, from one of my Yahoo loops. It’s like having an internet blog slumber party. Let’s celebrate the long weekend by having a little fun! It’s truth or dare time, everybody. I DARE you to tell me the TRUTH: who’s your favorite crush? Come on, you know you have them.Kensana Darnell, Apr 2009

You should come over and comment on the article.



Look who’s coming to the Playground!

On 23 April 2009, Playground Mystique will host our first author spotlight chat with Lyrical Press author, Nyki Blatchley. Nyki is the author of The Faery Princess. Join us at The Playground Mystique Yahoo Group for a chat with this brilliant author.

by Nyki Blatchley
The Faery Princess
By Nyki Blatchley

Genre: Erotica/Extreme Sex
Length: Short
Price: $2.50
Digital Publication Date: July 21, 2008
Cover art by Renee Rocco

A love less ordinary Read Excerpt

Tom, a simple farm boy, gets more than he bargained for when he finds a little something extra in his bed one night. He assumes it’s a prank until he’s magically bound and ravished by Gossamer, Princess of the Faeries. Tom falls in love with the beautiful faery, but there’s a problem: his beloved Gossamer is merely a projection. The true Princess lies in eternal sleep, enchanted and imprisoned by an ogre.

Determined to rescue his love, Tom sets out on his heroic quest but soon learns it takes more than a sword, axe or bow to overcome the obstacles thrown in his path. His only real weapon is much more personal. And his devotion to Gossamer will only get him so far — The closer he gets to his goal, the more impossible it becomes to resist temptation…

Warning: This title contains explicit sex.

Kaydana and the Staff of Ishlun
Book One
By Nyki Blatchley

Genre: Erotica/Extreme Sex
Length: Short
Price: $2.50
Digital Publication Date: April 6, 2009.
Cover art by Renee Rocco
Coming Soon

Welcome to the dungeon, sorceress–where every man, woman and demon is against you.

Freelance sorceress Kaydana seeks her fortune in the city only to find it overrun with like-minded magical entrepreneurs. To make ends meet, she takes a commission from the seductive golden-skinned Tati.

Kaydana reluctantly agrees to rescue Tati’s lover from a sadistic king and his demonic devourer, knowing she’s no match against the castle’s mystical protections. Amid plotting, intrigue and sexual trickery, the powers hidden within the mysterious Staff of Ishlun begin to emerge and awaken Kaydana’s darker sensual desires.

Kaydana and The Sword of Ishlun is the first tale in a sizzling sword and sorcery series.

Warning, contains strong sexual content, f/f, f/f/m.


Gideon is home!

gideonGideon: Where is everyone? Boy a man takes a little vacation and you write him off.

Kensana: Gideon!

Gideon: There’s my girl.

Kensana: Where have you been? And don’t tell me Christmas vacation because that has been over for a while now.

Gideon: My dear Kensa you were venturing into a different world than I’m used to traveling. Well I guess that’s not all together true. It’s a world I’d rather not venture. The dark side can be a little—tempting for us God types.

Kensana: In that case I totally understand. I missed you and the ladies have been asking about you.

Gideon: I’ll have to stop by for a visit when my girls are around. I missed you all. However, from what I understand, that head of yours hasn’t been empty since I left. I ran into Samera. She’s umm…different.

Kensana: She’s okay once you get to know her. We’re making good progress on Shades of Grey. Hopefully we’ll finish within the week. I’m glad you’re back though, we have an author’s chat to
attend in a few weeks and Whispers in the Wind is your story. I can’t talk about it without you. We even won an award from Love Romance Café & More, while you were gone.
Gideon: I’m glad the new work is going well for you and Samera. I’d like to meet her when she’s around. An award? That’s wonderful news Kensa.

Kensana: If I catch her in the right mood, she’d probably like to meet you as well. Until then, here’s a picture of her.

Gideon: What a beautiful girl. A little eerie on the eyes though.

Kensana: She’s okay, trust me.

Gideon: If you say she’s all right, then she’s okay in my book. I’m going to head over to the PM Club. Maybe I’ll find Brighid and Heather there.

Kensana: Yeah I do have work to do. We’ll catch up later. Have fun.

Gideon: Later luv.


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The strange face of love

What is love? It’s defined in many ways for different people. For one it may mean diamonds, flowers or cash. To another, it’s a reason to give oneself to another. For those who have experienced real lover, it’s none of that but so much more.
In my teenage years, I witnessed all the drama of young love gone bad. Some of those would put your One Tree Hills and 90210s to shame. Fight in the hallways filled my young ears with obscenities and declaration such as, “He doesn’t want you.” This confident statement made by the present girlfriend. Generally countered by, “Well he did last night,” by the girlfriend on deck or the object of the boyfriends discretion, so to speak. All the while, what I notice is the boyfriend and his entourage, who standby and are apparently quite amused by the whole ordeal. After the big crowd pleasing breakup, I ask myself, where is the love?
Through early adult life, I realized it didn’t get any better. Even as young adults, people still made fools of themselves in the name of love, and military men and woman is no exception. Let’s take…we’ll call him John, for example. John is a good man. He loves his wife, comes home every night faithfully and serves his country with all the honor and dedication he can muster. Much like his marriage. He gives his wife the world and then some. He encourages her to get in touch with herself, go out and find a hobby to fill up her time when he’s away. Does she return his love? Not exactly. She did decide to take his advice. She found he hobby and its name was Jane. After spending a month in the field, John returns home to find his beloved and her new hobby intertwined in the center of his living room floor. Again, I had to ask myself, where’s the love?
Now a little older, definitely a little wiser, I’ve seen couples around me come and go, as my own relationship has outlast them all. The definition of love is still a quandary for some. The focus of what love is remains lost for most. Some say love is blind. I say love’s eyesight is twenty-twenty. It is the person who possesses a clouded perception of love and refuses to see it, who should try on the magnified glasses. Strip away all of the gifts, trips, money and yes, sex and see what remains. To know love and be loved is the most wonderful gift in the world. It doesn’t come gift wrapped. It can’t be summed up in monetary value. To experience love, you must have the ability to love. A favorite quote of mine expresses it perfectly. “Love isn’t an emotion, it’s an ability.” After all is said and done, true, unadulterated love will always stand on it’s own, shining for all to see.

Today’s question…

Last Week’s Results: What kind of friend would you be?
In it for the benefits 43%
Hook up till sun up 43%
Bootie call with no recall 14%


Friends with benefits, The Hook-up and The Booty Call

200121291-001I recently had a discussion with some friends regarding the website Adult Friend Finder. The key word here is “friend”. In today’s society we all need someone to talk to, another individual that share in the same interests we have.

Now let’s go a further into this “friend” zone. If you lump in the hit from site such as EHarmony, and Yahoo personals into one big pot you still wouldn’t have enough to top the hits received by AFF. The site has over twenty million members, all looking for sex, interactive chats, local hook-ups and yes…friends. Imagine if you will a one stop shop to find someone who will willingly help you to turn your every fantasy into a reality and maybe even create some new ones. If voyeurism is your forte, that’s cool. Just tap into one of many personal video cams where you’ll find a nice young lady or a hunky young man ready to engage in onscreen sexual gratification just for you. Okay so it’s not just for you, I’m pretty sure it’s just as exciting for them. If you like you can turn on your webcam and join in the fun; I mean it is tit for tat after all. (No pun intended)

Now don’t get me wrong, please believe it’s all about the sex. You may find some friends with benefits along the way but don’t get it twisted, you must know what you really want when surfing AFF.
Now let’s examine a few useful terms and some rules to follow to help you get through the right.

Friends with benefits:
Now this is a good one. Who do you trust more than a friend? And if that friend is of the opposite or sex of your liking, that’s all the better. FWBs come with the safe confines of the friend zone with extras. When in need, they’re a friend in deed.

Hookup, hooking up:
This is a standard word or phrase to describe the old “one night stand” adage. This may involve anything from kissing, making out or even the big pay dirt, sex without commitment. This is the easy way to get what each participant wants or needs without the attachment of strings. Heck you don’t even have to call
afterwards. The rules of their time spent together are understood.

Booty call: This can be a good or bad thing. A booty call is a late night call you place when the urge hits you. If handled correctly, booty calls can also be wild, unadulterated fun in the sack. Just make sure to keep it casual and cordial.
Protection us it! Unless you want to take home souvenirs this is a must.

Don’t tell the person, “I usually don’t do things like this.” Or “I don’t normally take woman home I just met.” Trust me they really don’t care how often or if you’ve done it before. All they want to know is that you’ll do it right now. If they ask just say, “It’s not something I’d normally do,” smile and move on.

Don’t linger. When the big bang is over, if you’re there until the morning—get up grab you stuff and get the heck out of there. There’s no reason to stay unless you’ve been asked.

Don’t offer to leave your number. If they want it, they’ll ask. Don’t make yourself appear needy. Keep in mind what this is, and keep the meaning of one in your head, one: single entity, unit, or object.

Try to exit unnoticed. He he/she wants to find you, they’ll look for you. The mystery of the chase will make it that much more fun when you’re found. If you find yourself in a dorm heading down the walk of shame, hold your head up high on your way to the door. It’s not like you didn’t know what this may lead to in the morning.

Don’t ask, “How was it?” Come on, really? Do you really think this is an appropriate question after a night with a total stranger?

Now I’m no authority on the matter. I just know a little something, something and know things I’ve picked up from friends here and there. The main thing to remember in your friend search is to know what it is you’re looking for and what you want. Be careful, always protect yourself. Don’t put yourself into a
situation you may find it difficult to get yourself out of with assistance.

Okay, I think that’s enough for our first talk. It was good for me. Was it good for you? Now here’s the question.


From us at PM to all of you…

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23 Apr 09 - Nyki Blatchley

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